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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (Dec 2020) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!
    Quote from Khotarri

    on note of other things, if anyone can contact jwdjwd, ran the dalek mod official server (now probably moving to a new server eventually, becuz jwdjwd is never around, nor does he update the server, or run it very well, idc how hard he tries on it, the fact is its still a very bad server) pleaz let me know, ive been trying for days and i need the server map to continue filming things, thanks

    i don't even know how to start updating. i thought i have to restart, but 1wtc mentioned a way to save the same world. i don't know how to do that, but i remember it took me a long time to get a server working, and it took quite a while (about 3 weeks) to get mcpc+ working which is needed for plugins and mods working together. i don't know how to update mcpc+... i don't even remember how to install it. last time i looked i discovered a bunch of videos and tutorial that did NOT work... also i have been quite busy with issues off of my computer. (one of my aunts has cancer, my dad was in the hospital, a uncle of mine has Parkinson's Disease, i have been very busy in school, my mom has spent the past few months taking care of some annoying rude kids who lost their home who are around constantly, etc) which have kept me off the server. and i have not been happy with the server. (its pretty expensive, i feel like i have a lack of control, i originally wanted it to be survival with a few good friends and some of the community and now we have 6,080 people on the server, lot of complaints and angry people, people insulting the server then asking to be unbanned, lots of time it has taken up, too much griefing, nasty things were said to me, including from people i thought were friends, frequent crashes, lack of time for other projects, and i feel like i can't go anywhere on the forums, skype, or the server itself, without people begging me to do this, and do that, and ban this person, unban this person, help this person, give someone items, give out tardises or diamond tools, op this person, etc) and i feel like the "friends" i have made on the server are using me, and just want the server, and stuff like op or diamonds or items or creative or whatever on the server... i could be wrong, this may just be one of my disabilities talking, but i'm not sure. oh and throughout the last 3 or 4 days the server won't stay online! it keeps crashing, going down every few minutes. i have to decide whether or not to renew the sever, or it goes down this Tuesday and i have a few weeks to renew. i'm not sure what i'm gonna do... i love this community and this mod and i don't want to leave, but i feel like whether i keep or cancel the server, either way i will be hated in the community which is not something i want... so yeah, this may be it, i don't know... i am getting the world on dropbox to send out but thanks to my crappy internet it will still be a few hours till its ready. thank you, all of you who have helped this server and supported it or me. this may be it. i'm not sure. i don't want to go! :steve_tearful:

    farewell. i will still be around, watching, playing the mod, and supporting you, and maybe occasionally posting, but i think i might not renew the server...
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    Quote from UDWF1

    Hello everyone. I thought I might as well say goodbye, as well as let you know the true reasons why I left the Dalek Mod team. The others probably won't know all the reasons, but I'd like to get them straight here.

    Firstly (and I may be completely wrong) I started to feel as if I wasn't really needed on the team. I mean, Luke can model better than I can and they all seem to want to do the update videos themselves without me, so I don't really see what my purpose is here anymore. I did enjoy doing the update videos, but right now I'd prefer to focus on other projects, such as Distortions in Time (my Doctor Who Figure Adventure story) like I used to on my channel.

    Secondly, I started to feel as if my relationship with the rest of the team was depleting. Maybe not so much with Luke, but I felt with the others that they didn't like me as much anymore. I could be completely wrong here, and maybe it's just that everyone else's relationships with each other advanced quicker than their relationships with me, but I started to feel as if my work wasn't as appreciated and I was getting left behind. I don't want to linger around here if I'm just going to be pointless. I am leaving to stop us all from not being friends for good. I still want to talk to them and stuff, just maybe not as often.

    Anyway guys, this is goodbye. I won't be on the server anymore or on this thread, and I have disabled comments on my Dalek Mod videos on my own channel, but I will still play the mod from time to time. Thank you all for your support over the last year.

    I'll leave you with this: something I modelled for last update that was never added:
    my Sea Devil. Unfortunately he won't be in the mod now (and I dare say someone will model a new one for the mod if they will ever be added) but I might as well show you.



    goodbye UDWF1. you introduced me to the dalek mod, entertained me since then, and are just such a awesome person. i will miss you and i hope you enjoy whatever you end up doing. but it should be your decision if you want to quit and i don't think we (the community) should try to change that decision. so good luck and i hope you don't forget us, as we shall not forget you.
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    Quote from Silentine


    Greetings everyone! Sorry for my long absence (around 3 months) from modding. I tend to not mod for games I am currently not playing. Along with "become absent in the forum" the mod it is in. Basically, I have not been playing Minecraft recently.

