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    posted a message on Seed with Mesa, Mega Taiga, Ocean Monument, all wood types and much more!

    The issue with biomes will be fixed in the next update as seen in the change logs!

    • Fix for worlds generating slightly differently every time even with the same seed.
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    The seed is -1428312164. The savannah is at x: -241 z: -155 and there is another one at x: -301 z: 152 that vary too. There is also a mesa bryce at x: -246 z: 385 that tends to change in size , and even sometimes generate as a normal mesa. It might takes a couple of tries before you get a different terrain too.

    Even if it is still a Savannah and only a change to the technical biome , a seed is still supposed to generate the EXACT SAME terrain each and every time. Every single block is supposed to be at the same place every time.

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    posted a message on Seed with Mesa, Mega Taiga, Ocean Monument, all wood types and much more!
    Quote from Wolfhusband»

    It was laid out pretty simply, a ton of the younger community think that worldd generation changes if you keep reloading a seed. This is incorrect and was the result of a troll. World generation is the same every time when using one seed. It actually is impossible to generate anything other than the same seed if you continue to load the same seed.

    You are correct by saying that a seed is supposed to generate the exact same map every time. Unfortunately , this is not the case right now. I've explored many seeds in creative to choose one for my survival world. Once I've found a decent one , I recreated the same world with the exact same seed (no mistakes were made while typing it , and I tried many many times to make sure it was correct) , and I got crazy changes every time I recreated the map. I took some screenshots and these 2 ones clearly show how huge the difference can be , and this is of course the exact same spot on the map using the same seed. This is like that with other places on the map and that happened in every seeds I've tried , not only in this one.

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    Just to let you know , there are many things that are wrong with the new terrain generation algorithm. First , I do not know if it is intended or not but the border of the map is a lot less smoother than it was before. It literally cuts the biomes in half instead of ending the biome slowly and putting water. Second , extreme hills or other hilly variants of certain biomes do not get a lot higher than y=100 , and are usually very flat. Finally , you do not get the same terrain while generating the exact same map with the exact same seed multiple times. I will put screenshots of 2 exact same locations generated using the exact same seed , but with enormous differences in terrain generation.

    There are probably more things that needs to be improved but these are the 3 main issues for me.

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    posted a message on TU-the next one Preview of features!
    Quote from Mborland»

    Um, no, that screen shot was announcing Iron Golem plushie. The tweet said absolutely nothing about any future TU addons. And if it had, they would have managed a number for the TU.

    And if you look carefully at the TV screen under that iron golem plushie , you see the console version of minecraft with Steve in a mesa biome , with a guardian in the little pond , and some new fish , blocks and mutton in the toolbar.
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    posted a message on [TUTORIAL] - Fully Automatic Brewing Station

    Step 4 (Picture #4) :

    From the left to the right , the line of hoppers are going to the right and the last one , the one on top of the brewing stand , is going down into the other hopper that was already there. The only repeater you add in that step is on 2 ticks (also very important). All the torches are attached to the orange block next to it.

    Step 5 (Picture #5) :

    The repeater is on 1 tick. The brick block at the top right is a top of a block half slab. It is very important that you put a half slab there because if you put a full block , it will create a BUD with the piston below.

    And the final step ...

    Step 6 (Picture #6) :

    All the repeaters are on 1 tick , and the pistons are all sticky , like every other piston in this build.

    And that's it! You are done with the redstone!

    Picture #7 : The face of the station

    This is what it should look like when you are done building. The top lights should turn on when you put ingredients and water bottles in the system.

    You can now enjoy your own fully automatic brewing station!

    If you have trouble to make it work , make sure to check every picture to make sure you built it correctly. This is a pretty complicated redstone build so it is very easy to miss things or build something wrong.

    If you have any questions , feel free to ask me and I'll be happy to help you back!

    For the ones who ask why I didn't built it component by component and explain what everything does in the system , it's because many , many people don't understand how redstone work and just want to build something and make it work.

    So that was my tutorial. Hope you like it and that it is understandable enough for you to build it lol! :P

    Edit : Since some torches can be hard to see on other pictures , I thought I would put a picture of the back of the redstone , so , this is it , Picture #8 , the back of the redstone.

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    I just had a request for a tutorial for my fully automatic brewing station (see other thread) , so I'll make one. :)

    This will be a layer-by-layer picture tutorial + explanations. Every layers of blocks will be in a different color in that specific order : blue , red , yellow , orange , green and purple.

