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    Quote from skutter

    Well hello there, I am skutter. Owner of A small tekkit server. I am currently looking for 3-7 people to play on my server Just fill out the application and wait anywhere from 5 minutes- 24 hours. Just note the server is hamachi based and you will need both hamachi and the tekkit pack.

    reason for joining:Looking for a mature tekkit server to play on
    Do you have skype?, place id in if so:Unfortunatly no :( hopefully that doesnt affect my joining
    Have you ever been banned from a server?, if so why?: Nope i have yet to find a server worth staying in
    Why do you want to join this server?:I want to join this server in hopes of finding a great groupe of people that are respectful and helpful when needed.
    what is your opinion on large and obstructive buildings made from gold in the spawn?:Lmao how obstructive lmao its cool with me just hope they are not solid gold. :DORE:

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    hello i just tried to join your server and it just said i had to be logged in to do anything.In game name is Serb777
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    Hey. If you are still looking for someone to play with you you can send me the IP to my email. i dont have a mic tho if that is the kind of person your looking for. i just want one person to play a survival with. my email is [email protected]. Maybe ill hear from ya :DORE:
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