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    posted a message on Pixelmon 6.3.4 (1st Aug 2018)
    "the server requires mods that are absent or out of date on your client"
    I am getting this error when I attempt to join my server
    My server is done on a 1.6.2 forge and a pixelmon 2.3

    I have copies of the pixelmon files in my .minecraft mods file

    Does anyone know a fix to this error?
    Thank you
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    posted a message on Minecon Location 2014
    I believe they should have it in Toronto, Canada, it is reasonably in the middle of Canada as well as it is close to the USA border, people keep saying *Because I live here they should have it here* I live on the other side of Canada but I still believe that, it would work out well as well as give Canadian Minecraftians a chance to go without flying out to Florida
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