    I have been working on a new update for Minecraft 1.6.4 in the past few days. I don't want to leave the mod hanging on 1.8.1b.

    Regarding the update-in-progress currently (additional changes might be inplemented):

    Config to make the mod easier (yes, finally). An option which when turned on, halves the health, armor and damage of all mobs included in this mod. I am open to suggestions if anyone would want more freedom controlling mob stats instead of simply halving everything.

    Updating the AI. I have been rather annoyed about the AI for neutral mobs and leaping mobs. Been trying to unify the AI and sadly it has not been successful so far.

    Additional items. Because this mod is named "Grimoire of Gaia" I have decided to add more book-based weapons. I don't know I simply enjoy making book-based weapons. With my current progress, all Level 2 mobs shall have a unique rare drop.

    Mob Changes. All mobs will have a boost in armor stats. I plan to move the Valkyrie to spawn during the night (seeing it is the only Level 3 mob which spawns during the day) and replace it with an additional new mob.

    Regarding the current bugs:

    I have been playing Minecraft with the latest version of this mod posted and I have yet to encounter the bug which removes items. I will make a more thorough attempt at testing before releasing an update

    The Blaze/Ender staves I might simply remove the function to convert items if I cannot fix the bug regarding them. They were originally intended to be used for vanity purposes alone for the mobs to use anyway.

    Regarding Minecraft 1.7.x:

    I currently hold no plans to update yet. I want to clean and freshen up the current code.

    Thanks for the continued support. I will now attempt to read through all the posts made since my last reply and reply to the ones unanswered yet or suggests an addition or change to be made to the mod.

    welcome back! glad to see you! I was wondering if you were still alive and getting worried. I'm glad you are back and seem ok. I look forward to seeing more of this mod, and hopefully playing It more. (darn lack of time!)

    also those changes sound good and I understand not updating to 1.7 yet (or at all) and I wont pester you. however you should know but that mojang is releasing 1.8 development versions. so this mod may fall behind in minecraft versions. (no worries many mods are behind and forge is still on 1.7.2 with 1.7.6 also on the way...) it's completely your decision what you do with the mod though and I'm not trying to pester you I'm just trying to help you out.

    also you know how you have dryads and this mod focuses on monstrous female mobs? maybe you could take some more nymphs (female nature spirits from greek myths) like nerieds or naiads? just a suggestion it's up to you what you do with it or if you even think about it.

    one last thing. I'm very glad to see you back. I really enjoy this mod and you seem like a great guy. so thank you for returning to minecraft and modding this mod again! :)
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    Quote from Khotarri

    *He's coming back...

    Yes. finally! :) will this be in the 1.7 update, the next update, or later? or will you not say yet? anyway I can't wait!
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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (Dec 2020) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!
    Quote from Khotarri

    we have a large griefing problem, its not that easy to be able to do everything correct, sorry if you think we all suck, considering for me personally, im on it almost all the time and do my best, yet im told its still not enough

    becuz jwdjwd, who runs the server, removed it, we dont know why, and most of us r really upset about it

    1. hyperbird was banned for many rulebreaks and constant rudeness. he had some warnings to stop from me and the community tried to warn him as well which he responded to by swearing at people trying to help him and would not stop doing things like swearing, insulting, begging for items, and trying to anger both staff and players.
    2. i thought we talked about it in advance on skype and agreed to remove it because we thought it might have been was banning random innocent people! and i thought random bannings stopped after it was removed. if there is a alternative antigrief plugin we could use let me know. or if we agree (the majority of me and the dalek mod team) agree to readd it let me know. i was trying to help! i thought i was helping. i'm gonna go pity myself and read a book or play a game as i am pretty annoyed and angry that after all the work and money and time i devote to the server i get blamed for things, and told my server and i suck! :( so everyone, please stop being rude. it offends me and i am getting very upset. i payed over $12 today to keep the server online. for a kid still in school who work only part time 2 days a week that's quite a bit. next time i might not choose to keep the server. if i did i would send out the world files and stay around watching the community but i would not host this server again. i am very offended right now after reading this page of posts as well as other recent things said about my server. VERY offended.

    and to everyone posting about my server: please move talk about it over here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2251969-jwdjwds-official-dalek-mod-server-now-with-over-1500-different-players/ the minecraft forums moderators said to not talk about it in the main dalek mod thread a while back. so lets talk about it in the topic i linked, ok?

