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    Quote from 1WTC»

    It is here at last for Minecraft 1.7.10!
    So what's new?!
    We have now upgraded the DLC system a bit more, it will now connect and download models from our servers as well, allowing us to release regular new content without you needing to update the mod!
    We also have modified the DLC sessions slightly to update on world join, this will change very soon so that they will update almost instantly, so there will be no need to relog everytime you with to change your DLC!

    What has been Fixed?
    We have fixed a major bug with loading / registering DLC, it will now check for connection to the internet first, if not then DLC will not be enabled, however in a future update we plan to have the DLC session data for single player downloaded per session and stored locally so that the user can still use it without internet connection.
    We have also fixed a bug which was causing certain Tardis interior to regenerate themselves upon the user entering the Tardis, this should now be fixed, however if you do still see this occur please notify us below so we can look into it.

    What is planned?
    We are hard at work with Update 36 (The BIG one!), this will be both our Halloween and 2 year anniversary update, this will contain a wide range of features which people have been begging for for a long time now, one of which will be the Tardis coordinate travel, this should be fully implemented, another thing, maybe Waypoints, for both Tardis and Vortex Manipulator!

    Finally we have a super secret project coming out around the 2 year anniversary, it is Dalek Mod related, but not in the sense that it has anything todo with the mod, however it is a big project, and we have most of SWD working on it, including some other SWD member behind the scenes!
    We will keep you all updated on this throughout this month!

    Download Update 35 (1.7.10)

    thank you! downloading now. also update 36 sounds cool. and what could "some other SWD member behind the scenes" mean?
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    Quote from 1WTC»
    Before we start coding in some of the Major features for the 2 Year anniversary update, we were wondering what you would all like to see?!?
    Also do not forget that this will be the Halloween update aswell!

    More companions (maybe captain jack or amy and rory)
    The master
    Vashta nerada
    2013 cybermen
    Advant calender features
    New clockwork droids
    Sea devils
    Omega (really op summoned boss)
    More interesting time lords
    Improved trenzalore
    Improved skaro
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    Quote from 1WTC»
    Nobody has yet got the thing I am working on, it is not the Morph mod, and it is not some sort of Armour

    will cybermen convert you into a cyberman? that would be interesting.
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    Quote from Palin_Tishnar

    if you look at the post of mine Codymmr quoted and his post # 17,573 we are both saying the same thing. East of the date line is one calander day earlier than to the west of the date line.

    Now to get back On Topic

    In post # 17553 on the previous page in response to my FPS question you answered.


    Yes: all of them.
    1.7.10 is

    The new chunk loading system is extremely laggy (explore a bunch of new chunks for yourself). However, once loaded, the FPS experiences a dramatic increase.
    1.7.2 has that older chunk loading system and memory leakage. (I'll send you a .bat file to clear that up).
    Forge changes some of the basic classes. Not sure how bad that effects it.
    Remote loading of .class files from more than 54 seems to have yet another bad effect on FPS when loading the world.


    Would love to have the ".bat" file you mentioned, but where would I put it (ie: what directory and folder) so it would hopefully help with my FPS issue inside my TARDIS?

    When the latest update is ported to 1.7.10, is there anything in there that address's the lag/FPS issue inside the TARDIS for those of us that are having this issue?

    i'm having a lot of lag inside the tardis too. its very annoying but i didn't realize others were having it. in fact i thought it was just my computer until now. (even though my computer is normally very fast.) also 1WTC are you planning to ever add more companions from the show into the mod?
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    Quote from majesticmadman
    I'm going to start auditions for roles please go to the DCM Film forum to apply. Leave a post with your mc username, a contact method and the character you would like to play.


    • Young Doctor
    • Old Doctor
    • Romana II
    • Leela
    • K9
    • Castellan
    • Lord President
    • General Maxis
    • Dalek Emperor
    • The Master
    • Timelord soldiers
    • Davros
    • The sisterhood of Karn
    • Brigadier lethbridge Stewart
    • UNIT soldiers
    • Sontaran General
    • The Voice of the Nestene Conciousness
    • The gelth
    • Judoons
    • Leader of the Shadow Proclomation
    • 9th dr
    • rose

    no cybermen? lol

    i assume you mean minecraft username. jwdjwd

    i think you have me on skype. my Skype is: jakey (jwdjwd) Donnelly (jwdjwd1000) if skype doesn't work pm me on these forums.

    will characters like unit soldiers, timelord soldiers or judoon, have multiple people playing them? if so could i play one of them? or maybe a minor character? i would sign up for more but i have a speech disability and i have to go back to school on the 28th, and by then i will be too busy. but, i would love to help. also for the auditions will i need something specific to say? like a script or whatever it's called?
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    Quote from 1WTC

