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All you need to know about me is that I love butter chicken curry. It's simply amazing, heavenly and bloody satisfying. Indeed, the general population would instantaneously link curry to the nature of its origins - the Indian people - but sadly, I do not fit in the stereotypical demographics, for I am Australian. But, at least you can still get good quality butter chicken! (Thanks to multiculturalism!)

It is interesting to question why these sorts of stereotypes exist. I have studied a little bit of genre theory and I have come across this idea that classification is natural for it bodes a sense of belonging - an understanding that links species together to, simply put, survive. So, by classifying the human population within races e.g. white, black, yellow, there is an...

HANG ON! Didn't I just say that classifications create an immaterial substance that links species together? Perhaps by classifying each other as different races, we are going to split accordingly? Into different species? Will we go our separate ways in our own respective races and turn into transmogrified beings in the future? What the bloody hell is going on?!
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