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    posted a message on Does super flat have trees?
    nope but there are mobs and npc villages
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    posted a message on Bring back beaches
    Well after seeing all the rage threads about the new Minecraft (and the people who rage at complaining people who themselves aren't any better), I was thinking about how the Minecraft experience has changed for me and my friends too. To be honest I find the new terrain generation an eyesore. I don't know if the pockets of biomes are too random or if having a snow biome next to a desert one just didn't make sense, but I thought back to some old servers my friends hosted and noticed one thing missing.

    I missed the beaches. They seem to have gone and the only pace you can find sand now is the desert. The new biomes seems to be completely devoid of beaches which made the game a bit more realistic and eye pleasing and were a nice addition to the landscape.

    Please bring back the beaches. I have also added a simple poll for you to vote. Any support would be appreciated.
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    posted a message on Horse Mobs
    the game doesn't just need horse mobs. there are countless other animals that could theres just too many things that could be done that aren't being done.
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    posted a message on Why its our fault for what has happened to minecraft
    Quote from ivyn

    One quote for you, from Notch in his philosophy for minecraft:

    It is still a sandbox game, but you decide whether you want to build a giant starship enterprise, fight the monsters at night, go fishing, battle against other players, or just walk around and appreciate the blocky graphics. It will only cease to be what it is to you if you let it.

    we used to get a few exciting updates every week (with stuff that actually made the game interesting). then we got weekly updates. not we get monthly updates. pretty soon development for the game will stop i reckon. maybe people stopped buying it so mojang just couldn't be bothered anymore.
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    posted a message on Why I stopped playing minecraft
    Quote from TerribleTrivium

    Here is why I stopped minecraft

    1. The new hurt sounds. It sounds like your being slapped by a bloody hand!
    2. The 1.8 terrain generation. It totally makes minecraft boring.
    3. The absence of the old music. Not Old, but the super amazing stuff that is'nt there anymore.
    4. The super ugly redone tundra. They should't of changed it at all
    5. The fact that there is no snow in the pine forests
    6. Creative mode. Now survival is pointless
    7. The fact that npc villages suck
    8. The black swamps! Not being racist or anything, but seriously!
    9. The fact that it's only going to get worse.
    10. Tall grass. Only a foreshadowing of the horrors to come.

    I wish these things would change.

    Like really badly. But seriously, I miss the old minecraft. I wish mojang had added new things without changing old things. Imagine all the new features in a 1.5 type landscape! That would be amazing.

    firstly i didnt know what the plus was so i didnt mean to give such a stupid post rep.
    2. yes, all terrain in all words look the same.
    4. should have, i dont see why so many people say should of. makes out like no one ever went to school.
    6. no ones forcing to do creative dickhead. start a game and you will see it does survival, hardcore, creative. use you head sometimes. its there for the people who want it.
    7. whoever designed the NPCs should be shot.
    8. would be nice if i didnt spawn in a swamp 99% of the time
    9. who said. you can see into the future? thats ****ing awesome predict some other things.
    10. just another opinion

    finally no ones gives a **** that u quit. have fun quitting. no one wants to know, just leave and don't complain, theres no point in complaining sinec your quitting.
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    posted a message on jeb should try playin minecraft and figure out what's boring
    Quote from Mikk-

    The game always seems more fun when you first play it because you have no idea what to do when you first play, but when you've gotten the hang of it it gets boring, even starting a new world the 954099203rd time.

    this pretty much. all of the new biomes aren't that interesting too because every map is pretty much the same. nothin special like you used to find in the old maps. there aren't even beaches anymore.
    pity the surprise weekly updates during alpha only lasted about a week.
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    posted a message on Minecraft lag on laptops? why
    Minecraft runs fine and smoothly on my desktop...
    amd dual core 3ghz
    2gb ram ddr2
    512mb graphics card (i cant remember model)
    500gb HDD
    windows vista

    but with my laptop (even with the AC plugged in) I just get a really bad framerate and it feels like its lagging. i do not think i need to defrag my laptop since its only about a month or so old. if i can run crysis 2 on extreme i fail to see why MC runs so badly. here are my laptop specs~
    intel core i7 2630 QM 2ghz
    8gb ddr3 ram
    windows 7 64 bit
    nvidia geforce gt 540 2gb
    600gb hdd

    it makes no sense to me whatsoever and i find it very frustrating.
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    posted a message on vanilla vs modded.
    u dont need a mod for infinite resources. the console is there for that. also, a vanilla server can get a bit boring sometimes. there are many useful mods which can be anti grief or many many (many) other blocks or items such as controller blocks used on our server. there are also many mobs u can put in such as birds. other mods may give funny death messages or allow you to set homes. public servers are usually overmodded to prevent griefing and stuff but they just clutter up the client way too much and makes everything really confusing. i like my friend using mods on his server. hes got this funny one where you can strike people with lightning
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    posted a message on How do I tell someone I like her?
    dont tell her i like you, i think ur cute, none of that ********. just make friendly conversation with her and get to know her better and ur good friends, then make ur move
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    posted a message on Anime: Bleach Is it good?
    bleach naruto... stopped watching anime a long time ago. i was getting sick of the two episode flashbacks waiting 10 episode for a fkn fight... but i lliked bleach it was cool.
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    posted a message on Flash Games
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    posted a message on Hell in SMP?
    i recall notch saying it was going to be fixed? well here i am after about half a year. seems i'm never going to go there as i bought this game for multiplayer and SMP is to laggy for us to even play right. On top of this MC seems to be going downhill with this new modding idea. its going to fail. no one is going to do it.
    edit: oh wait i saw in the other thread its free now haha.
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    posted a message on Creepers starting to get annoying
    how to deal with them? you cant. theyre programmed to sneak up like that without you even seeing them. get arrows and pick them off from afar or get some armour thats the best i can think off. caving has become a horror survival game now. or play peaceful.
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    posted a message on This one stupid pixel
    send the laptop into your school to get it fixed? im not sure if it will cost though and they might not be bothered cos its only a single pixel. too bad i didnt get a laptop because i was the grade that just missed out >_<

    Quote from Herowarrior »
    Quote from Krunchyman »
    Hmm... Can you put up a picture?

    Ummmm, kinda don't know how. =/

    you can upload a picture u took onto image hosting sites.
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    posted a message on What do you see when you look at this?
    umm... i just saw your mum.... lol i kid i kid.
    thought it'd be one of those illusion things but that picture made no sense to me. :$
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