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    Are there any addons for TC5 other than Thaumic Tinkerer? It's getting lonely on the other side of the Thaumonomicon...

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    Hello! So, usually fences will connect to the next block it can. However, this can be really bad for building, as the fences would connect to a block next to it that's just used for aesthetics. So, basically, you can place a fence, and right-click the blocks next to it that you want to connect it to. The same would apply to walls. I feel that this is a pretty big thing for builders. For instance, if one were making a stable with horses and hay, they would feel the need to place the hay next to the fence, just to give the place more room. However, from behind, you can see that the hay is connected to the fence.

    Shift-Right-click (When placing) will connect every side it can to a fence/block.


    There's a horribly made screenshot below, and an attachment in case... whatever.

    Added a poll for you pollers.

    Anyways, hope you guys liked it!

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    posted a message on Minecraft Crashes After Mod Installation
    :o A lot of mods. Some mods are not compatible with each other, so you may not be able to have ALL THOSE mods at once. Oh, and try buying the game, support Mojang for their awesome indie sandbox.
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