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    A gun mod about early gun technology.

    In this mod, you reload your guns by crafting them with gunpowder and rounds (Legacy system). There are also cannons.


    -Matchlock Arquebus

    -Matchlock Pistol

    -Matchlock Pepperbox

    -Matchlock Blunderbuss (Not yet in the newest version)

    -Flintlock Pistol

    -Flintlock Musket

    -Flintlock Revolver

    -Flintlock Revolver Musket

    -Flintlock Rifle

    -Double Barreled Flintlock Rifle

    -Volley gun

    -Wheellock Pistol

    -Wheellock Musket

    -Wheellock Repeater

    -Blunt Gun (Not yet in the newest version)

    -Breechloaded Caplock Rifle


    For up to guaranteed up to date recipes and info, please refer to the wiki - Note that the reloading system has changed since update 5a, guides can be found in the combat tab in creative.


    Most guns are a simple right click to fire (Note that the revolvers have a cooldown)

    The matchlock guns however require you to first right click with a flint and steel in your offhand, then de-equip that flint and steel, and then right click with the gun again to fire



    Metal Rod:


    Smooth barrel:

    -See lathe recipes

    Rifled barrel:

    -See lathe recipes


    Revolver mechanism:





    Hardened Chisel:


    Mechanical Parts:

    Smooth Barrel

    -Made with a metal rod using the normal chisel

    Rifled Barrel:

    -Made with a metal rod using the hardened chisel

    GUN RECIPES [Ones that arent listed are the same as legacy recipes, and reloading is the same as legacy for all guns]:


    2xMetal rod, 1xMatchlock, 1xGrip

    Matchlock Pistol:

    -Very inaccurate, decent damage

    -Uses small amounts of gunpowder, and is cheap to craft

    -Reloaded the same as the flintlock pistol

    1xMetal rod, 1xMatchlock, 1xGrip


    1xMetal rod, 1xIron ingot, 1xMatchlock, 1xGrip

    Double Barreled Rifle:

    3xRifled barrel, 1xUltra precision mechanical parts, 1xFlintlock, 1xGrip

    Volley Gun:

    3xSmooth barrel, 2xRevolver mechanism, 1xFlintlock mechanism, 1xUltra precision mechanical parts, 2xGrip

    RECIPES [SOME ARE [LEGACY]; Only works before 1.12.2-2a]:

    Basic ingredients:


    Smooth barrel [LEGACY]:

    Matchlock mechanism:

    Flintlock mechanism [LEGACY]:

    Revolver mechanism [LEGACY]:

    Rifled barrel [LEGACY]:




    -A simple matchlock ignited long gun

    -Cheap to craft

    -Decent damage and accuracy

    -100% reliable

    -Requires a flint and steel to use, and cannot be used in the rain

    2xSmooth barrel, 1xMatchlock mechanism, 1xGrip [LEGACY]



    -Fires a a large volley of rounds

    -Inexpensive to craft

    -Does large amounts of damage at close range

    -Uses gravel instead of round shots

    -100% reliable

    -Like the Arquebus, requires a flint and steel to use, and cannot be used in the rain

    1xIron Ingot, 1xSmooth barrel, 1xMatchlock mechanism, 1xGrip [LEGACY]


    Flintlock pistol

    -Uses low amounts of gunpowder

    -Good damage, but inaccurate

    -Very reliable

    1xSmooth barrel, 1xFlintlock mechanism, 1xGrip


    Flintlock musket

    -Good range, high damage

    -Quite Reliable

    2xSmooth barrel, 1xFlintlock mechanism, 1xGrip


    Flintlock Rifle

    -High damage, very long range

    -Expensive to craft

    -High recoil

    -Very unreliable

    2xRifled barrel, 1xFlintlock mechanism, 1xGrip


    Double Barreled Flintlock Rifle

    -Same as the normal rifle (Including reloading recipe), but can be reloaded twice at the cost of

    being a bit less reliable and slightly less accurate and more expensive to craft

    4xRifled barrel, 1xFlintlock mechanism, 1xGrip [LEGACY]


    -Same as normal rifle, but can be repeated twice

    Flintlock Revolver

    -Very inaccurate, low damage

    -Can be reloaded up to 6 times

    -Quite unreliable

    1xFlintlock mechanism, 1xRevolver Mechanism, 1xSmooth barrel, 1xGrip


    -Same as normal pistol, but can be repeated 6 times

    Flintlock Revolver Musket

    -Decent accuracy and damage

    -Quite unreliable

    -Can hold up to 6 shots

    -Quite expensive

    -Uses a lot of gunpowder

    2xSmooth barrel, 1xFlintlock mechanism, 1xRevolver mechanism, 1xGrip


    -Same as the musket, but can be repeated 6 times

    Volley Gun

    -Very high rate of fire

    -Can hold 12 shots

    -Low damage, low accuracy

    -Very expensive to craft

    -High recoil (Its recommended to stand up against a wall or in a hole)

    3xSmooth barrel, 2xRevolver mechanism, 1xFlintlock mechanism, 2xGrip [LEGACY]


    -Same as the musket, but can be repeated 12 times

    Ideas that might be added:

    -Weight sytem (Larger guns cause slowness or have a carry limit?)

