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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from aty1998

    I keep getting an issue where whenever I activate anything redstone or just at random times, many textures suddenly change or disappear completely. Is there a way to fix this? (I am using Optifine 1.7.2 HD B2 Ultra)

    My brother and I have also had this problem. we fixed it by going into the options and changing the chunk loading setting from multi-core to something else. that fixed the problem the problem for us and I hope it help you too

    edit: grammar and text
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    posted a message on The Ether - Wings of the End
    Quote from Damoniy

    I don't care with haters.
    Ridiculous people, create fake accounts to post bad comments and I don't want say who.

    Kaiser! Your comment is nice and constructive,but I already said that I will terminate the project.

    Congratulations Dream, you succeeded,but when I'm with new project don't appear in my topic =D

    Aww well that kind of sucks, but none the less I will be on the look out for your new project later on. :P

    Cheers on the new idea,

    Also just so you know I hope to get a project out of my own soon :P
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    posted a message on The Ether - Wings of the End
    Mod looks pretty great I must admit may test it out big fan of the aether :P (Secretly can't wait for it to come out)
    But for now this looks pretty epic I must ask, are you the only coder for this mod? I ask because I'm a coder (I keep to my self for a vary of reasons) beyond the point, I'm totally going to test this out later tomorrow.

    Aether II is coming out march 25th, say goodbye to the ether.

    Come on man that may not be true, he could change the blocks for the portal so they can both be in the game, or other people may like this mod. Don't bring all this hate to a diffrent forum keep it on the aether's please.
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    posted a message on The new awesome command: /scoreboard
    I can see the pontental for this but me and my freind were trying to us the @a command with the add variable on a dummy and it would not allow it we were trying to make a wave counter
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w04a Available for Testing!
    Quote from xiix

    Anything can be done strategically. You can fence your village off strategically. I for one welcome this mechanic, getting a bit tired of my minecart contraptions getting broken by a stupid zombie chillin' on the tracks. Although I'd agree that mobs being afraid of (moving) carts could actually be a more sensible solution. Either way, I'm glad this one's in.

    As for the bonemeal issue, I'm not really fretting over it too much, it makes sense and it doesn't. Although 7 to grow 1 measly wheat crop is a bit stupid, you need wheat fast because you're poor. Who the hell is gonna waste 7 meals on 1 wheat crop? I suppose it may now be about advancing a stage of 7 crops by 1 rather than fully growing 1 but surely done this way because it was a trivial programming change, 1 meal-1 stage stage, no big whoop. And with so many complaints the next things we'll get is 20-stage growth for trees - to get things more in logical balance ;)

    Orrrr it is a twenty stage growth and they really just forgot a 0 at the end of the code o.O
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    posted a message on Coming Soon: Animation Minecraft
    Animation Minecraft

    first off Your probably wondering what is Animation Minecraft?
    Animation Minecraft is suppose to be a total overhaul for minecraft, But it will also try to keep a minecraft feel to the game and also make the game a little more enjoyable overall. It hopefully will merge Blender animation with Minecraft.

    Next I feel you will need some questions answered

    Well what will be in it?
    Like the title says I plan on making a in my opinion "better" render system then work from there. in the end it will make the game more server enjoyable by adding emotes to the game and the overall game play of minecraft by adding a more realistic player render and more logical animations to happen when a player does something.
    this could be simple like chopping a piece of wood actually makes a tree fall down to making a creeper explosion actually knocking you to the ground
    It will also have the power to make minecraft not render as many things as it is. Making it take less ram/cpu to play the game.
    Well do you have anything to show us?
    sadly no I do not yet, but I am working on a tree falling down when you chop it down.
    Well do you have an eta?
    when the first release is out which should be soon eta will always be one month. NOTE an eta is estimated time to arrive this can change at any moment. So don't say "oh the mod isn't out you owe me a mod" I do not owe anyone anything.
    Here is a full list of what will change in the upcoming months
    • New Player Model (Blender animations anyone!)
    • New Gui Interfaces (I always get the felling i get dragged away from gameplay when I open them)
    • Emotes (Body Language)
    • New Animations(this and the above will be the hardest to do)
    • *Falling trees
    • New Render System(Will set up a system so you can see the whole world as a model but only the range you set your distance will show up as entitys) no longer just multiple chunks loading from the ground up(This Will also Block x-ray)
    • New Entity System(This is a maybe if I have to
    • New Look for Items when dropped they won't they will look more like a 3D object lieing on the ground
    • New Stone Breaking Look(Stone Will fall apart and pieces will drop to your feet)
    • New Layer System for tools(This will go into a later mod)
    • New Fighting Styles(No more just swing its more like cordinate, slice, jab
    • New Death Animation(servers)
    • New Respawn Animation(servers)
    • Better Fishing,Mining,Hoeing Animation
    • (More Ideas Soon)
    All of These Will Be put into the mod at some point (I have been coding in java for a 6 months now and I am very Adamant about this mod and my work ethic for it)
    Please check Wednesday and Friday for a mod on this forum I'm close to a small alpha release

    If you have any questions Please tell me and I'll get back to you(Unless this flows with craziness like people saying "HOW" a bunch...
    Thank you all for your time reading this
    DGE developer
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    posted a message on [1.5] The Runic Dust Mod [Mar14]
    Quote from billythegoat101

    There's even an API and a wiki on GitHub explaining how to do so. Its not 100% up to date (doesn't explain how to add inscriptions) but it covers what you need to get started and start adding dusts and runes.
    The coolest part (at least, I think so. And many over look it) is that if you make an addon pack of runes and dusts, so long as it doesn't do anything too special (like adding blocks or items of its own that require client-side stuff) it doesn't even need to be installed on the client, just the server and everything is downloaded to the client when they join.

