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    posted a message on JustAnotherDude's SandBox [Online 24/7!][Public][New Host!]
    hey im really new to these stuff and i was wondering how do i connect to the server and play on it?
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    posted a message on Making my own server?
    Wonder if its possible to create a server just for my friends and myself since people always grief our stuff in pub servers or the server changes please someone help :ohmy.gif:. just need a step by step guide like


    and stuff like that or something like that thanks if someone helps
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    posted a message on Can some one help me out?
    Hello i was wondering if its possible to create my own server thats private and only my friends and i have acess too. since everytime when me and my friends gets on to work on our stuff its either griefed up or its entirely changed some can anyone giuve me steps to creating a private server just for me and my friends? [>>-i>]
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