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    posted a message on Why refer to gold as 'butter'? Gold ingots do not look, nor act like butter!
    I find people who hate "budder" are just as, if not more, annoying than people who yell "budder". They show up anywhere people say "budder" and say how much they hate "budder" even though is completely unrelated to the topic. You yourself, TVflea, have done this. About halfway down the third page of the "What is the least crafted item?" thread, you mention how annoying you find people who call gold "budder" even before you contributed to the thread and disregard the fact that he was the only one who had called gold "budder" and everyone else had called it gold. Now, you can't have the Sky fans saying "budder" without just as many people arguing with them. Let me put this into perspective: you are mad that kids are calling gold "budder". I repeat, you are mad at kids for calling gold "budder". You don't get mad at them for calling their mother "mom" even though that's not their real name, do you? I see that on your profile it says that you are 15, so its a good guess that you live with at least one of your parents. Do you call your parents by their first names or mom/dad or something similar? If you are on a server, and the majority of the chat are kids saying "budder", then you are clearly on the wrong server for you. Why don't you leave, or turn chat off? No one is forcing you to be reading the chat on the server. In this case, "budder" is a slang word for gold that has been adopted by a certain group of people. Cool is slang for something enjoyable, but I bet you say cool in this sense without thinking about, so why get mad over slang? Do you get mad at people for calling Slabs "Half Slabs"?
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    posted a message on What is the least crafted thing in minecraft?
    Iron/Golden Pressure Plates. Any of you even remembered they existed?
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    posted a message on The best biome for survival?
    I'd suggest living where biomes meet. In one of my worlds, I love where a swamp, a forest, and an extreme hills biome met and it is amazing! There's wood everywhere, Slimes spawn in the swamp every night, and extensive cave systems under the mountains.
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    posted a message on Which button should replace the texture pack button?
    Quote from sks0315

    Maybe Language option?

    You see that little globe button beside the Options button? That's where you switch the language.
    I think that they're going to put the button to access the Mod API there.
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    posted a message on This is a Joke.
    Mojang only has 30 employees. 30! Not all of them are programming, either. Activision, like you said is a giant, so they'd has easily 5 times the amount of employees that Mojang has just for server maintenance Just be patient, take this time as an opportunity to play Singleplayer, or (this is a crazy idea) do something else!
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    posted a message on Please read THIS before making a suggestion.
    I think this guide should have a section on how to give criticism. If I were to make a Suggestion (which I'm planning to do, hence why I read this) and someone replied with just "This idea is stupid." I wouldn't take to kindly to that critic. If someone were to say "This idea wouldn't work because..." then I would graciously accept there and see how I could alter my suggestion in accordance to the reply. Basically, there should be a section about giving Constructive Criticism and not Destructive Criticism.
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    posted a message on Who are the worst Youtubers in your opinion?
    I have to say my least favourite is CaptainSparkles. I don't hate him or anything, and I love his music videos, it's just that I find his LPs to get boring quickly.
    I don't get the AntVenom hate. I find his voice to be fine, not annoying or anything. He knows what he's doing and he gets straight to the good stuff, doesn't waste time on the basics. He isn't full of himself, to me he seems to be very humble for who he is and puts his fans first. His videos also nearly always entertains me since his sense of humor is similar to mine and I'm always learning new tips and tricks from him. He's actually my favourite Minecraft Youtuber!
    Quote from AntVenom

    Gotta place my hate @ AntVenom. That guy is a down right *****! :Sheep:

    This is an example why.
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    posted a message on How do you call a Creeper?
    I usually call them "STUPID CREEPER!" or "No, no, NO, GET AWAAAAAY!" Very originial, I know.
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