    New Planet - Mars
    New Planet - The Moon
    New Planet - Europa (Moon of Jupiter)
    New Planet - Omicron Persei 8
    Tardis Light Beacon
    Tardis Demat Lever
    Moon Rock #1
    Moon Rock #2
    Mars Sand #1
    Mars Sand #2
    Mars Rock
    Omicron Rock #1
    Omicron Rock #2
    Classic Sonic Screwdriver #1
    Classic Sonic Screwdriver #2
    Classic Sonic Screwdriver #3
    Classic Sonic Screwdriver #4
    Sonic Lipstick
    War Doctors Sonic Screwdriver
    Tardis can now be summoned using the Tardis Key
    Tardis Doors can be opened using the Tardis Key
    You can now walk into the Tardis
    Whole new Modeled block system to speed up overall mod performance
    Command /SetTardis (Spawns a Tardis at current Location)
    The Moon has gravity
    Mars has gravity
    Europa has gravity
    Omicron Persei 8 has gravity
    Sonic Screwdriver can now be used to scan an entity to return entity data
    Added items to Dalek Ships on Skaro
    New Tree generation to the Forest in a box Dimension

    Minecraft Cave Game is now in the Tardis GUI
    Minecraft Classic is now in the Tardis GUI
    Minecraft Infdev is now in the Tardis GUI
    Minecraft Beta is now in the Tardis GUI
    Minecraft xBox is now in the Tardis GUI
    Tardis now only demats when traveling to another planet (It will no longer start to demat the second you step into it)
    Tardis no longer Remats when you exit the doors
    Minecraft Classic Human Spawn rate
    Minecraft Classic Human grief rate
    Tardis Teleportation rewritten to make the transition into the Tardis much faster
    Tardis was completely rewritten to use a whole new better format, the data is now stored better and the Tardis is now capable of working in almost any dimension, the code is in-place to allow a user to travel to any dimension, including ones from other mods. We also have the code down for the coordinate travel in the Tardis, however it has not been fully added yet due to a Tardis duplication glitch which occurred due to it, so we are still fixing this.
    Removed Classic Tardis - We are redecorating it, it will be back very very soon!

    Minecraft xBox terrain generation Bugs
    Trees generate on Gallifrey again
    Grass no longer generates on the Citadel
    Tardis can now be seen on multiplayer when rematting
    Tardis Data is not persistent, and stays with the player after death
    Gallifrey Grass Bottom texture
    Tardis Duplication Glitch

    Download (1.7.2) 1.7.10 version will be out soon!

    thanks! this looks awesome!
    Quote from 1WTC

    Wait What, what is this?!?

    What is changing?

    New forum thread on DalekMod.iKingsSgc.com, however still keeping the existing MinecraftForum.net forum aswell, aswell as the Planet Minecraft page. We will however be redesigning the pages so that they meet a newer style. The Dalek Mod will now be worked on by both the Mod Division and SWD, however it is still owned by SWD.

    The mod will not be changing too much, it will still continue to have new features updated very regularly, we still have everything we always had planned still planned to go into the mod, however we will also be helped out by Mod Division and we will be helping them back in return.

    The Dalek Mod will be joining a code base with other mod division partnered mods allowing the DWCM, dalek mod and voxel doctor to share certain features. This means that the two mods will have similar features as we will be sharing the code to help develop both mods so that they can be at their best. For example, if one mod developed a piece of code for say Weeping Angels, then it would be posted to the code base, this way both mods will have access to it and will be able to use it in both of the mods.

    The Dalek Mod will have a new better forums which will be hosted at DalekMod.iKingsSgc.com, here on this site you will easily be able to contact us, you will be able to talk to everyone in the community, see new features, get news and updates. There will also be a section containing an archive of every single build of the Dalek Mod ever compiled. (To My Knowledge about 300 - 500 builds). These will be for both Modloader and Forge. On the site there will also be a download section, here you will be able to download the mod, blender rigs (For animation purposes) and lots more. However this will not be right away.

    Does this mean the Dalek Mod is ending?

    No the Dalek Mod is nowhere near close to ending. The mod will now be worked on by both parties, the Mod Division and SWD. We are doing this to ensure that we can give the Minecraft Doctor Who community the best Doctor Who experience in Minecraft.

    The Dalek Mod will always make sure it is updated to the latest version of Minecraft, and we will ensure that it is as compatible as possible with all other mods.

