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    General Information:
    JMF Survival is a small SMP server. We have plugins such as MCMMO to enhance vanilla survival.

    Players get ranked into categories based on time played, and there's always 24/7 staff support to help

    you with any potential issues which may arrive.

    1. Keep toxicity to a minimum

    1a. Toxicity develops from a culture yearning for competition

    1b. The staff at JMF Survival realize competition is an important part of Minecraft

    1c. By playing on the server you agree to keep competition to a level which doesn't hinder the experiences of others

    2. Human Decency

    2a. NSFL content will not be tolerated in the discord, or in game

    2b. Due to having a land claim system there is no current rules on griefing

    3. No Discrimination

    3a. Racism of any kind is not tolerated

    3b. Racism is not limited to one race, racism towards any race will result in punishment

    3c. Sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or any type of discrimination which infringes on the rights of others is not tolerated

    4. Rules on freedom of speech

    4a. Freedom of speech is a basic human right

    4b. If your freedom of speech begins to infringe on the freedom of others you will be muted

    4c. If your speech explicitly or implicitly incites violence you will be muted

    4d. You will not be muted for opinions given; however, try to keep controversial to yourself

    How to join:
    There are two methods you can use to join the server;

    a; Join our discord (https://discord.gg/vN5S7yG) to be given the server IP

    b; Leave a comment below and the server IP will be privately sent to you

    We hope to see you playing on JMF Survival!

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