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    I love these ideas! about time a fantasy only creature mod popped up!

    I recommend posting here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1227411-central-mod-ideas-and-modders-list/ also maybe posting in another section saying you need a coder might work.

    I got some ideas from the mo creatures suggestion thread and customized them and added my own. Also please add spawn eggs.

    Giant Snake: Rare, aggressive serpent
    Giant Bats: Dangerous flying enemy. Spawns only at night above ground.
    Giant Bees: (Forest, Plain) Aggressive, flying insect. Oversized version of natural creature.
    Giant Mantis: (Forest) Oversized version of natural creature, very deadly. Attacks smaller creatures.
    Giant Termites: (Forest, Underground) Spawns in darkness, avoids light.
    Giant Scorpions: (Desert, Jungle) Poisonous, hostile, attack smaller creatures
    Slivers: Small, slug-like parasite. Doesn't attack directly, infects other mobs making them hostile. Infected creatures have the AI and attack of style of a zombie, periodically releasing a new sliver.
    Sirens: Very rare mermaid like creatures, spawns only on small islands, swims very fast, can paralyze player making them deadly.
    Mermaids: Both male (mermen) and female (mermaids) variants. Peaceful, 'civilized' creatures.
    Naiads: live in water, passive but it you approach they will despawn.
    Sea Horses: Oversized version of the natural creature. Tamable with apples. Rideable when tamed. sometimes mermaids spawn on them like the spider jockey.
    Kelpie (Water horse): A horse that lives in rivers and ponds, but walks on water, is sluggish on land.
    Sea Serpents: Can crash boats, and can not survive in icy water.
    Leviathan. A giant sea serpent. Hostile. Very, very, very rare. Very strong. Found only in the depths of the ocean. Will try to find and fight the behemoth.
    Kraken: Extremely rare, very large giant squid like sea monster, found only in deepest ocean, has lots of health destroys boats.
    Hydra: Very rare, nine-headed creature, can grow more heads, lives at the bottom of swampy water, comes up only to pursue player.
    Water Elemental: Looks like a waterspout. It's fireproof, and when killed drops a water block that fills the area with water.
    Living pumpkin: Seems to be a normal pumpkin until within 2 blocks, then attacks player.
    Stalking flower: Lives in grassy areas, follows you, until jumping onto your face, making you lose health.
    Tree Monster: Spawns in the jungle, waits for player to be within 2 blocks then attacks.
    Ent: The more peaceful version of the tree monster. Neutral until a ent is attacked or a tree is attacked then fights back in groups.
    Dryads: spawns in forests. Can transform into a tree and back into a person. Appear a beautiful green haired green dressed women but will attack after approached when players back is turned.
    Swamp-monster: hostile rare Somewhat human in appearance but plant like and lives in and near bodies of water in swamps.
    Trolls: Rare, green skinned giants, throw rocks, burn in the sun
    Ogres: Fat giant hostile humans with clubs will eat what you drop. Very, very rare.
    Gnolls: Hyena-like humanoid, very aggressive and usually found in groups, shoot arrows from their bows
    Goblins: Green skinned humanoids with sharp teeth and big ears half the size of the player, sneak up and stab with daggers to attack.
    Hobgoblins: Red-skinned goblins. Live underground and climb up to attack you with their crossbows.
    Dwarves: Live underground, mine and have settlements in Mountain biomes. Passive unless attacked.
    Cornish Mining Spirits: Small, dwarf-like creatures, found below y-30, often near abandoned mines.
    Gremlin: Small, mischievous creatures. Does minimal damage but is very fast. Will try to wreck redstone
    Sasquatch: Large, humanoid, avoids the player but becomes hostile if followed.
    Yeti: Lives in Tundra and Taiga, Neutral unless attacked.
    Elemental Bats: Fire bats burn player, ice bats can freeze water and drop snow on ground, lightning bats electrocute things and spawn during thunderstorms.
    Air Elemental: Large, cloud like being. Can use lightning as weapon. Very fast.
    Harpy: A creature with the body of a bird but the head of a beautiful woman. Hostile if approached.
    Thunderbird: Can only be found flying through the air, not on land, can create lightning to attack.
    Phoenix: Rare spawn in deserts, immune to fire, attacks if attacked, drops fire related items on death.
    Fire Elemental: Neutral, if attacked will burn the player. At death drops a lava block filling area with lava. Spawns in the Nether.
    Salamander: A orange flaming snake with the upper body of a orange flaming human instead of a snake head. Shoots flaming arrows from it’s bow and lives in Nether
    Shapeshifter: Rare, disguises itself as the block below itself, and if hit with anything, it'll attack you.
    Chest Mimic: Appears as a regular chest until activated, then attacks relentlessly. Spawns in dungeons.
    Wood Golem: Can be crafted with wood blocks and pumpkin, attacks hostile mobs but is very flammable. Weak.
    Necromancer: Rare, has weak ranged attack but can summon skeletons and zombies.
    Witch, Hag: Avoids player, if pursued becomes hostile and uses spells to attack. Spawns in swamps.
    Haunted Old Man: Transforms into a hostile sword wielding skeleton at night.
    Mummies: Spawns in desert biomes, hostile if approached, looks like the zombie but covered in bandages, it burns with sunlight.
    Vampire: Spawns at night, burns in sunlight. Can temporarily turn into a large bat and fly away but only does in order to avoid sunlight.
    Werewolf: A passive man in rags by day and a giant hostile black wolf by night. Rare.
