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    posted a message on Is Mojang getting lazy?
    People are predicting that 1.5 will come out soon because it will come out soon. I don't know what was actually said, but Mojang said that will be released in January (not valid anymore) or February.
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    posted a message on Bonemeal has been balanced now...
    Quote from Natecraft

    Good gosh are you people never satisfied...

    It is hardly random, 2-3 bonemeal per crop, big whoop.

    2-7 bonemeal for a tree is more noticeable in randomization, but at least it isn't like before the balance where it took 7 bonemeal for a crop and 2 for a tree.

    This kind of randomization isn't the unfair type of randomization, it probably won't kill you if you have too use an extra three bonemeal for a piece of bread (if you have to use 3 bonemeal per wheat crop instead of the low possibility of 2), that is only one more bone.

    Unfair randomization is more like the enchanting system, or even worse would be where there is a chance of your sword insta-shattering when you hit the enderdragon, that would be unfair.

    I completely agree. I don't see why you (the majority here) are hating the bone meal randomization when the enchanting randomization is much worse as you get 3 bone meal from 1 bone. Although, I do think that maybe 2-7 is a little steep for a single tree, maybe 2-5 might be a little more reasonable.
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    posted a message on Which button should replace the texture pack button?
    Quote from sks0315

    Maybe Language option?

    You see that little globe button beside the Options button? That's where you switch the language.
    I think that they're going to put the button to access the Mod API there.
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    posted a message on Anyone else highly annoyed?
    Quote from Xyphos1982

    "No game rule called 'CommandBlockOutput' is available."

    Type this in exactly as it is: gamerule commandBlockOutput false
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    posted a message on Which Is better? swords, or bows?
    In almost every game, I prefer swords to bows and Minecraft is no exception. I just hate having to carry and worry about ammo and that when the enemy is up close, which for me they also seem to be no matter what, bows are next to useless.
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    posted a message on Why Coal and Nether Quart blocks are needed
    Take a look here, you might be pleasantly surprised.
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    posted a message on Why did you subscribe to the Minecraft Youtubers you did?
    I've only seen one thread that's not criticizing Minecraft Youtubers and felt frustrated as it takes an incredible amount of time and work to make quality videos that actually get viewed. In this thread, I want you all to name some Minecraft Youtubers that you're subscribed to and explain why.

    AntVenom - I find his videos to be quite informative (I've learned many things from watching him) and even though not extremely hilarious, still entertaining
    CavemanFilms - he's funny, but in a nice, clean way...most of the time
    Skydoesminecraft - I find him to be, simply, hilarious
    Skitscape - Him and Fawdz do long series which I like and are very funny
    Fawdz - funny non-minecraft gaming videos
    ChimneySwift - I like how viewer-based the Minecraft Files areand like his friendly personality
    MinecaftUniverse - he does reviews for some cool mods
    TwoAwesomeGamers - best Skyblock series ever! (their Tekkit and other series are funny, too)
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    posted a message on Nether Ruins (Pictures inside!)
    I like the idea, but they'd be too common. Maybe they can only spawn underground, they are a bit rarer than abandoned mineshafts, and there's sometimes a couple blocks of obsidian missing? What would be in the chest?
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    posted a message on This is a Joke.
    Mojang only has 30 employees. 30! Not all of them are programming, either. Activision, like you said is a giant, so they'd has easily 5 times the amount of employees that Mojang has just for server maintenance Just be patient, take this time as an opportunity to play Singleplayer, or (this is a crazy idea) do something else!
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    posted a message on Who's the funniest Minecrafter?
    Skydoesminecraft and Skitscape and Fawdz I find are the funniest. TwoAwesomeGamers are pretty funny, as well.
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    posted a message on Quick suggestion for half slabs
    Quote from Talons7331

    They're called slabs, not half slabs.
    THIS is a half slab: (The second one on the right)
    Edit: SUPPORT

    I stand corrected. But, where do half-slabs come from? How do we get them?
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    posted a message on Quick suggestion for half slabs
    Quote from Jake Von

    Really? Could you show me this "half slab"? I would like to see it.

    In-game they're just called Slabs, but we call them half-slabs to emphasize that one slab is half of a normal block.

    Quote from MxTheMiner

    I think it would be a nice little patch if you could combine half slabs into full blocks again. Sometimes I end up making too many half slabs and I need more regular blocks. Instead of having to get more, I could just use my half slabs to make more in a second. It would be a helpful way to get rid of unneeded slabs and get something back in return.

    Why don't you just put 2 half slabs on top of each other when you need a full block? It'd would be handy to be able to craft half slabs back into normal blocks, but I don't think it's necessary.
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    posted a message on What mod would you most like to see added to vanilla?
    I'd like to see SPC added to Minecraft. It would probably just be adding more Cheats, really.
    -many more cheats for people to use
    -enchant items in Creative mode easily
    -fly without having to double tap space bar (I don't know about you, but sometimes it can take me a while to able to start flying)

    -if turned on in Survival it can break the game much more easily than the implemented Cheats
    -may result in longer update time (remember when SPC updated to 1.3?)
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    posted a message on Opinion on sounds?
    I like the new sounds; they add some new life back into Minecraft. They only sound I'm on the fence about is the sound when Spiders walk. It's just so weird!
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    posted a message on Levers/Buttons Placeable in Adventure Mode
    Yes, I'm aware of this potential problem and was going to mention that maybe there should be some kind of special block like the command block that is the only block levers and buttons can be placed on in Adventure Mode, but I haven't really came up with a solution yet other than that.
    That's a good idea, I never thought of that.
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