    For the build , you will need :

    - building blocks of your choice , some stairs (to put above the chests) , a half slab and a glass block

    - 9 chests (6 normal , 3 trap chests)

    - 6 item frames (and items to put in) and 1 sign

    - 1 brewing stand

    - 6 levers

    - 1 button

    - 9 redstone lamps

    - 7 droppers

    - 25 hoppers

    - 37 redstone torches

    - 23 redstone dust

    - 25 repeaters

    - 12 comparators

    - 8 sticky pistons

    - 1 redstone block

    Step 1 (picture #1) :

    These are the base blocks for your station. All the torches are attached to the block next to them , not on the floor. The hopper next to the chest is connected to it. The dropper going into a hopper (this one is going back in the dropper) is your output. Put an item inside the dropper , and when it receives a redstone signal , it will send the item inside the hopper and the comparator will output a signal for a short amount of time triggering the whole brewing process. The repeater is on 1 tick , and you can't see it , but there is a piece of redstone dust in front of the repeater and also one behind it.

    Step 2 (picture #2) :

    Things are now getting serious. Look closely at the arrows on top of the hoppers at the right of the picture , these indicates which direction they are facing. On the left , you got 2 lines of 6 repeaters each. The back ones are all on 1 tick , and the front ones , from the left to the right , the 5 first ones are on 3 ticks and the last one is on 1 tick. Make sure the timing are corrects for the whole build , because a difference of a single tick can make the station not working properly. The other repeaters are on 1 tick.

    Step 3 (picture #3) :

    Make sure to spot every single redstone torches on that picture , some are kind of hard to see. The repeater going from the restone block to the yellow block is on 4 ticks (very important). There is also a comparator going from the hopper on top of the brewing stand into the piston. In the bottom right corner , this is an upside down piston. The 6 droppers are the ones that will send the ingredients and they are all facing up. The hoppers next to them are going in the dropper that is right next to it and of course , the hopper on top of the brewing stand is going into it. You also need to put 50 stackable items in the hopper below the redstone block.

    See the next post for the rest of the tutorial.

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    posted a message on Fully automatic brewing station

    I'll probably make a tutorial with a picture for each layer + explanation. Will take some time but should post it tomorrow or Sunday.

    Edit : Will create a new thread for the tutorial soon , make sure to take a look! :P

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    Sorry for not replying for so long , school just started 2 weeks ago so don't have much time to play anymore. But yea thanks for the tips!

    In the small amount of free time I got , I worked on different ways to increase the effiency , first by adding more spawning spaces , but this was , without any suprise , A LOT less efficient. Around 3,5k spawning spaces seems to be the best.

    I also worked on an XP mode , trying to keep that bottom killing floor to still get max efficiency while in drop only mode. That worked , but this was just too big , complicated and inefficient.

    So , ended putting some water current to flush the mobs to a central area. I got rid of half of the spawning floors and , the way I wired all of them , just had to add a single repeater to extend the signal up to 26 more blocks so I made the rest of the floors wider to still keep about the same amount of spawning spaces with half the floors. I tested this re-sized farm once with a straight fall first , and I got more than 1,6k items for 10mins , which is around 10k items/h. With water current at the bottom , I get around the same amount of items than with the last farm , but now , I got a toggleable XP mode. I also added a system that kills spiders at the top with lava to prevent them from blocking the way down for other mobs (and to climb walls...) and still get their drops.

    I can now get from level 1 to 30 in only a few mins. Mobs are falling faster than I can kill them most of the time lol.

    Edit : And , maybe adding nether portals increase the efficiency since mobs from the nether can go through , but are they not supposed to make the efficiency decrease in the farm itself since they emit a light level of 11?

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    posted a message on Efficient Mob Farm

    I've been working for some time on multiple designs of mob farms , some with water flushing system , others with many different shifting floor designs and even one that literally removes the floor to let the mobs fall to their death (quite fun to watch lol). After many many days of building and testing , I came up with a mob farm that was clearly superior than the others I built. Literally 2 times the efficiency of the other ones.

    This is a pretty straight forward shifting floor design , only made to get the maximum drops as possible , not an xp or a music disc farm.

