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    Its made by me, though its one of my first mods, so a lot of tutorials, guides and other resources have been used.

    This one is a good one to start with I think:

    though there are plenty of tutorials for modding.

    It will probably be way easier if you have some prior coding or especially java experience before. I had done a bit of other programming languages before but not much java, so it took a while to get used to.

    This series is also very good:

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    Maybe, though for now il probably stick to pixel art, since it makes it easier to add more content.

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    Quote from Ghiojo»

    This is an interesting mod!
    I think adding Wheel locks would be an interesting combination, they would be easier to shoot but they can get ruined much easier, perhaps if not properly cleaned it could break! Also a gun jamming or ruining system would be good, and I think that flintlocks should be a tad more expensive, same for revolvers, things like those just massively overtook and went over wheel locks and cinder/Matchlocks when they appeared, and are much more of a reliable system, but since they were invented in the 18th century it'd make sense they should be more expensive. Perhaps the ability to aim or hold fire by holding right click would also be nice, be able to line up your shot, hipfiring is always something I find uncomfortable.

    Also you could probably try adding a simpler weapon like a hand cannon, the first types of weapons, which could be quite cheap, that you can load, but it has much more chances of blowing up on you! The possibilities are endless!

    I like this mod and I hope you keep updating it, a good old guns plugin is something I always like to see! Cheers!


    A gun jamming system is already in the mod (In 1.12.2-1c and after) though I think it could use some work.

    I am currently in the process of improving the gun recipes, so the flintlocks and revolvers will be more expensive.

    Il look into adding wheel locks.

    Also, durabillity is probably something that will be added later, so that could also play into things like flintlocks, revolvers and wheellocks.

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    A gun mod about early gun technology.

    In this mod, you reload your guns by crafting them with gunpowder and rounds (Legacy system). There are also cannons.


    -Matchlock Arquebus

    -Matchlock Pistol

    -Matchlock Pepperbox

    -Matchlock Blunderbuss (Not yet in the newest version)

    -Flintlock Pistol

    -Flintlock Musket

    -Flintlock Revolver

    -Flintlock Revolver Musket

    -Flintlock Rifle

    -Double Barreled Flintlock Rifle

    -Volley gun

    -Wheellock Pistol

    -Wheellock Musket

    -Wheellock Repeater

    -Blunt Gun (Not yet in the newest version)

    -Breechloaded Caplock Rifle


    For up to guaranteed up to date recipes and info, please refer to the wiki - Note that the reloading system has changed since update 5a, guides can be found in the combat tab in creative.


    Most guns are a simple right click to fire (Note that the revolvers have a cooldown)

    The matchlock guns however require you to first right click with a flint and steel in your offhand, then de-equip that flint and steel, and then right click with the gun again to fire



    Metal Rod:


    Smooth barrel:

    -See lathe recipes

    Rifled barrel:

    -See lathe recipes


    Revolver mechanism:





    Hardened Chisel:


    Mechanical Parts:

    Smooth Barrel

    -Made with a metal rod using the normal chisel

    Rifled Barrel:

    -Made with a metal rod using the hardened chisel

    GUN RECIPES [Ones that arent listed are the same as legacy recipes, and reloading is the same as legacy for all guns]:


    2xMetal rod, 1xMatchlock, 1xGrip

    Matchlock Pistol:

    -Very inaccurate, decent damage

    -Uses small amounts of gunpowder, and is cheap to craft

    -Reloaded the same as the flintlock pistol

    1xMetal rod, 1xMatchlock, 1xGrip


    1xMetal rod, 1xIron ingot, 1xMatchlock, 1xGrip

    Double Barreled Rifle:

    3xRifled barrel, 1xUltra precision mechanical parts, 1xFlintlock, 1xGrip

    Volley Gun:

    3xSmooth barrel, 2xRevolver mechanism, 1xFlintlock mechanism, 1xUltra precision mechanical parts, 2xGrip

    RECIPES [SOME ARE [LEGACY]; Only works before 1.12.2-2a]:

    Basic ingredients:


    Smooth barrel [LEGACY]:

    Matchlock mechanism:

    Flintlock mechanism [LEGACY]:

    Revolver mechanism [LEGACY]:

    Rifled barrel [LEGACY]:




    -A simple matchlock ignited long gun

    -Cheap to craft

    -Decent damage and accuracy

    -100% reliable

    -Requires a flint and steel to use, and cannot be used in the rain

    2xSmooth barrel, 1xMatchlock mechanism, 1xGrip [LEGACY]



    -Fires a a large volley of rounds

    -Inexpensive to craft

    -Does large amounts of damage at close range

    -Uses gravel instead of round shots

    -100% reliable

    -Like the Arquebus, requires a flint and steel to use, and cannot be used in the rain

    1xIron Ingot, 1xSmooth barrel, 1xMatchlock mechanism, 1xGrip [LEGACY]


    Flintlock pistol

    -Uses low amounts of gunpowder

    -Good damage, but inaccurate

    -Very reliable

    1xSmooth barrel, 1xFlintlock mechanism, 1xGrip


    Flintlock musket

    -Good range, high damage

    -Quite Reliable

    2xSmooth barrel, 1xFlintlock mechanism, 1xGrip


    Flintlock Rifle

    -High damage, very long range

    -Expensive to craft

    -High recoil

    -Very unreliable

    2xRifled barrel, 1xFlintlock mechanism, 1xGrip


    Double Barreled Flintlock Rifle

    -Same as the normal rifle (Including reloading recipe), but can be reloaded twice at the cost of

    being a bit less reliable and slightly less accurate and more expensive to craft

    4xRifled barrel, 1xFlintlock mechanism, 1xGrip [LEGACY]


