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    posted a message on literally don't apply if you do you're an idiot okay cool thanks

    Minecraft IGN: KrupaTr00pa

    Age: 17

    Country or Time Zone: EST

    Tell us about yourself! Interests, favorite ice cream flavor, darkest secrets and desires, you know, the normal: Hey! Well I'm always on the lookout for interesting concepts for servers that still retain the more closed and close community vibe and this seems like a perfect fit. For me myself I've been playing since I was 9, 10 maybe. Really as long as I can remember. In the past few years my interest has died out admittedly but here I am again, looking for something to renew that spark! I do work and focus a lot on school so I don't quite have the time I used to, but, I still do find time to enjoy myself. I've always loved smaller SMP servers but nowadays I'm looking for a twist. I love lots of other games like Smash Bros, used to be really big in TF2, Isaac, just depends on the day I suppose. So yeah! Thanks for looking this over I'd really love to be given a chance on this server.

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