    Quote from 1WTC

    Almost there!!

    Also with regarding bans some of them might have been due to a plugin which was installed which was randomly banning people, if you would like to be unbanned please message me and I will look into it for you

    i'm very excited for dalek mod 1.7.2! :) who else is having trouble waiting? :P
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    posted a message on jwdjwd's OFFICIAL dalek mod server (we had over 6000 different players!) (now closed)
    Quote from Cberman0101

    Can I come in to server?

    of course. :) it is now linked via the new dalek mod title screen!
    Quote from mooshroomluver89

    Hmm, whenever I try getting on, I can walk around for a few seconds then my Minecraft crashes. Is this my Forge causing me to crash or is it the server?

    i don't know sorry/
    Quote from ___The_Doctor___

    is there a way to unban me?

    as of now, no. probably not at all but i could be wrong. the dalek mod team and i decided too many rules were broken by you and you were too rude. and we all saw that you were rude to khotarri and claimed responsibility for destroying her house. so NO. i wish you had not done those things. thanks to your griefing and rudeness you are not on the server. but i agree with the ban and you should consider your actions on other servers more carefully.

    Quote from magica12

    i cant connect for some odd reasonal

    also why not add the tardis BUKKIT plugin

    1 server keeps crashing :(
    2 it glitches with mcpc+
    Quote from nintendude1236

    Is it possible to spawn and fight the Wither on the server? It wouldn't work when I tried earlier

    it should work but it mat be being messed with via a plugin. if you spawn it do so in the nether please. thank you.
    Quote from magica12

    is minimap allowed on this server?

    yea. at one point a anticheat plugin had disabled all minimaps but zans (for some odd reason) but it was removed. (i think) so minmaps should work.
    Quote from Phylazian

    I am trying to connect and it says "Connection Lost.... End of Stream" not entirely sure what that means in terms of whose connection is down or what may be wrong... :(

    probably a crash on the servers part but it may be a issue with your minecraft client. try restarting minecraft if the issues keeps happening.

    here's some news for everyone. 1. we now have over 1500 players! thank you all so much! 2. i will be back in school next week. so if the server crashes again, which it might, it will take some time to fix it. i usually get home before 3:00 pm est and i will check on the server asap. i apologize.
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    Quote from Racos321
    Ok... I apologise for my poor knowledge on that but... what is exactly "client"... These are the mods I have installed, would they work?
    Dalek mod, MC Helicopters (NOT thx helicopter), Dragon Mounts, Dungeonpack, Advanced Lightsabers, Modular Powersuits and Not Enough Items.

    sorry this took a while, all of you. I've been quite busy. I think just the dalek mod will work. but I'm not sure. just use the dalek mod. or maybe create more then one minecraft version, one with the dalek mod, one with all of the mods. (with installing forge multiple times: forge you will have to do this manually i think. i don't know how. sorry) or you could try the technic launcher and make yourself a private modpack to use with multiple mods. (please don't share modpacks publicly without all the modders' permission.)

    Quote from raynelogens
    Will the morph mod work? Or could you add it?

    if I add another forge mod everyone who wants to use the server will need to install it. if I add a modloader mod the server will NOT work at all. however bukkit plugins work installed on just the server and I believe I have a plugin that works like mob disguise newly installed. (I may be wrong. i don't really get plugins. :P )

    Quote from Lino2014
    When, I go to the survival world, my minecraft crashed, and now i can't join to the server without crashing!

    that's probably either a bug in forge or the dalek mod or a mistake on your part but i don't quite get crashes. and no one can solve the problem without your crash log. so find your crash log and post it in the thread below (use spoilers, please)


    Quote from hyperbird

    can i join know? ( im going to keep asking until someone respons with something!)

    sorry but you forgot something think. i said "maybe in a few months"
    it's been about one month and 12 days. so let's wait longer. you broke a lot of rules and were very rude. and please don't pester me or i will just get annoyed or perhaps angry.

