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    For some reason I get terrible connection to the test server
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    posted a message on Slime Block Doors, Flying Machines!
    I just love slime blocks.
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    posted a message on AEM-NETWORK [1.7.2] [SkyBlock] [PVP-RAID-FACTIONS] [HUNGER GAMES] [CAPTURE THE FLAG]
    1. How old are you?: 14
    2. What is your minecraft username?: krusebear
    4. How often are you on the server?: 3-7 Hours a day.
    5. How often can you be online?: When ever you need me but, i'll be on when ever I can.
    6. Which server are you applying to be staff on?: Survival
    7. Do you vote for the server every day ( this is required )?: YES EVERY TIME!

    1. Can you provide your experience with moderating? Give examples: I have been staff on lots of server but, they have been shutdown due to the lack of funding. This does mean I have a lot of experience!
    2. Have you broken any rules of the server? (This can be checked): I don't think so...
    3. Do you have any experience with forums/forum moderation?: Yes, A lot mostly for general discussion and making sure people don't RAGE in the fourms.
    4. Do you understand the punishments that coincide with the rules?: Yes I read all the rules over and over again.
    5. Why do you think your best for this position out of all other people that have applied?: I am a hard worker, who doesn't rest until the job is done and done correctly and accurately. I work very well in a group and I am very honest. I love working on minecraft servers wheater that would be Moderating or having fun.
    When ever I have a job or task to complete I always ensure that the quality of the work is at it's best, I believe in going above and beyond and going that extra mile to make people happy. Well obviously I want to minimize the amount of rule breaking and create an enjoyable experience for the whole player base. But more to the point I would like to become staff to help and encourage new players, provide them any assistance they may need, and generally aid any player in any way they require in a polite, respectful and accelerated manner. Finally I would like to help relieve some of the stress of the other staff members by being active and helping consistently. I could bring my commitment, I would try my very hardest to provide players with informative and helpful answers to all their queries, I would do this frequently to make sure all players have an enjoyable experience. Also because of my previous experience I have a great understanding of appropriate sanctions and the best means to deter rule breakers, by simply making fair unbiased decisions. Also I have high amounts of time and patience, which I think would be essential when helping players come to grips with rules and any problems that have.
    1. You are the only moderator on and you have 10 people that need you at the same time.: I would help the people in order for who asked me and I would say "Calm down I can only help ONE person".
    2. Two players are arguing, one of them has been griefed by the other. The victim is threatening to grief the player who didn't really grief but mistakenly broke a block. You are the only staff member online: I would make the person who "griefed" the person say "Sorry I griefed you it was an accident". and make the other player say "It's ok". If he griefs him that in my eyes would be a Perm. Ban.
    3. A player comes on the server and is advertising and spamming chat: Ban because Rule 9 Says No Advertising not even in private chat
    4. A player needs help with something that requires you to do something you aren't comfortable doing: When your staff you have to get out of your comfort zone otherwise that wouldn't be a good staff member.
    5. You see a moderator abusing their powers banning players for no reason at all. What action do you take?: Well if I had you Skype I would contact you RIGHT AWAY! and if you don't respond I would ban them if possible. Plan 3 is go to another sever and get an admin
    6. A new player is in spawn and constantly complaining about not knowing what to do: I know they might be like that but, If there a Newbie I will help him/her I have a lot of experience.
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    posted a message on HMGMC.com - Prison + Skyblock + PVP More Soon!
    In-Game Username:krusebear
    How do you like the server so far [Optional]: LOVE IT!
    Do you plan on donating? IT HELPS A TON!: Well I Was thing about it so maybe
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    posted a message on New Server Needs Builders!modadmin
    Quote from mightnight2000

    same as minecraftgirlz only 2x better and i am 13
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    posted a message on New Server Needs Builders!modadmin
    Skype (needed): james_frisco


    Experience in Building (Years):2-3

    Best Muscles In Building (Redstone, modern-design, ETC.): Redstone

    In Game Name:krusebear

    Social Skills:Really nice and have fun with people.
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    posted a message on ★★★★★ PhanaticMC Network ★★★★★ skyblock skygrid factions creative minigames + more
    Minecraft Username: krusebear
    why do you want to join: I would like to give this server a try i love all the mini games and i want to try the survival to!
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