    I've made a couple changes to the API that I'm just now remembering aren't included in the wiki (mostly just functions to make things easier but are otherwise unnecessary) but I'll update them shortly.

    As for the 1.4.6 update which I'm sure many of you are wondering about: I'm currently on chirstmas break and my computer is still back at college :( I'm borrowing my little brother's on and off....and I'm trying to quickly update what I can, but it will either a) be a while or B) be very buggy. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but as it stands this is the only computer I can access with the power to even run minecraft.

    Well that gives me some more time to test this out and work out any kinks that I find in the textures.... I got the items and Dust lines done working on the lexicon :P

    But that is beyond the point you should be having fun it is Christmas break man
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    posted a message on What is your biggest self-facepalm moment?
    well I once was really tired and mined some coal saw it go in lava waited about 1-2 secs then thought "OMG I need that **** and ran in after it" I had no idea what I was thinking
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    posted a message on [1.5] The Runic Dust Mod [Mar14]
    Found sphax texture and trying to update it for you :P but it looks like it is going to be a lot of work :D I love work, may get it done in 2-3 days be on the look out for it billy!!
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    posted a message on Less diamonds in ftb?
    Quote from dmrv1

    metallurgy is not in FTB but it might be used by dw, so that might be the case and i don't think he uses ftb since all the mods he is helping test the mods

    he is using FTB in his smp series but they aren't harder to find at all, ore mods generate are just easier to find for instance I thought this to but I took a seed call Mine loaded it up in ftb and I found 2 diamond veins in a chunk but there is a lot of other ore in the way
    when I played regular minecraft with that same seed I found the diamonds in the exact same spot but there was just more stone in that area so in my test it just feels harder to find but It is not
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    posted a message on (1.4.6) (Survival) (Adventure) The Guardian's Land Adventure Map [6000+ Downloads]
    Woo I got 72 on this map then i may have blown it up. this map is tons of fun.
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    posted a message on New render System For SMP and maybe SSP?
    Okay So I come today with an Idea I want to work on and I told my freind he said ask you guys what you would think of it.

    Render System 2.0

    How We think The Default is
    Okay so this is mainly an idea for multiplayer so me and my ten friends were testing multiplayer and we found out in flatlands everyone could play with no lag but with default about 3 out of the ten had a dramatic lag increase...go figure more blocks but the thing that I always thought was weird is how chunks are built 16 by 16 with 90 or 100 blocks below. a lot of blocks to load and send to the client right...right!

    What it Does?
    So we wanted to create an new render code where the server and client would still load the chunks but we wouldn't get block data or information from them if lets say they are 5 or 20 blocks below us and it had a changeable x and y system not like a slider but an input area where you type the number you want to use

    this allows computers to take default and think of it as Flatland world gen

    Problems we thought up
    Redstone?? we really don't know what will happen since restone is a block if you are away from it you wouldn't get information on it we have thought of a fix though

    Generation I'm not really worried about this because the server and client still are using it to create everything but then are trashing the information that is telling the client where one thing is

    Xray: I put this here for the greifers How it will work if we code it is anything above default spawn height can be seen. anything below that height hooks up to the second level render system blocking you from seeing # above you and # below you.

    How It Works
    how it works is you have a server like this

    ================================================_________Your Minecraft
    Server----------->Your computer-------->Render Code
    ===============================================|_________Uneeded code trashed

    how it looks if it is client side

    ==============================================================____Your Minecraft
    Client----------Gen World----------Player information-------Render Code
    =============================================================|____Uneed code Trashed

    So what do you thing Could this work?

    any Questions?
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [Forge] Mine & Blade: Battlegear - Discontinued
    arrrrgggg I'm so confused fist thing on the forum post is 1.3.2 battle axe test

    then it says I will not be continuing this mod and updating it to 1.3.2 so which is it.... I'm sorry it may just be me :(
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    posted a message on Herobrine: The Dark Lord Arrives (Minecraft "based" RP) [Closed] {Nearing three years and strong} (Final Chapter!)
    Name: Kaiser | Age: 23 | Species: Human | Survival: 1 week and 5 days | Religion: Notch | Language: English and fluent Bnargs

    Human with a tan undershirt and a tattered over-shirt With dark blue jeans(with tears and mud stains) and some cracked glasses
    I'm shaky when still and when I move I'm always looking around while my face is down muttering to myself(Iin my secret language Bnargs) and thing of another psychotic plan to take Herobrine out.

    -Redstone Mechanic
    -Socially Awkward
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    posted a message on Destroy the Tower
    I build a Supersonic Force Field (SFF) made by a few Dissembled bots found in the basement and add an electric ionic circuit to the system reducing but not eliminating any human and electronic attacks on the tower!!
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