    -Same as normal rifle, but can be repeated twice

    Flintlock Revolver

    -Very inaccurate, low damage

    -Can be reloaded up to 6 times

    -Quite unreliable

    1xFlintlock mechanism, 1xRevolver Mechanism, 1xSmooth barrel, 1xGrip


    -Same as normal pistol, but can be repeated 6 times

    Flintlock Revolver Musket

    -Decent accuracy and damage

    -Quite unreliable

    -Can hold up to 6 shots

    -Quite expensive

    -Uses a lot of gunpowder

    2xSmooth barrel, 1xFlintlock mechanism, 1xRevolver mechanism, 1xGrip


    -Same as the musket, but can be repeated 6 times

    Volley Gun

    -Very high rate of fire

    -Can hold 12 shots

    -Low damage, low accuracy

    -Very expensive to craft

    -High recoil (Its recommended to stand up against a wall or in a hole)

    3xSmooth barrel, 2xRevolver mechanism, 1xFlintlock mechanism, 2xGrip [LEGACY]


    -Same as the musket, but can be repeated 12 times

    Ideas that might be added:

    -Weight sytem (Larger guns cause slowness or have a carry limit?)

    -Grenades/boms (Glass grenades?)

    -Decorative/practical sand bags

    -Armor that gives buffs or recistances related to guns, such as uniforms that improve accuracy/damage or possibly

    early kinds of padded vests (Maybe something similair to the Ichahuipilli)

    -Improved lathe texture

    Planned features:

    -Improved config file

    -More Artillery/Canons

    -Gun durabillity and/or repair


    1.12.2-1a (2019-06-13):

    -Initial release

    1.12.2-1b (2019-06-14):

    -Added recoil

    -Added volley gun

    -Added more particle effects, such as when a bullet strikes the ground

    -Decreased revolver and pistol accuracy

    -Decreased the rifle's damage

    1.12.2-1c (2019-06-14):

    -Added gun jamming

    -Added double barreled rifle

    -Increased rifle damage

    1.12.2-1c2 (2019-06-14):

    -Fixed issue with bullets colliding with non-solid blocks

    1.12.2-1e (2019-06-15):

    -Added matchlock blunderbuss

    -Improved matchlock framework, allowing for further creation of matchlock weapons as well as matchlocks that fire multiple shots

    -Fixed entities being invunerable after being shot, making the volley gun and blunderbuss more usefull

    -Slightly improved arquebus texture

    -Renamed "Arquebus" to "Matchlock Arquebus"

    1.12.2-2a (2019-06-17) The production update:

    -Added lathe

    -Added chisels for crafting with the lathe

    -Added matchlock pistol

    -Changed various recipes

    -Added mechanical parts

    -Added metal rod

    -Changed the stack size of the roundshots from 64 to 16

    -Fixed bug with matchlock weapons sometimes not firing

    1.12.2-3a (2019-06-18) The wheely update:

    -Added wheellocks that have to be wound up by sneaking and holding right click for a while

    -Added wheellock musket

    -Added wheellock pistol

    -Added wheellock repeater

    -Added spring

    1.12.2-3b (2019-06-18):

    -Minor improvements to most gun textures

    -Completly redesigned matchlock pistol

    -Wheellock textures changed to make the wheellocks look more decorated

    1.12.2-3c (2019-06-18):

    -Added the blunt gun, allowing you to blast away your enemies with pure kinetic energy.

    -Added slugs

    -Fixed issue with single shot guns sometimes not reloading

    1.12.2-4a (2019-06-22) - The Cannons & Quarrels Update:

    -Added light field cannon

    -Added heavy siege cannon

    -Added gunpowder charge

    -Added ramrod

    1.12.2-4b (2019-06-22):

    -Added basic multiplayer support

    1.12.2-4c (2019-06-25):

    -Added puckle gun (Fired with a flint and steel, but unlike the cannons it can be fired while aiming)

    -Added volley cannon (Can also be fired while aiming with a flint and steel)

    -Added bullet pack (Used to load the puckle gun and volley cannon)

    -Reduced the amount of bullets the volley gun can hold from 12 to 8

    1.12.2-4d (2019-07-08):

    -Fixed issue with servers crashing when shooting other players

    1.12.2-5a (2019-07-27):

    -Completely overhauled reloading system

    -Added various items for reloading

    -Added paper cartridges

    -Added gunpowder pouch

    -Added matchlock pepperbox

    -Added more gun tooltips

    -Tweaked gun damages, speeds and other values

    1.12.2-5b (2019-07-29):

    -Fixed bugs

    -Corrected in-game guide items

    1.12.2-5c (2019-07-30):

    -Added the ability to dual wield some pistols and fire them in alternating sequences

    -Added caplocks

    -Added breechloaded caplock rifle

    This mod was inspired by WillDaBeast's Flintlock weapons mod from 2012-2016 (Am I allowed to say that, haha?)



    If you have any issues, suggestions, feedback or anything of that nature, please post down below :>

    Alternatively, you can join the discord page for updates, suggestions, support and more: https://discord.gg/fvduWTe

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