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    posted a message on 🪐PokèPlanet SMP Season 2!🪐 - Pixelmon Reforged | Custom Modpack | Survival | Whitelist | 1.12.2

    Minecraft Username: KindMushroom9

    Pronouns/Gender: Female she/her

    Age: 16

    Time Zone: EST

    Discord Username + Numbers: KindMushroom9#4804

    What makes you want to join our server?: I'm sick of all the pay to win servers

    What do you think you bring to our server?: Hopefully just a positive person looking for new people to play with

    How often do you think you can play per week on our server?: Almost everyday

    Do you plan on staying active? (14 day inactivity policy): yes

    Any Closing Comments?: Nope just I hope there's /sethome or /rtp

    Favourite Pokemon?: Lucario

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