About Me

I'm 18. I have a twin sister and a younger brother. I've been playing Minecraft ever since it was available on Xbox 360 in like 2012. I remember the first world I ever played with one of my then close friends. After the many years of accidentally playing until midnight on a school night, I like to think I've become a great Minecraft builder. I have my faults, as most do, but otherwise, I like to say I can build stuff. I'm not the best at PVP but I am learning slowly. I love to explore different worlds and just see what I can find. I like to meet new people and I'm always open to trying out a new world with someone. I'm currently working on some big builds so if someone wants to help me or teach me some good building tips, I'm always open to hearing stuff from people.


I'm extremely obsessed with musicals. I can and will talk your ear off if you let me. My favorite is The Lightning Theif and Be More Chill. I also love to read. I've been working on the Percy Jackson series and I'm currently working on The Dark Prophecy from The Trials of Apollo. I'm working on a Camp Halfblood map right now. I'll probably edit this or add something because I forgot something.

Location The south United States

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Xbox Klarsen1210