    SWD Team Vids: https://www.youtube.com/user/DalekMod
    Dalek Mod Main Thread: http://www.DalekMod.iKingsSGC.com
    iKingsSGC Hub:http://www.Hub.iKingsSGC.com
    Downloads: http://www.Downloads.iKingsSGC.com
    StargateChannel: http://www.Youtube.com/StargateChannel
    Doctor Who Client Mod: http://www.DoctorWho.iKingsSGC.com
    iKingsSGC Mod Division: http://www.ModDivision.iKingsSGC.com

    congratulations to all of you! i'm glad to hear about this (and i suspected it since the terraria dalek mod video) good luck!
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    Quote from 1WTC

    Probably be released as soon as I have finished rewriting this feature, sorry it is taking so long, but it is a BIG update, and we want it to be amazing!

    i'm really looking forward to the update. but don't rush, as much as i want it i know that rushing a update isn't good. thank you 1wtc, and thank you all of the swd team for all you do!

    edit: wondering what feature it is... :)
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    Quote from 1WTC

    We are going to be starting on the next update over the next few days, we have finally almost finished sorting out the code, and I wanted to know what everyone would like to see for the next update so I can compile a list to make one of the best updates so far, we ourselves have some features planned, however what would you like to see added / fixed / changed?

    Thank you. i'm looking forward to that update. here are some ideas for the next update or future updates in a list:

    1 silurians (live in rare underground cities, below deserts and grasslands, have passive villager-like civilians who will trade. and soldiers who become hostile and act like zombie pigmen if provoked via attacking any silurians)
    2 ood (normally passive, will trade, like in rare snowy tundra villages but may become effected with redeye and act like the advent calendar ood. maybe redeye could rarely and randomly happen if a ood is injured and spread to other ood? )
    3 judoon (could be hireable as mercenaries in exchange for emeralds or diamonds or gold or something. then they would protect you and fight hostile mobs and you could have them stay or follow you. ones you do not hire might also guard passive or neutral mobs from you or hostile mobs)
    4 davros (boss) (could live on skaro)
    5 the master (boss) (could live on gallifrey)
    6 slitheen (could be hostile, live in villages. and possibly disguise themselves as villagers or players with glowing zippers on their head then transform when you approached (which would take a while and give off a weird light)
    7 roboforms (hostile robots from the Christmas invasion and the runaway bride. i mean adding their true from with the black robes and masks, which could be commanded with remote control you could craft which would make them protect you and kill hostile mobs. if the remote control was not in your inventory they would be hostile )
    8 sea devils (could be almost aquatic silurians who live in deep oceans and oceans and act like silurians)
    9 dalek emperor from the new series (boss), could live on a dalek ship on skaro
    10 cult of skaro (4 strong hostile elite daleks that could spawn together and fight together on skaro or below villages)
    11 omega (could spawn in his antimater world, which could be about the size of the the end and accessible form the tardis. omega should be if added be the most powerful mob in the game and could have army of gel guards
    12 more companions from the show (like Rose, the Brigadier, Sarah Jane Smith, Captain Jack, Amy, Rory, River Song; that could be spawned with spawn eggs, created in the companion gui, found in the world, or rarely appear in the tardis)
    13 updates to companions (less slow, perhaps helping you in battle )
    14 more naturally spawning mobs (if i am correct many mobs do not spawn naturally and i think that should be changed)
    15 updated k-9 (spawning naturally or perhaps another way to obtain him in survival like crafting him?)
    16 Macra (incredibly rare and hostile, strong, spawn far beneath villages, eat villagers that go beneath villages)
    17 the great intelligence (spawns in the form of Dr Simeon) Summons snowmen, whispermen, and yeti to fight for him but does not fight himself.
    18 updated snowmen (can move and stuff)
    19 cyber controller (boss)
    20 the ability for the tardis to travel to different coordinates
    21 a use for credits, maybe for trading with villagers added by this mod like silurians or ood
    22 EDIT: Thals. passive, spawn in very rare cities on skaro, fight daleks, will trade

    i know that not all of those can be added in one update, but i wanted a variety of ideas you could choose from and perhaps add in future updates.

    thank you for reading this! have a great day.
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    Quote from 1WTC