    Gargoyle: Flying grey creature that turns to stone during the day. The stone form is hard as bedrock, if surrounded by snow blocks it becomes breakable. The block drops itself, and the resulting statue can be used for ornamental purposes in base construction.
    Lesser Imp: Floating nuisance enemy. Looks like a tiny floating green devil.
    Greater Imp: Stronger flying nuisance enemy. Looks like a small flying red devil.
    Beholders: Classic D&D enemy, floating head with large mouth, single central eye, tentacles with more eyes for hair, and magical powers.
    Hellhound: Nether creature, immune to fire, only damaged by swords, attacks if player goes too near. Tamable like a ocelot with obsidian.
    Demons: Rare mob, only found in Nether, powerful enemy.
    Wyverns: Have wings and legs but not front limbs.
    Drakes: Smaller, crawling, less powerful dragons, can not fly or breath fire, does not have wings, drakes/spawn only during night time, although, drakes can survive in any dark area.
    Dragons: Rare, very large flying reptile. Lots of HP, and do great damage. Different types depending on biome. Have breathe weapons they use if provoked.
    -Red: Lives in or near lava, fireproof, breathes fire. In the Nether hides in lava and eats Ghasts. Breathes fire
    -Black: Spawn at night or in the Nether, very aggressive, has area of effect attack. Breathes poison.
    -Brown: Lives in mountain biomes, avoids being in sight of player, but attacks if player comes close. Breathes mud.
    -Blue: Lives in water, usually ocean biomes. Can grab player and attempt to drown them. Breathes water.
    -Green: Smaller than most dragons, lives in forests, does not attack unless provoked. Uses biome colors to change its appearance. Breathes razor leaves.
    -White: Lives in Tundra, freezes water, causes snow storms, lots of health. Breathes ice.
    -Gray: The smallest of Dragons, lives in caves, very aggressive in protecting its territory. Can dig through stone. Breathes rocks.
    -Gold: Rarest, Largest and toughest of all Dragons, lives primarily in desert. Only attacks if provoked. Breathes golden light that can temporally blind you.
    -Pink: Friendly, flies, only attacks if provoked. Breathes a psychic beam of energy.
    Kirin: Very rare, head of a Dragon, antlers, scales, hooves of an ox and tail of a lion. Spawns in forests and mushroom biomes. Tamable. peaceful unless attacked.
    Cockatrice: Very rare, head of rooster, dragonian wings, aggressive, poisonous creature. Spawns in deserts.
    Chimera: Very rare, head and body of a lion, a goat’s head and neck in the middle of it’s back, it’s tail is the head and body of a serpent. breathes fire. Hostile, strong, lives in deserts.
    Manticore: Very rare, body of a lion, head of a man, scorpions tail, is poisonous. Lives in deserts.
    Cerberus: Very rare, three headed hellhound with a snake’s tail and a mane of snakes. Guards the Nether. Hostile.
    Behemoth: Very large, four legged creature of monstrous size and power. Hostile. Very, very, very rare. Very strong. Found only in the depths of the ocean. Will try to find and fight the Leviathan.
    Titans: Very, very, very rare, human looking giant. Very Powerful and intelligent. Hostile and will destroy blocks.
    Satyrs: Boys with goat legs and small horns. Chase naiads and dryads who run from them but do not attack them. Run from cyclopes. Play music from panpipes. Passive unless attacked.
    Minotaur: Very rare, bulls head on a mans body, tall and aggressive. Wields an axe.
    Centaur: Very rare, tamable with cake, intelligent with a horse body and mans upper body.
    Nemean Lion: Very rare, claws sharper than swords, golden fur, resistant to weapon damage.
    Sphinx: Very rare, spawns in desert. a lion with a human head. Fights hostile mobs.
    Griffin: Very rare, lion body and eagles head, can fly. Tamable with meat then can be ridden and controlled
    Hippogriff: Very, very rare, horse body and eagles head, can fly. Tamable with cake then can be ridden and controlled
    Hippocampus: Very rare, horses upper body and fish tail. Tamable with wheat then can be ridden and controlled
    Roc: Very rare, very large, aggressive bird, picks up cows and either drops them, or takes them to the mountain to eat them. Tamable with cooked beef then can be ridden and controlled.
    Medusa: A purple snake haired purple woman with a purple snake tail instead of legs found in swamps. Hostile. Very rare. On survival can turn you to stone when you look her in the eyes but not on creative.
    Basilisk: A giant fire breathing poisonous lizard found in deserts. Hostile. Very, very rare. On survival can turn you to stone when you look it in the eyes but not on creative
    Orcs: Hostile green skinned humans in ragged armor with axes that come in small swarms.
    Halflings: small human 1/3 the size of you. Passive. Will steal items dropped on the ground.
    Gnomes: Wear green, small, 1.3 the size of you, try to hide, spawn near dirt and burrow in dirt, passive.
    Cyclops: Giants with one eye. Tamable with wool. Spawn near lots of sheep. Will not attack you unless you attack them. When untamed will attack satyrs.
    Elves: strong rare tall beautiful humanoids with long ears. They form settlements.
    -Wood: live in forests , wear green, have bows and black hair, will attack you if you attack trees or if they are attacked.
    -Mini: (the exception to the normal description above) Small, passive, look like Santa’s elves in blue. They try to stay hidden.
    -Light: Wear white robes, cast magic spells, carry staffs, have blonde hair, passive unless attacked. Fight monsters. Fight dark elves.
    -Dark: Wear black armor, carry swords. Have white hair. Are hostile. Sometimes spawn riding drakes like spider jockeys. Burn in the sun. Fight light elves.
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    Quote from cysiek

