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    posted a message on [Closed] ☆ ☆ ☆ SUPER-EARTH ☆ ☆ ☆ The Original Minecraft Community ☆
    Minecraft In Game Name (case sensitive): Killam3nac3
    Where are you from?: Australia, NSW
    Your age?: 17
    Have you read and agreed to the rules in the post below? Yes, Thoroughly.
    Extra notes?: Really interested in the RP aspect of the game. Hopefully can make some friends and possibly explore throughout the map.
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    posted a message on Exaltation RP|80%uptime|hMod|Factional PVP
    IGN: Killam3nac3
    Nation: Australia
    Age: 17
    Character bio: Friendly Guy eager to explore and create. Very willing to help anyone that needs it.
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    posted a message on Killsriff Server (Australian Server)
    A Server made by me Killam3nac3 and my mate Krissriffss.
    Slowly Building the world bit by bit making creative area's each and every time.
    Need some helpers for more creative idea's and building work.
    Dont mind people checking out the server too.
    Very willing to giving people tours.

    Server wont be on 24/7. Will only be on when either one of us (Killam3nac3 or Krissriffss) is playing. Unless i get people asking to leave it on.
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    posted a message on Is Notch planning on adding creative mode to beta?
    I remember Notch talking about something like a Debug/God mode or something.

    Even still, you can create your own server (private or Public) and use the /give command. I know itd be a pain if you just want to play with single player maps but improvisation is the key for now.

    We will all know in good time. Dont worry. Notch is working on many things watching his twitter, his mind wonders off to many diffrent/cool ideas. He'll get around to it at one point.
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    posted a message on What Minecraft Needs
    It Does have so much potential. Absolutely anything could happen with the mind of Notch and idea's of the community. It could be completely diffrent to what it is now or what it was before. I'd find it fun searching for Ruins and castles. Itd be awesome to have a sort of Monster Spawn Point system above ground but for the NPC's. Twist things up. NPC's keep on coming till you destroy the spawner inside the top of/bottom of the castle, Raid all the items in the Chests inside the tents. Have the tents flammable so you can flint it up. Nice effect, at night with the tents on fire while trying to get into the castle.

    In sense of a Game Mode it would be a great idea but having it inbuilt into the main mode itself would be better. Having everything checklist style to add what you want and remove what you don't gives it more of a customization to suit you rather than a constricted gamemode.

    With the Farm problem. My Solution was to make a Glass house. Just Glassed around it and set torches around it so nothing would spawn in. Still brings in light and keeps respawners away. I guess a scarecrow would do the same (minus the light). Could give it a bigger Respawn repel.

    I think the New cloth material is a great idea. Well, I think new material in general is needed. More colours and textures to use while building. People get creative with this sort of stuff.

    Placeable clocks, ect. Does sound like a good idea. Just right click to place it on a wall of your house or throughout your cave just to give you a reminder of what your going to be going outside into. I personally always wanted to have a HUD that shows the time and Direction deeming those useless to me. But a mods a mod, we're talking inbuilt.

    Archaeology would be a nice touch to the game. Perhaps using the hoe to find seeds in grass could find diffrent items that you could collect/use or a brush to clean dirty items.

    Scuba suit got me thinking. Something like the Big Daddy Helmet in Bioshock. cant remember what it was called but i think thats what your talking about.

    I would rarely go underwater, possibly go alot more if there was a breathing device and more things to discover. Could also implement NPC's and Archeaology into it. finding underwater ruins.

    The Password Thing sounds like a great idea but then the chests would have to be un-destroyable. You dont want someone breaking your chest and taking everything. Forgetting passwords can be also be a real hassel.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Giftcard Printout
    Hey Minecraftians,
    Yes, first post, yes first timer on this forum.
    I Bought a few Gift Vouchers not to long ago and was thinking what would be a good way to give them the account. Something to give them. So i grabbed a bunch of jpg's from the main site (sue me) and moved it around a bit.
    Sort of created a Gift card with the ability to put the code and a little message.

    After completing it (going to use it soon) it looked pretty good (in my eyes) so i thought that i could share it with the forum. Perhaps you guys could use it for Xmas, New Years eve or just as a give.

    I'd of given out the Photoshop File as well so you guys can edit it the way you like if theres anything you want to change but i cant find a way to upload it. I used 8.6 cm x 5.4 cm for the card, which is about the same size as a Credit card/Bank Card. If you find that to be a bit too small you could always enlarge it a bit.

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