    everyone please remember this: i started this server. i pay for all of it's costs every month. i help maintain it and moderate it. i own this server. should i not have the right to control who can log into it? should i not choose the rules? please don't be rude. please don't grief. and please don't break the other rules. i will ban people who break the rules. it is a minor issue or a few tiny things the ban will probably be temporarily. but if just one more issue happens from the banned it may be a permanent ban. i will not ban without proof and i will not ban what i or another moderator does not see unless absolutely necessary. (like the time we just had a chat log of the past few days and some reports to solve the mystery of the destruction of the server.)

    anyway please think about what i said, people. have a nice day!
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    Quote from Racos321

    Hey guys, I really don´t know much about servers, I have a question. Ok, you need the dalek mod to join, but what happens if I have other mods installed. Do I need to delete them or...

    depends on the mod. if you can install it on the client only and it will work on a server (it should say if it does) you can keep it. if it needs to be installed on the client and the server to get it to work (like most mods) then i am pretty sure it won't work. some examples of mods that i believe work just installed on a client are zans minimap and damage indicators.

    everyone please note i do not want hacks, griefing, or cheat mods on my server please. however i accept minimaps. damage indicators, and other small mods that do not give you a unfair advantage.
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    Quote from Light_Dasher

    Congrats on being the oficial server (throw confetti in air)

    thank you! :)
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    Quote from MahDogh

    Is whitelist works? I can't connect.
    If whitelist works, please, add blackro90 (me)

    I'm pretty sure there's no white list. Try updating the dalek mod.
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    Quote from Mio Akiyama

    you have to go to all the dimensions and manually do it

    i did that a few days ago. thank you for your help. :) it should work now.

    this server is now confirmed by 1WTC to be the official server!

    And you need to update to the new version of the dalek mod to play on the server!
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    posted a message on jwdjwd's OFFICIAL dalek mod server (we had over 6000 different players!) (now closed)
    Quote from Light_Dasher
    I know right?

    i plan to soon but:

    the server was bought for a monthly subscription on the 29th of December. that means I will need to manually resubscribe soon or it will be temporarily closed and people wont be able to log in. it does not automatically resubscribe. (I think.) I need to wait for my paycheck (which I should get Thursday the 30th) to have money to pay. after I pay we can play on the server again! if the server goes down while I wait for my paycheck I apologize.

    edit: never mind. I paid for another month of the server.

    also does anyone know a command that automatically turns keep inventory on in all dimensions? or will I need to do visit the dimensions and use keep inventory true in all of them manually?
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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (Dec 2020) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!
    Quote from Khotarri

    new doctor, Peter Capaldi, to be added soon :3 huhuhuhu...

    awesome! thanks!

    Quote from 1WTC

    Changing the subject now to prevent off topic spam we do not need.
    I have just gone out and bought a new Computer so I will be able to set it up and get to work on updating the mod again, expect an update very soon!

    thank you!
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    Quote from DrZhark


    We have updated the mod to versions 6.1.0 (for Minecraft 1.6.4) and 6.2.0DEV (for Minecraft 1.7.2)

    Please report any bugs, specially on 6.2.0DEV... once most bugs have been fixed, we'll promote that release.

    thank you guys for the update! I can't wait to play mo creatures some more. :)
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    posted a message on ZeusCraft (HELP NEEDED! LOOKING FOR MODDERS!)

    You mean other people will work on it except for yoursef.

    i don't know what you mean. i know you quit do to frustration and being sick of waiting for mcp but i think i help as much as i can. i asked if i was doing something wrong and you said no. but is it my fault i can not code, model, or texture? i have tried. i have been willing to learn to code and asked the modders if they could teach me in the past. i tried coding a small mod in 1.2.5 and offered to help code zeuscraft but 1.3 wrecked my ability to code. i am horrible at texturing and modeling even with a new computer that currently can do those things

    here's what i do for zeuscraft:
    1. i had the original idea. i was here first. i started this project.
    2. i thought up 99% of the ideas
    3. i manage the team
    4. i help find new team members
    5. i have built structures (which came out horrible :P )
    6. i gather support for the mod
    7. i talk to the coummunity
    8. i built the zeuscraft website.

    so please don't insult me or my mod EngineeringPrototype. ok? it's not my fault you quit, (i think,) and i was very nice to you. so please, stop being rude. thank you. have a nice day!

    (to the zeuscraft community. sorry to get you into this argument. anyway we need a new head modder.)
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