    -Grenades/boms (Glass grenades?)

    -Decorative/practical sand bags

    -Armor that gives buffs or recistances related to guns, such as uniforms that improve accuracy/damage or possibly

    early kinds of padded vests (Maybe something similair to the Ichahuipilli)

    -Improved lathe texture

    Planned features:

    -Improved config file

    -More Artillery/Canons

    -Gun durabillity and/or repair


    1.12.2-1a (2019-06-13):

    -Initial release

    1.12.2-1b (2019-06-14):

    -Added recoil

    -Added volley gun

    -Added more particle effects, such as when a bullet strikes the ground

    -Decreased revolver and pistol accuracy

    -Decreased the rifle's damage

    1.12.2-1c (2019-06-14):

    -Added gun jamming

    -Added double barreled rifle

    -Increased rifle damage

    1.12.2-1c2 (2019-06-14):

    -Fixed issue with bullets colliding with non-solid blocks

    1.12.2-1e (2019-06-15):

    -Added matchlock blunderbuss

    -Improved matchlock framework, allowing for further creation of matchlock weapons as well as matchlocks that fire multiple shots

    -Fixed entities being invunerable after being shot, making the volley gun and blunderbuss more usefull

    -Slightly improved arquebus texture

    -Renamed "Arquebus" to "Matchlock Arquebus"

    1.12.2-2a (2019-06-17) The production update:

    -Added lathe

    -Added chisels for crafting with the lathe

    -Added matchlock pistol

    -Changed various recipes

    -Added mechanical parts

    -Added metal rod

    -Changed the stack size of the roundshots from 64 to 16

    -Fixed bug with matchlock weapons sometimes not firing

    1.12.2-3a (2019-06-18) The wheely update:

    -Added wheellocks that have to be wound up by sneaking and holding right click for a while

    -Added wheellock musket

    -Added wheellock pistol

    -Added wheellock repeater

    -Added spring

    1.12.2-3b (2019-06-18):

    -Minor improvements to most gun textures

    -Completly redesigned matchlock pistol

    -Wheellock textures changed to make the wheellocks look more decorated

    1.12.2-3c (2019-06-18):

    -Added the blunt gun, allowing you to blast away your enemies with pure kinetic energy.

    -Added slugs

    -Fixed issue with single shot guns sometimes not reloading

    1.12.2-4a (2019-06-22) - The Cannons & Quarrels Update:

    -Added light field cannon

    -Added heavy siege cannon

    -Added gunpowder charge

    -Added ramrod

    1.12.2-4b (2019-06-22):

    -Added basic multiplayer support

    1.12.2-4c (2019-06-25):

    -Added puckle gun (Fired with a flint and steel, but unlike the cannons it can be fired while aiming)

    -Added volley cannon (Can also be fired while aiming with a flint and steel)

    -Added bullet pack (Used to load the puckle gun and volley cannon)

    -Reduced the amount of bullets the volley gun can hold from 12 to 8

    1.12.2-4d (2019-07-08):

    -Fixed issue with servers crashing when shooting other players

    1.12.2-5a (2019-07-27):

    -Completely overhauled reloading system

    -Added various items for reloading

    -Added paper cartridges

    -Added gunpowder pouch

    -Added matchlock pepperbox

    -Added more gun tooltips

    -Tweaked gun damages, speeds and other values

    1.12.2-5b (2019-07-29):

    -Fixed bugs

    -Corrected in-game guide items

    1.12.2-5c (2019-07-30):

    -Added the ability to dual wield some pistols and fire them in alternating sequences

    -Added caplocks

    -Added breechloaded caplock rifle

    This mod was inspired by WillDaBeast's Flintlock weapons mod from 2012-2016 (Am I allowed to say that, haha?)



    If you have any issues, suggestions, feedback or anything of that nature, please post down below :>

    Alternatively, you can join the discord page for updates, suggestions, support and more: https://discord.gg/fvduWTe

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