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    posted a message on 6 people looking for 1 EU server.
    Quote from Kameho

    youre server aint European located :/

    you never said it had to be, i checked twice
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    posted a message on [Dedicated][RP/PVP][Protected] Imperial Alliance[30 slot]
    hello people just to point this out to people who only half read , prepare for big font
    the server will update when bukkit updates, now stop talking about it, EVERYONE
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    posted a message on 6 people looking for 1 EU server.
    try clania faction server that way you can play in a team, very good server nice community, to get to its forum just type www.clania.net/minecraft into url bar and you will end up at its mc forum topic, kinda like tiny url, i really recommend it for freinds btw fairly vanila game, faction plugin helps protect your items

    btw they have their own vent server, feel free to use yours instead
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    posted a message on Supermegaepic mountains!
    i bet that he just wants us to try to type that out and prob just googled the image
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    posted a message on Inventory watching?
    prob, you have to remember that the admins give us no privacy nowadays
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    posted a message on [WIP] [1.0.0] [16x]The LazerWolf Custom Texture Pack!
    soon as possible better mean by the time this page reloads when i post this
    WHAT DID I TELL YOU I WANT THEM NOW ahem now *****
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    posted a message on creeper keeps outs
    Quote from Badprenup

    Make a couple of lamps in your pasture. I usually just do a 2 high fence post with a torch on it. They look like tiki torches.

    now this is prob my favorite yield from a topic i have ever made, you are the first sectional moderator that has posted on my topic since i joined forum, which was long ago
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    posted a message on (wip) kirakenso's mages map
    well i decided to make a map to test the new stuff in a simple effective way, make a map with only a shred of lore, but i might wana get some pictures of what i have down

    well now for the lore,
    time has went one, first the mages found the neather, the found hardly any help there. soon the had rails so they now cam hold meetings, while some wanted more privacy the feel down the path of seperation, they became the outcasts these people were destra and demos, the never strayed from the path of good. kira and kenso brother and sister as they are never go long without each other and used the hellish neather to meet each other not a very safe voyage but boys will be boys and girls will wait for boys. then alther who was never very fond of people lead the ones who follow him down the path of evil. kira and kenso stayed neutral as they don't like the heat on them. soon the good had discovered the end. they tried their best keeping the dark out, as if the dark resurrected the ender dragon they could destroy the world, twice. the light purged the dragon into its grave. now its only remnants are the energy cores it left behind, not the safest things. with this dragon down its energy flooded the neather changing it, now it holds more secret bond for discovery...

    btw i only have the good down, if you could rate them and tell me if anything needs changing feel free to let me know ill take all criticism so long a a reason and other info regarding it, particularly why you don't like it
    btw this is one last thing to mention
    angeloes - good, its wall hide everything ( done )
    fugoes - good always organized and precise, messured, not far from angeloes (done)
    the wolfe - neutral not done probably in the mountains if possible a & f are on ocean
    the darkness neutral not done probably a sky town
    ansemaries - the live in the bounds of the neather and in the end probably will have traps, not done
    now for the long awaited download link

    media fire only no adfly
    the mages

    since the spolers aren't working this will become a page stretcher
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    posted a message on Minecraft BETA 1.5_01 Server
    i only have down to 1.5 so why would would i even need 1.3
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    posted a message on Defying (Minecraft) Gravity build
    this defies gravity how?
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    posted a message on SAS Zombie Assault 3
    its fun, but if u have a laggy run it will give u hardly any points
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    posted a message on Rate my buildings
    not exactly very good, try to be less wood based, and if u don't want to try some stone atleast change how you use the wood, this is very un pleasing to the eyes <_<
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    posted a message on Are These Rare?
    i have seen 2 at once before, they are not as rare as they are spose to be if u follow the warriors path
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    posted a message on Server admin
    i don't trust anyone under iron miner when they even ask to be builder, so do you really think anyone will trust a tree puncher?
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    posted a message on Cat Skin Request!
    well i am a dog, furries rule
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