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    posted a message on CELLBLOCKMC | 24/7 | ULTRA UNIQUE PRISON | $1500 Budget! | NEEDING STAFF

    Name: Karl

    Minecraft Username: karliver7


    Skype (Mandatory): karliver7

    What can you bring to the server?: to make a friendly atmosphere and keep people from ruining other peoples fun.

    How can you handle stressful situations?: I would stay calm, and find out more information about the problem and punish the player(s) responsible for causing the issue.

    How do you keep yourself from getting frustrated and lashing out on players?: I am not a guy that gets mad at someone in a video game. The only way people can get me mad is people being rude and, making fun of me but I usually I would just ignore it. But if it gets bad I would just take a break for a couple of minutes.

    Rate your maturity on a scale of 1-10 (10 being a lawyer and 1 being a 3 year old): 7-8 I am not the guy that jokes around in a serious problem.

    Extra: I wouldn't be on all day but as long as I can on weekdays being at school and doing my homework, But on weekends I will be on most of the time.

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