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    Your builds are great, keep it up! I am a person who focuses more on content types. I love the original Spyro trilogy, the others aren't just bad, it never gave me the same feelings, the "fresh start" was the last spyro game I wanted. I understand. I can't wait to see more. :lol:
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    I created this program because I have too many skins I tried four or five different skin editing programs. They all have very different sets of features or are extremely outdated.

    I hope to create something that will be more universal and will work for everyone and will be more universal than before.
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    I'd like to have in buffet worlds floating islands also possibility to have all biomes and also higher diamonds to be playable on survival, simply islands mostly spawn over 16. also that mineshafts are problem when they are everywhere floating in the air they shall be inside islands only ...

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