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    posted a message on Underground Lounge mcMMO | Survival PvE | Ranks | Amplified and Standard | No Lag
    Seems cool so far IGN: DarkestIntellect
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    posted a message on |PIXELMON 3.0.4|۞PowerBaller's Pixelmon Server ۞|۞ Survival Protected ۞|۞ Faction۞
    IGN: DarkestIntellect
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    posted a message on Rise of Kingdoms: Asharavel at war!
    Ingamename: DarestIntellect
    Age:[Optional] 16
    Did you read the rules: Yes

    Character bio:[Optional] I like Llamas
    Character name:[Optional] Llama
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    posted a message on ★ WISTFULCRAFT ★ [1.6.2] [TOWNY] [RPG] [MCMMO] [AUCTIONS] [99.9% UPTIME]
    IGN: DarkestIntellect
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    posted a message on Tales of Namaria [1.6] | No-Whitelist | RPG | NO CLIENT MODS REQUIRED! | Factions! | Classes ! |
    In-Game Name: DarkestIntellect

    Will you obey all rules we have stated above:[Make sure you check rule 3!]: Yes

    What your nickname will be In Game: Llama

    What your class will be In-Game: Knight
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    posted a message on [Still accepting Apps] 100% pure vanilla server / Very friendly community
    Minecraft Username:DarkestIntellect
    Skype (required, you may send it to me in a PM):Ill send it to you in a pm
    Years of MC experience: Not sure but i think like 2 years
    What kind of things do you specialize in?: mining
    How often do you play?: every day
    Location (State/Province/Country): PA, USA
    Gender: Male
    Any other information that will help you get whitelisted: I am just looking for a good vanilla server with a friendly community.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Alpha 1.2.6 Server [hMod, AuthCraft]
    -Your Minecraft Username: DarkestIntellect
    -How long you've been playing Minecraft: Since like alpha 1.2.6 :P
    -Have you ever griefed: Yes I have but i have stopped.
    -Your age (not completely necessary): 16
    -Your Skype (also not necessary as some may not have Skype): I don't have one
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    posted a message on Prehistoric Dimensions::[Mindcrack/Hermitcraft] Vanilla Minecraft Server::Whitelisted::24/7
    Minecraft Name:: DarkestIntellect

    Experience on other servers:: Well i have been on a lot of servers pretty much all of the diffrent kinds.

    Have you been banned:: Yes

    Age:: 16

    Why do you want to join:: Because I want a server where there is a good community where everybody gets a long and it seems really fun.

    How long have you played Minecraft:: Since late alpha

    What do you enjoy doing in Minecraft:: I like to mine and build but im not that good at building

    Tell us a little bit about yourself:: I m in high school i play lacrosse, soccer, basketball, and track. I live in Pennsylvania.

    Extra things you would like us to know::
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    posted a message on [Blizzard SMP] A Vanilla Minecraft Server [Whitelisted 20 Slots] ~Looking for Mature Players~
    IGN: DarkestIntellect

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Skype Username: I dont have a skype.

    Picture of one of your builds(Can be done over Skype , Link or Video): I dont have anything for my builds.

    Timezone: Eastern.

    Favorite Building Block: Wood (any kind).

    Favorite Biome to Build in: Plains or mountain.

    Strengths: Im good at mining and i like to do it, i guess im ok at building, im really good at farming.

    Weakness's: Im not good at redstone at all but the only thing i can do is make a piston door.

    Part 2: Learning You Minecraft Skills

    On a scale from 1-10 what do you rate your self in the following.

    Building:6 /10

    Fighting Mobs: 8/10

    Farming:9 /10


    Pranking: 10/10

    Part 3: Advanced Questions:

    Expected to have 3+ line answers for most questions.

    Who is your Favorite Minecraft Youtuber: Slyfoxhound.

    What makes you better then an average Minecraft: Well i have played since late alpha and i know pretty much all of the recipes. I know my way around caves because i am in them a lot.

    If you were baxter1932 why would you choose your self: Because im really friendly and i have a good personality. I can also be a really good help with a lot of things in the community like mining to get materials, fighting the monsters to keep people safe and a lot of other things.

    Oh no! Someone pranked you. What do you do: I would just laugh about, then i would get a really good plan to get them back twice as hard.

    Do you know how to work a nether hub: Not really.

    How many Blocks From Spawn Town are you Supposed to go: 1500.
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    posted a message on [Vanilla] SMALL SURVIVAL SERVER [1.4.5] Band New [similar to MindCrack]
    IGN: DarkestIntellect
    Age: 14
    Reason for wanting to play: Because I watch a lot of mindcrack and it looks like a lot of fun
    Goals on the server: Have Fun!
    (If youve seen "MindCrack" before) Favourite MindCracker: PauseUnpause
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    posted a message on Mindcrack-Fan Server (Whitelisted, Professionally Hosted)
    Minecraft Username*: DarkestIntellect
    Which server do you plan to play on or both?: vanilla
    Who's your favorite Mindcracker*?: PauseUnpause
    Why do you want to join Godcraft*?: Because it seems likea good community
    What's your favorite thing to do in Minecraft*? (Such as building/mining/redstone): mine
    What do you think you're best at in Minecraft*?: mine
    What's your skype username?: Dont have one
    Tell me a bit about you and you as a minecrafter: Well i love to mine as you can probably tell already and i kinds like to build and i love to adventure
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    posted a message on Mindcrack Server [15 SLOTS LEFT]
    IGN: DarkestIntellect

    AGE: 14

    SKYPE: ( skype is not mandatory but if we get lots of submissions we will make this the deal breaker ) i dont have it

    Building skill 1-10: (1 being a terrible builder 10 being an awesome builder) 5

    Redstone skill: 1-10: (1 being i have no idea what redstone is and 10 being Im a redstone genius.) 3

    Overall Minecraft excperience 1-10 (1 being brand new to minecraft 10 being a minecraft veteran ) 10

    A little about yourself? Well i am really smart and i love to game and i will play alot on the server.
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    posted a message on VanillaPixel (100% Vanilla) (Whitelist)
    IGN: DarkestIntellect

    Age: 15

    Youtube Channel: N/a

    Skype(If No Type N/a): N/a

    Why Should We Let You In the Community?: Because i am really mature and i love helping the community adn i will be a great help

    Building Experience: not really that much but i have built a castle before

    Link To Your Best Minecraft Video (Im Looking For Video Quality): N/a

    Do You Agree To the Server Rules?: Yes i do

    Additional Info (optional):
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    posted a message on Assassin Map (WIP) *Puzzle/adventure/fighting*
    It is thanks.
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