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    posted a message on Lucky Block Spiral - 1.7 Lucky Block Addon - ~200 new drops! Finally backported to 1.7! =)


    So I downloaded the mod, everything is at its place, configs, the ressource pack and the "Z" in" z[1-7-10]_Lucky_Block_v5-1-0."

    I'm just missing Headcrumbs and still, sometimes et see names appearing when I break the spiral lucky blocks like : Spiral ....

    But the drops disappears D: I'm not sure if spiral lucky armor etc. is just in 1.8 and I installed the 1.8 for my 1.7.10 and the drop can't be handle or if the IDs are mixed up but i'm 100% sur there's something wrong. Also, really minor problem, structures like Slime King's Castle and GingerBread house don't appear when broken, I can get tp for some but nothing appears. Pls, help me ... pls c:

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