    add a lot of birds:
    birds of paradise

    Make reptiles and amphibians:
    sea ​​turtles
    tree frog
    turtles vulture
    blue dart frogs
    monitor lizards

    And marine animals:
    reef fish
    killer whales
    saw fish
    whale Sharks
    sharks hammers
    deep-sea fish
    flying fish
    koi carp and common carp

    And mammals:
    desert foxes
    arctic foxes
    panda big
    little panda
    guinea pigs
    Fur seals

    that is a lot of suggestions!
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    Quote from freakstritch

    Old Ladies spawn randomly and they don't fight back, so be nice! You can carry them over to a Slot Machine and then throw them at it and they will keep playing for you! However, if you leave them there too long, they become skeletons and play rather slowly, so time for a new Old Lady!

    BUT.. why not make them a Lucky Dress to increase your odds of winning?


    lol sounds great!
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    hey neon get well soon! we're rooting for you!
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    Quote from freakstritch

    haha - yes, the first one will be in the next update along with two other additions. i am saving the nether creep after that so that i can add some other nether stuff.

    Here is one of the new thingies!

    any info on the old ladies?

    lol it sounds hilarious!
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    welcome silentspy!
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    Quote from _Anacondrai

    Haha, your welcome ^^

    by the way what is it? (it's well drawn but still scary.)
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    Quote from _Anacondrai



    (that picture gives me the creeps!)
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    Quote from Noppes

    Atm I have a lot of weapons and I want to add them all, but with the limited number of sprites thats not a good idea. So Im thinking of just making my own weapons mod and adding them all to it if you dont mind

    try forge modloader. pretty sure it fixes the sprite problem. :)
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    Quote from labeedcuser

    That's a good idea but Jwd doesn't know how to mod that much.

    it's planned. we have a talented modder called fisherman77 and i am learning to do it myself.
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    Quote from bhawk11

    I may not be able to mod yet, but I can build, I built a server with friends once, and I spent a week building an entire city 3 times the size of the villages that spawn. I can build anything you need. Also, I've been working on a menoa tree(untextured of course) and you could make them spawn in forests, with 2 pieces of brightsteel under the roots, as an addition to the brightsteel found underground.

    "When the time comes and you need a weapon, look under the roots of the Menoa tree..."

    -Solembum the werecat, Eragon

    sounds cool!
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    Quote from Darksog1998

    I got some to ask... and I wish it really really bad! Cold you make foxes tamable? plz? I really want to tame those cute orange animals :}
    Also could you add camels and llamas? Llama could spit on you and you could use that spit either to repel monsters or to tame other llamas! And you could feed camels cactus

    i want wild boars to be tamable to!
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    Quote from bbboy7901


    if you mean downloadable it is. works for me! (just checked!)
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    ok. welcome silentspy! thank you for everything bockwurst!
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    Quote from samgigi

    where is the download at i cant find it im so frustrated is it on here or is this a chat about it please tell me

    it's really obvious. page 1, first post, where it says download.
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