    Change Log:
    - Companion GUI (Very WIP)
    - Classic Gun sound effect
    - SWD Gun sound effect
    - stormshift sound effect
    - Ore Generation
    - Zeiton-7 Ore
    - Zeiton-7 Crystal
    - Credits (Dropped by Bosses and uncommon mob drop)
    - TileEntity mapping for TileEntityLampPostBase
    - TileEntity mapping for TileEntityLampPostLight
    - Tardis GUI Meteorite Ticking - Moved to Update
    - Tardis GUI Star Ticking - Moved to Update
    - Gallifrey Sky Renderer Problem
    - Dalek Raiding block Update glitch
    - Holograms now accept usernames again
    - Holograms now save given username
    - Holograms now read given username
    - Fixed RenderPlayer Regen ResourceLocation
    - Dalek Storm Particle RGB
    - Dalek Storm is now a boss
    - TV-21 Dalek is now a boss
    - Cyberleader is now a boss
    - Sound: stormdead (Dalek Storm)
    - Sound: stormshift (Dalek Storm)
    - Sound: stormsong (Dalek Storm)
    - EntityDalekBaseClass Major Code improvements / changes
    - Spawn Clara changed to Spawn Companion
    - Companions (Previously Clara) now support rendering of Items / armour
    - Tardis GUI now contains a Travel button, this closes the GUI and prompts the user to that they can now leave, also playing Tardis SFX
    - Tardis GUI Stars move
    - Companions (Previously Clara) names can now be updated via the GUI
    - Dalek Storm Create Fire when on grass (However abides by /GameRule mobGriefing)
    - Changed Classic Human Griefing Rate
    - Render Clara
    - Empty Child can now edit Sign text (However abides by /GameRule mobGriefing)
    - Tardis Command block security - Can only be edited by the person who placed it or by on op
    - Improved Dalek AI

    yeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally! thanks so much. :)
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    Quote from 1WTC

    Update should be out today!
    Cant say what is in it yet, however it will be out in a bit!

    i can't wait! i'm really looking forward to it. :D

    Quote from Khotarri

    ... i didnt even tell them to do that.. i... but... ;~;

    I know you didn't... :(
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    posted a message on jwdjwd's OFFICIAL dalek mod server (we had over 6000 different players!) (now closed)
    Quote from victordidi
    what version of forge is it 1.6.4 or 1.7.2? BTW awesome server one :iapprove: for you :D

    Quote from MikuLoverHachune
    my IGN is bleuanderson

    sorry, but this server is closed. i said that earlier but i will say it again. thank you though.
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    Quote from Silentine


    Sorry for my long absence from the forum! My reason is that I recently graduated from college and I now have the need to prepare for my licensure examination this coming September 2014. I am going to be studying for 5 months straight meaning I will most likely be absent for nearly half a year.

    Putting aside IRL matters I have a ton of plans for 1.7.x. The suggestions posted here and the shear amount of new biomes added makes room for a ton of possibilities. Probably too much actually.

    The question in mind is most likely to be: when? If I release an 1.7.x update before September it will likely not contain any new content and simply be a compatibility update for 1.7.x. I might need to even remove a few things if I cannot correctly update it. If I release an update after September I will definitely put enough time and effort into making it.

    I guess one of the reasons why I have failed to login is because I myself am unsure how I am going to plan this all out :wacko: . 1.7.x is a massive step which I have no idea how I am going to approach it.

    As always I will be reading through every reply which needs to be answered. I know it may be a tad too late but I feel the need to do so :) .

    ok... i understand. good luck! congratulations on graduating! i look forward to September and that update. thank you.
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    Quote from codymmr

    I just have to say that this server was a great server. it in my opinion was better when it was small and had at most 20 people on it. I was with this server since it started and one of the first on the server, and I am sad to see it go.

    thank you. thank you so much. i agree with that opinion. and i am sad to see it go as well.
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    posted a message on jwdjwd's OFFICIAL dalek mod server (we had over 6000 different players!) (now closed)
    hey guys. sorry if you have not seen this on the dalek mod official thread but this server is closed. i just can't handle it anymore. (too expensive, too much work, too many people) sorry but thank you all for all your support. I hope to remain in the community but i will no longer be hosting a server. here are some files:

    the world from March 22 2014.

    the server itself from March 22 2014


    goodbye. thank you all.

    and if moderators are reading this: could this thread be locked please?
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    Quote from RedDash17

    We understand thanks for hosting the server in the first place :)
    I'm sorry it put so much pressure on you. to be honest there are tons of things our team could have done better to help you
    I didn't think having a public server would of been to good of an idea
    Maybe a whitelist would have been better..

    But anyway to the point.. Thanks for hosting the server for us and spending your time and money on us. You'll always be highly regarded in my eyes

    But yeah if you don't want to host the server anymore I have no issues with that since I know running a server is horrible and very difficult

    Overall Summary: Thanks you are awesome :)

    thank you so much. and you're welcome. you are awesome too. :)

    Quote from 1WTC

    The release will be tomorrow, March 31st

    yes! :D

    btw here are some files. i was unsure where to put them so they are here.

    a backup of the whole server from a few days ago: (feel free to rehost it but if you do please give the dalek mod team and i credit for all we did, thanks)


    And just the world for single player or whatever: (if you want to be in creative or use commands open it to LAN and turn cheats on, otherwise it blocks you cause it does not have ops)

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