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    Resource Engineering

    This mod can be broken down into 3 main areas:
    There are 7 new gems the mod brings to the table. In order from weakest to strongest, they are:
    <Type> - <Durability> - <Harvest Level> - <Armor Durability>
    Turquoise - 64 - 1 - 5
    Onyx - 128 - 1 - 7
    Amethyst - 256 - 2 - 10
    Citrine - 512 - 2 - 14
    Emerald - 1024 - 3 - 19
    Ruby - 2048 - 3 - 26
    Sapphire - 4096 - 3 - 40
    Each gem can be crafted into the complete tool and armor set as well as decorative gem blocks. Also included are the complete set(including vanilla materials) of a new tool called a Scythe. The Scythe harvests a 7x7 area of tall grass/flowers/leaves in a manner similar to the Sickle from Red Power 2.

    In addition to the base gem tools, 3 new tools have been added:
    Super Shovel: Digs out a large section of targeted material in one blow. Useful for obliterating a gravel vein when mining.

    Super Pickaxe: Mines the whole vein of any targeted ore. Any block ID listed in the config will be mined as such. Default config is set up to include vanilla ores plus a majority of ores included by the FTB packs.

    Hammer: Mines a 5x5x5 cube centered on the block broken. Any veins of ore encountered(as defined by the config for the super pick) will also be mined in their entirety even if they extend outside the initial cube.

    Thor's Hammer: Mines 1 chunk of all ores and drops them at the targeted block. Durability: roughly 4 chunks. Recipe includes 3 each of the gem blocks, and diamond and iron blocks. I leave it up to you to figure out the recipe.

    All 3 tools will drop all broken blocks at the location of the targeted block.

    Gem Tumbler: A machine that refines the raw gems that come from mining the ores into refined gems that can be crafted into the tools and armor. Uses gravel as 'fuel'.

    Resource Extraction
    There are several machines whose purpose is to gather resources from otherwise fairly useless materials including dirt, gravel, and sand.
    Sifting Machine: Fill it with gravel sand or dirt and it will sift out the valuable metals and gems you care about. Has a chance to drop everything from flakes of metal up through whole diamonds and emeralds.

    Sluicing Machine(Planned):Use water to extract the last bits of valuable resources from your sifted dirt and sand. Will consume water and produce mud as a byproduct.

    Pressure Cooker: A high heat furnace fueled solely by blaze rods. Its purpose is to smelt down metal flakes into nugget and diamond chips into usable diamonds.

    Resource Creation
    This part of the mod adds a few new machines as well:
    Composter(Planned): This machine requires direct sunlight, a steady supply of biomatter(saplings, seeds, etc) and will produce organic compost for use in the Aerator.
    Aerator(Planned): This machine is used to combine mud, organic compost, and sand to create dirt.

    We have a wiki over at kg6jay.info/wiki

    0.5.10/0.6.2 - Added ability for vanilla tools and armor to be smelted down in the Pressure Vessel to give the raw materials back based upon percentage damage the tool/armor has sustained.
    Added blaze powder as a 1 smelt fuel for the Pressure Vessel
    Added soul sand to the sifting machine, will sift into blaze rods, blaze powder, gunpowder, ghast tears, magma cream, nether quartz and sand.

    Coming Soon:
    The Planned machines will be implemented.

    1.6.4 Latest(1.0.22_Dev) - Direct
    1.6.2 Latest(0.6.2) - adf.ly Direct
    1.5.2 Latest(0.5.11) - adf.ly Direct
    1.5.1 Latest(0.1.14) - adf.ly Direct
    1.4.7 Latest(0.0.118) - adf.lyDirect

    Older Builds
    1.5.2 0.5.7 - adf.ly Direct
    1.5.2 0.5.4 - adf.ly
    1.5.2 0.5.1 - direct
    1.4.7 0.0.96 - direct
    1.4.7 0.0.90 - direct

    Requires Forge, Forge, Forge or Forge
    Put the zip into your mods folder as per usual for forge mods.

    Pressure Cooker GUI:

    Tools and Armor:

    Code, Textures - kg6jay
    Textures - PaiKurosaki, LazDude2012
    Suggestions, comments, feedback is always welcome.

    Mod Packs:
    I give permission for the TechCraft FTB pack to use this mod. All others wishing to include the mod in your pack please contact me first.
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    The solution for the addName for LanguageRegistry is simple:
    LanguageRegistry.addName(new ItemStack(mod_SplinterCell.ruby,1,0),"Ruby");

    proxy.addNames() goes inside of the init function, which you can call initSplinterCell or whatever you want really. it doesnt have to be InitCobaltCraft
    Hope that all gets you through the issues. Feel free to hop on my IRC channel and bug me in real time if it would help you more.(#kg6jay on esper.net)
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    Quote from Sp1nt3rC311

    So...this may be a dumb question, but after I setup all my MCD and Forge folders, I went to open the */eclipse folder inside of Eclipse and there wasn't anything there. In other tutorials I had to setup a java project, do I have to do that here? I mean I've got no clue what I'm doing here so when I openned up Eclipse, clocked "Open File" and selected myFolderName/eclipse and nothing showed up, I kinda freaked. Anywho, thanks for putting up all the tutorials, I can't wait to dig into them. As you can probably tell I'm super new to the whole world of MC modding, so please be gentle :)

    In eclipse, set your forge install's eclipse folder as the workspace. That should bring all the MC source code into eclipse and set everything up properly for you. Go back and reread the instructions in the tutorial carefully.
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