    Pros :

    - Very efficient (lol)

    - Fully automatic

    Cons :

    - Ressource intensive

    - Creates a HUGE amount of lag

    All you have to do is go inside the safe afk area , push a lever and enjoy the mobs falling to their death. Their drops will automatically get picked up , sorted and stored.

    This beast produces around 9k drops/hour at best survival conditions (farm on top of the map to prevent mobs to spawn anywhere else) , which is pretty insane since mobs seems to need much more time and space to spawn in large number than on PC. I came up with this fact when I tried 2 mob farms from PC minecrafters to compare the results with mine , on console minecraft. The first one being Mumbo's mob farm , which is supposed to produce 13k drops an hour on PC. I built his farm in the exact same conditions as mines , tested it out , and barely got 2-3k items/hours , which is a LOT less than the 13k on PC. I also tried a shifting floor design from another youtuber which produces 16k items/hour on PC and I got even less drops than with the previous one.

    The shifting mecanism is pretty simple but efficient. Each cycles , all the floors , from the top to the bottom one , are shifting in order with a certain timing for the mobs to go from the top floor to the bottom one in a single cycle. They also took some damage while falling so this will make mobs with feather falling boots die pretty much all time. But even with the correct timing , about 1/3 of the mobs don't make it all the way down in one cycle. I tried to make the floor go back and forth instead of just shifting one time to make sure most of the mobs will fall , but surprisingly , even if more mobs were supposed to fall down , it was about 20% less efficient.

    Picture #1 : This is a general view of the farm. As we can see , it is pretty big. The main building is 33x15 blocks large and 33 blocks high.

    Picture #2 : This is the amount of drops I got from one of my 10mins test. There is 1451 items for 10mins so 8,7k items for an hour. :)

    Picture #3 : This is the sorter/storage system. The whole thing can contain 138240 items , and if the chests are full , the extra items gets dropped in the lava trash can.

    Picture #4 : We can see the system to pick the drops. I use hopper minecarts instead of just hoppers. Minecarts are usually better to cover large areas and rails cost much less to make than hoppers.

    Picture #5 : This is an inside view of the farm. There is 10 spawning platforms.

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    posted a message on Piston wont deactivate

    This is a BUD. One of the most annoying ''features'' when working with pistons in a compacted redsone build , but this can also be pretty useful in certain situations even if I personally never use it in any way. (I prefer not to...) Your piston is being updated by the block with a redstone dust on top of it even if it's not connected in any way to your piston. The piston will stay extended until the block stay powered and you don't cause any block update around the piston (place/remove/power blocks). To fix this issue , replace the block on top of the piston with a half slab , this will prevent the BUD.

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    The fact that they are so slow to release new updates does not bother me that much since I know they have to work on 5 different consoles at the same time. What bothers me the most is that 4J does not communicate a lot with the community , we barely get a couple screenshots a couple of weeks before some updates , and sometimes absolutely nothing.

    That'd be great if they give us some info on what they are working and what they plan to do , is the update close or not so close to be finished , and also hints about some features they plan to add in that update. For now , when I go check 4J's twitter , I'm like : ''Huh , nothing , nothing , nothing , nothing , oh something not related in any way to minecraft , nothing , nothing , nothing , nothing , a srceenshot! , nothing , nothing , and the new update is out.''

    At least , 4JSteve is pretty active on the forum , the bug tracker and twitter , but I think he is the only one from 4J who actually interacts with the players.

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    posted a message on Should I wait?

    Well I'm kind of in the same situation as you. I've been waiting for the new biomes to come for at least 4-5 months now so I can start a new survival world. I had like 3 months free this summer so I was hoping to get the new biomes to play some minecraft since I got so much time to do so... But yeah , didn't happened. Back to school in a week lol.

    I don't know when they will be out , hopefully in the next few weeks/months , but the long wait sure worth it. I think we are better to wait for them to come out because the terrain as it is right now is not so nice. There's like always the same five or six boring biomes over and over again on every seeds. For us who spend a lot of time in a single world and like to keep it for a long time , I'm sure a couple more months of waiting won't be that bad for the whole lot of improvements the new terrain generation will bring.

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    posted a message on Acacia?

    Yup , only the wood , only in creative. And even if the trees were added , there is still no biome to put them in.

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    posted a message on Will the update 1.9 be on PS3?

    I would say that console minecraft will probably get the 1.9 update in about 2 years from now ... at least.

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