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    If you like the hardware get a Mac. If you need to use Windows run it in a VM. Best of both worlds. things look better on My HP i7 laptop, though the text is clearer on the Mac version, they are interchangeable from that respect.

    The lack of a TPM chip may be an issue for corporate weasels, but for most consumers it's fine. I ran a Mac with Windows running in a VM for a year or two, worked well, the big issue was memory partitioning (so get a Mac with as much RAM as possible).

    The big drawback of a MacBook is the utter lack of an upgrade path. I understand that they are gluing stuff in there, so if the standard flash you get with it is not sufficient (mine from a year or so ago has a 256gig flash drive which is not big enough, and an external drive is a PITA). Bah points for whoever made that choice. Being able to upgrade storage seems like a pretty important thing, at least to me.

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    I've been using Ubuntu 15.10 for about 6 months now, and it's a very welcomed change from Windows 8.1/10 that I used to be running as my main OS for my desktop.

    I appreciate being able to get experience in a Unix environment, I feel much "closer" to the OS/computer when using it, and it definitely has helped me be more active in my programming projects that I've been working on recently. That, and I have wine/Windows 8.1 on a dual-boot, so if I'm looking to play games, it's just a quick restart away.

    I'm still thinking about taking a step and trying a new OS like Debian, Fedora, or even Arch, but that'll be a while from now.

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    This is Kabir!

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