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    From what I can tell, it looks great! Keep up the good work!

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    Put Minecon 2016 in San Francsico, San Diego, or Las Vegas! San Diego because Comic-Con takes place there! San Fransico because Google is there! And finally Las Vegas because there are a lot of venues there! :) If you vote for one of these 3 reply,"#Minecon2016LV" or "#Minecon2016SF" or "#Minecon2016SD" THX! ;)


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    posted a message on MineCon 2016
    Quote from echonite»

    The SD convention center would be a good place. Same place as Comicon, so its big. Tons of local hotels within walking distance, and Lindbergh Field is an international airport. (Busiest single runway airport in the world!)

    We San Deigans do like our conventions :)

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    Oh jesus why are my feet like this?

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    posted a message on More Player Models 2 (Adds a character creation screen, animations and more)

    This mod is amazing! Keep up the good work! Although I do feel that you should add particles back.

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    posted a message on ✜ NinjaNetwork looking for Staff ✜ ✹[Open Postion's]✹
    Your IGN : koalaleader
    How old are you?: 11
    How active can you be?: I can be 3-4+ hours depending on the day but I am often pretty active. I am sometimes not active because of school and things like that.
    What plugins are you best working with? I am good at working with Disguisecraft and Worldedit and other things like that.
    How interested are you on being an admin? 8/10
    How will you treat members? I am very nice to other people around me but sometimes I get a little worked up.
    Do you have experience with Redstone? I am pretty good with redstone but Im not Sethbling you know.When Im working with redstone I mostly use pistons and repeaters because you mostly need repeaters to activate pistons.
    How good are you at typing? Professional,Medium, If other then this (Declined) I think I would score medium. I have about a 41 WPM typing rate.
    Experience: I have been admin on 2 servers, moderator on 1, and builder on 1. When I was builder I helped build a nether themed server hub. Unfortunatly, the servers that I was admin on have shut down. The moderator part I mostly don't remember though :P.
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    posted a message on PenkoPrison | NEEDS STAFF! | BUILDER | MOD | CHAT-MOD| ADMIN
    • Admin
    • IGN:koalaleader
    • Experience: I've been admin on two servers and have been builder on one server. I've also been helper on one server too.
    • Age: 12
    • How would you handle a misbehaving moderator?: I would warn them one time and the second time they would be demoted.
    • Plugin Experience: From my experience in "staffing" I've seen many plugins come and go.
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    posted a message on Awesome Server that needs some staff!

    Experience: I have been admin on one server (now closed) and Ive build 1 hub (along with some friends :))

    Age ( Doesn't really matter.) 10

    Rank Applying for:moderator

    Why you: I like to help people. I could help people work things out. I think that who am I kidding ive been searching a long time for a server that doesnt require skype to apply on and I just want a spot :)

    What makes you special? I am pretty mature although I sometimes goof off. I like to eat mac and cheese too :) I am very experianced with plugins too.
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    posted a message on =╫HerobrineHub Needs Advanced Builders!╫=
    I am very advanced at building... and I'd like to apply... and yea
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    posted a message on New Pixelmon Server need Staff
    Maturity=/10 7/10 same as 14/20 and 28/40
    Experience(you may provide server IP's)= I was Head Admin on another server that shut down and I can't remember the ip
    What would you do if somebody cussed (trying to keep it PG here)= I would give I warning 1/3 then 2/3 mute then 3/3 ban/kick depending on how bad it is
    What would you do if somebody griefed=I would fix it and ban/kick
    What would you do if somebody didnt listen=I would kick them
    What would you do if somebody used x-ray/side mods=I would tell them to turn it off
    Why you want position=I like helping people and I think admin is too high of a bargain ive also been looking for another server :)
    How would you help=I would kick/ban people who are breaking the rules
    How much hours you can provide each day=2-4 on weekdays but 3-5 on weekends
    Why should i pick you=I like to help and I am nice but somtimes I goof around :)
    More information=I am a boy

    *Bonus Section*
    What would you do if someone spammed= I would do the same as I would with cursing :P
    What would you do if someone was using PokeRadar= I would warn them to turn it off and if she/he gets a legendary/rare pokemon later I would acuse him of using it again
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    posted a message on |PIXELMON 3.0.4|۞PowerBaller's Pixelmon Server ۞|۞ Survival Protected ۞|۞ Faction۞
    For trainer+
    ign: koalaleader
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    posted a message on Creeper Apocalypse?
    I got 34 days :D
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    posted a message on Portal gun
    Quote from C0deH4cker

    Okay, ive decided that i hate it when non-modders (people who dont make mods and therefore dont know what is and isnt possible to do) decide whether or not something is possible and how it could theoretically be done. This is almost as bad as requesting something totally impractical in the first place. Almost everything mentioned above about moddibg and what may or may not be possible is completely wrong and is just nonsense. So now, here's my new stance: If you are not 100% sure whether or not something is possible, don't post anything. More often than not, you're wrong. Just leave it for people who truly do know what's possible to decide.
    I believe you can do anything in minecraft(just try!!!!!!!)
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