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    posted a message on Ostrich craft (totally not Hermitcraft) is a realm for faithful minecraft bedrock players

    Hello. Here my application:

    Gamertag: Khaiisthebest

    Why I want join: If I'm being honest, there is not a lot of realm out there that is actually like HERMITCRAFT! Like no grieving, etc. I just hoping this is a realm that is like HERMITCRAFT and that we can work together on massive project have fun, and just be cool while at it.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft bedrock edition: I been playing for over 4 year now. When I was 9, my brother would usually let me play on his world, as I grew older, my mom brought my a Samsum J7 and I got my own Minecraft.

    My strong: Decorating, Pvp, Enchanting, being cool with other

    My weak: Building houses, redstoning,, very easy to die

    Favorite YouTuber: Mumbo Jumbo, Grian, Xisumavoid, GoodtimewithScar, Rays Works, silentwisperer, PewDiePie

    My age: 14 year old

    My social media: I have discord, contact me at Khaiisthebest#2392

    Hope I get to join :)

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    posted a message on Vanilla survival smp/hermitcraft like/custom spawn/ender dragon elytra drop

    Is this Java or Bedrock(MCPE)?

    If MCPE, my IGN is Khaiisthebest

    Discord is : Khaiisthebest#2392

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    posted a message on New HermitCraft Like Survival Realm (Bedrock)

    Hi, I would like to join

    IGN: Khaiisthebest

    I a good building with pathway, decorating, housing, etc. Ik a little bit of redstone but that literally it.

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    posted a message on ZerZera Adult Bedrock Realm. Hard. ACHIEVEMENTS ON! Hermit Craft based

    Hi,umm here my application?

    IGN: Khaiisthebest

    Platform: MCPE Android Bedrock Pocket Editon

    Age: I am 13 year old. My birthday is April, 7, 2005. I'm also 14.

    Timezone: Central Standard Timezone

    How long have I been playing Minecraft for?: I been playing MCPE for over 4 year now.

    Do you have discord: Yes, it Khaiisthebest#2392

    Interesting Fact: I good with building some houses, path, decorating, etc. I a little good at redstone and I can be active as much as possible. Which is like 6 out of 10.

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    posted a message on New realm with economy looking for mature members to build and trade

    I would like to join:

    Discord: Khaiisthebest#2392

    IGN: Khaiisthebest

    Twitter: @LifeofYoutube3 (I don't use Twitter as much as discord)

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