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    i think its a good idea to suggest a combat update suggestion (sorry for my not too good English)
    and this is not official
    i took some ideas from the fandom

    mechanics : swords blocking is readded.
    : how about a double sword blocking (if you hold another sword in the off hand and you do a sword block it will act like a shield and will form an ⚔ but the durability goes a little bit down more).
    : potions and splash potions can be stacked
    weapons : daggers
    : daggers act like a sword but it do got less cooldown.It do less damage to a player and got less durability (when a player is wearing an armor it deals 4 half a heart of damage but when a player is not wearing an armor it do 8 half a heart of damage.
    : spears
    : it deals 6 half a heart of damage when a player is wearing armor when the player is not it deals 10 half a heart of damage (it can reach far away player at least 4 blocks and it can be thrown like tridents when right click) it got a decent amount of durability
    enchantments : Reach (when used on a spear it will increase its reach to 5 block away).
    : Lifetaker (when used on a living mob or a player it will deal 4 half a heart of damage).
    : Blowdown (it will reduce the cooldown to 2 times faster) you can get it very rarely only can be found on strongholds.

    well thats it i only have that in mind well thenk you for reading this thread 😁
    and i credit you who have created all the weapons,enchantments,and mechanics.

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