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    posted a message on [16x][1.4_01] Dogs in MC. Taking Requests! All hand made!
    A Maned Wolf colouring? That would be awesome!
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    posted a message on ▲ßloodlust Hardcore PVP|PVE|RP Spartan/Athen/Vampire MMORPG▲
    What is your IGN? kaikookoo
    Preferred Faction? Vampire
    Why you want to join the server? I like how this faction has differences in the factions instead of all of them being the same boring thing! <The vampires look interesting :ohmy.gif: >
    Have you ever been banned from a minecraft server? Never
    Rules? I accept!
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    posted a message on District 9
    IGN: kaikookoo
    Country Australia
    Two Sentences about yourself: I enjoy helping my friends and I'm always loyal to them. I love to farm, especially wheat.
    Definition of Griefing: Griefing is when you break another persons structure purposely, putting lava every where, putting water every where, random structures of no point (1x1 towers ect.).
    Human or Non-Human: Human
    Job wanted, or put no job wanted (freelance, do what you want): Farmer
    Anything Else: As soon as I saw the name I knew I had to join!
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    posted a message on My minecraft is having slow FPS
    There's a guide on this, look at the first topic... Make sure to search before posting to avoid looking like a noob.
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    posted a message on 5 Men vs. Minecraft!!!!! Entries Currently Welcomed!!!
    Name(in-game): kaikookoo
    Email: [email protected]
    Epic Screenshot:
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    posted a message on KillingToaster's Survival Dedicated
    In-Game-Name: kaikookoo
    Why you should be aloud on the server: I enjoy new survival servers, especially ones without too many rules. Too many rules ruins the fun.
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    posted a message on You know you play too much minecraft when...
    Quote from Tariss »
    When you use the word 'griefer' in real life (without even realizing) and everyone looks at you strangely.

    When your fingers automatically rest on the 'w', 'a', 's' and 'd' keys the moment you turn on your computer.

    When you turn on your computer for a completely unrelated reason and find out you've subconsciously clicked on the Minecraft icon.

    These have all happened to me :/

    lol same only my friends understand what I mean since they play minecraft too...
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    posted a message on You know you play too much minecraft when...
    When you forget other games exist... v-v I don't think I've played another REAL game since last year.
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    posted a message on [Closed] Novacraft
    Bleck, getting back to work on the giant monopoly board under Spirit.
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    posted a message on Skycraft[iConomy][Bukkit][RP][Npcs][MonsterTamer]
    Minecraft Name: kaikookoo
    Age: 14
    Why you wish to join (server name): I'm looking for a perfect place to start my clan, "SpiderEdge".
    Why should we accept you?: I'm a friendly person, kinda annoying though but I'll be honest. I've played minecraft since November last year so I'm no noob and I'm good at redstone cicuits, building, farming.
    What Job you wish to be: Farmer
    Why do you wish to be in that job?: I'm excellent at farming and reeds, trees should be included, not just wheat.
    Will you respect Admins and Moderators: Of course
    Someone who isn't a Mod/Admin is hacking, and a Mod/Admin isn't online. What do you do?: Ask them/tell them to stop and if they don't I'll have a screenshot for evidence to show a mod/admin later.
    Say one rule, but with your own words: Do NOT grief!!
    Do you swear to abide the rules?: Yes
    What are the names of the admin(s): I dunno, too busy remembering Herpaderp
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    posted a message on Acidic Craft - SMP Server *Vanilla* [NO GRIEFING]
    Interesting.... but there isn't actually much info about the sort of style of the server. Like are there mods or is it vanilla?
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    posted a message on ✖ The Island 1.0 ™ ✖ [Limited Resources] [A+ Community]
    IRL Name: Ash(ley)
    Minecraft IGN: kaikookoo
    Age: 14
    Why do you want to join this server? (2-3 sentences): Minecraft has become way too simple and easy that I've actually started doing a Survival Challenge where you have to eat once a day at least and cannot dig/build ect. I also like it when minecrafters pull together and work as a team instead of having them be complete jerks to each other.
    Do you understand this is a laid back Roleplaying server, and what that means? Yeah, you explained in your post, in fact at this very moment I'm doing an rp. xD
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    posted a message on iFreefall's Medieval RP Server
    IGN: kaikookoo
    Job: Farmer
    Because the creeper is making me :SSSS:
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    posted a message on I beat Minecraft
    Quote from Azebu »
    i need help!
    I need to find mushrooms for time travel soup.
    I have green rotten, nuclear, invisible pink, and hell, but can't breed blue metalic one! I tried dying all with blue dye, but i don't get it. Help!

    You have to make a flying potion and look around in the sky. The blue metalic mushrooms are normally hidden on clouds but may sometimes be in mid air.
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    posted a message on Story Plot l War █ █ LAND OF LEGEND █ █ RP/Rpg l 24/7
    IGN : kaikookoo
    Age : 14
    Why do you want to join? : The skill/level system and story look cool, especially if you actually make a plot along the world where you have to explore. ALSO THE REVIVAL OF RAVENEDGE!! :3
    How long have you played Minecraft? : Since about Novemeber
    What are you looking forward to? Skill/level system.
    What is allowed in the Wilderness? Killing players, but no camping. Making traps... Attacking unprotected bases.
    When lost, who would you ask for teleports? You don't ask admins to tp so... ask for directions from a helpful player? :tongue.gif:
    What do we use for currency? Slime Balls (SB)
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