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    posted a message on Im feeling The Minecraft Love
    Already suggested.
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    posted a message on Pyramid escape!
    No.. You don't provide the necessary pictures for us to see before hand, you won't get any downloads. I seriously don't understand how you people haven't figured this out yet.

    No pics, no clicks...
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    posted a message on Testing a sig
    I've seen Gif "Avatars" and a few sigs. So yes it does work, what are you trying to put up?
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    posted a message on Spawn with DIAMONDS in Minecraft PLUS MORE!
    I came on here expecting another video with somebody's raspy voice breathing heavily and snorting all the time trying to just get their name out there.

    I was surprised to find out that you are actually a very good commentator.


    I approve!
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    posted a message on My mansion
    Eh, it's alright.
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    posted a message on Petition to Change a Couple Things
    No.. this game is fine the way it is. If you don't like it. Oh well.

    They won't change it cause you think it's a bad idea to no longer have the old fire spread back which was horrible, or the old biomes.

    And explain how to me the new maps are not different at all, what about the old ones hmm? Everything is different now than it was then, the old biomes felt dry and bland. The same terrain the same everything.. with the new biomes you have a different variety to work with. But that just won't cut it for you will it?

    Fire spread is stupid.. but that's the risk you take when you play with fire. In-game and IRL. Get used to it.

    It shouldn't be changed cause you don't want your all wooden building to burn. Get creative, there are many ways to make a nice little house/design with fire in it.

    And I'm going to assume you will call this a troll cause I have a different opinion than you.

    So once again let me state this, There is nothing wrong with the game, quit complaining about nothing.

    If you really want the old biomes back, find an old jar, make a few new maps, then get the recent jar and play on your "Old" maps. K? K...
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    posted a message on Upside down!
    Yup.. that's pretty weird.
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    posted a message on Minecraft DoubleCraft 24/7!
    Yeah, you won't be getting any donations anytime soon.
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    posted a message on Worlds Biggest Nether Portal
    I'm just curious as to how you actually get the blocks to stay in place.

    I'm a noob when it comes to world-edit.
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    posted a message on Your Endermen strategy...
    You kick crap into them? Thought you would have done it the other way around.
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