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    Breaking news.
    TV has violence
    So does music and movies
    And real life and the news.

    Minecraft has no hammers, no guns and no knifes (if you don't count swords). I'm sure the reporters and the news had no idea what minecraft was. They showed the xbox 360 version in that. They probably have no idea what else its on. Pretty sad that one PG (or in Australia it is on the xbox) can in courage violence and guns. Pretty sad. I have no idea where he got the idea of guns and hammers and swords. His parents probably bought him GTA or COD or another game like that.
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    I should of said this before but I'm leaving.
    I feel this server is not as good as it could be.
    With a lot of people quitting we need more admins in European and Australian timezones. But we don't get any new alphas or wardens because many of our current staff are scared that something like chocants or aok things might happen again. I feel that if more of the suggestion got added instead of just ignoring most of them this server would be much better. Like start your own omega kinda thing for rich people. Or chat mods. I have seen plenty of ideas that never have been added. I've suggested a lot and they got ingored. I also have been seeing a lot of good people leaving like dachimp and nosetouch. I miss all my old convicted friends who have been banned or left. People with xray who have not been xraying have been unfairly banned. A long time ago someone got banned for xray and had proof they were not. I wish everyone and this server good luck in the future I just feel like this server had potential and lost it. I mean, if you listen to all these ideas this server would be extremely popular. goodbye to all my current friends. Too much to list so I will just list people I won't say goodbye to.
    Gabeiskool (I never liked you)
    Iamkdkane (I love you)

    Also benjee your a good warden.

    (BTW if you have a good server that quiet and nice I might check it out)
    Been playing this server for over two years. Its time for the bird to fly away. Birds always come back so I might come back in a few months.
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    Quote from legitcreed69

    Andathon you turned to the dark side of Minecraft... Shame. I better not here about you hacking again but I hope to see you on the server.
    Also Jumbo, Why do I never see you when Im on. :c

    Plus its assessment time. So I have been studying.

    Also I will be more active in two weeks when its the holidays (if I'm not swimming).
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    Quote from Andathon

    Don't worry Benje already demoted and banned me. I may make a unban appeal later but now I don't have the will to. I was banned fairly and don't want to act stupidly. please forgive me for my stupid actions. I am sorry for what I have done.

    Well atleast you have an alt so feel free to come on using that.
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    Quote from Andathon

    I know I don't get on the forums often but maybe this will force me too be more active. This guy, sophnick, Continued to follow me around while guarding (which doesn't mean anything i know) but then he proceeded to spam me with money as seen here. http://imgur.com/a/2XDP6 I am requesting that he be banned. I have never had to do this until now.

    Edit: Benje banned him for spamming the server as well while I was uploading this post.

    Just a question. Why is their something saying matrix in your top corner. Don't delete it, I've saved the photo. It also says sprint in the other corner...
    BTW here's the photo if he deletes it
    Edit: done my research its a hacked client http://paxii.de/#!home just search up in google minecraft matrix hacked client.
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    1) Username: ablakac
    2) Your age: 14
    3) How long have you been playing the server? (Minimum of 3 days) about 6-7 months now (I was banned and then unbanned about 6-7 months afterwards)
    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? Yes Over about 3 Times
    5) Any experience with the prison genre? Yes. I have been playing on some other servers besides Convicted Such as Killion and others.
    6) What is your time zone? Vancouver B.C. Canada
    7) Why are you the best choice for guard? (1-2 paragraphs) Well I think that I am the best choice for Guard because I am experienced with the prison genre and moderation genre as I have been moderator on multiple servers that were made by me and my friend. I also think that I am experienced with finding hackers as almost a year ago I would use hacks but I realiezed that it was wrong to use them because I would get banned from multiple servers for using them. In other words I think that since I have used hacks before I am experienced on what it looks like when somebody is using them. For example. if somebody joins the server less than 30 minutes ago and they have 50 kills that is not normal. Therefore I would follow them around for evidence and record their usage of hacks. And for X-Rayers I could look into the mines (as an Alpha-Guard of course) and see what they are doing using X-Ray to see if they are using it themselves or not. I also think that I should be a Guard for the sole reason of the fact I join Minecraft in the first place was to play Survival Games so I am quite experienced as I used to only pay Survival Games my PvP skills have gone up since the time I joined Minecraft. I also believe that I am a good choice for Guard is because I am not cowardly in fights and when I see somebody fighting I decide that I should help the person losing (this also shows that I am a very nice person) Another reason I should be guard is because I am not one to hold a grudge. Say if I got in a battle with somebody and I lost all my stuff, I would not get angry and rage at them in chat and flame with all these different swear words. I would give it up and think to myself that it is just a game and it does not affect my life in any way. There are many reasons that I should be Guard on Convicted. Those are some of my top reasons and now for some of the other reasons. I like to help other people if they are having trouble with something and I also like to give everybody who joins a server as a new player a warm welcome to the server to let them know that we have a friendly community and that you should stay on this server and play for a little bit. Whenever I see a Guard fighting somebody in C Block no matter it be a Diamond armored person, an Iron armored person or a no armored person I think that I should enforce the rules and keep fighting to help the guards with their job. I like to keep away from contraband items such as drugs and swords (shanks) to enfore the rules further and make the Guards Jobs easier. So all in all I just like to enforce the rules and keep the servers Community clean by helping out the Wardens and Guards and make their jobs easier. Those are just some top reasons why I believe I should be guard, I have many more in store but I think that if I put those in there is Application would stretch too far and it would be rejected for being too long :P So all in all I am a very nice guy who likes to enforce the server rules and help the current staff with their jobs. Who also has experience with the prison genre and what hackers look like.
    8) Do you understand that nagging Wardens in-game to read your app will result in immediate decline? Yes I understand that nagging will not help my chances in any way so I will just be quiet about my Application and let them read it when they have time.
    9) What is your current prison rank? Do you understand that we will require a screenshot of this when/if you retire from guard? Yes I do understand that you will need a screenshot if I ever wish to retire from Guard. But I do not think I ever will because you guys are such an awesome community :) My current Prison rank is B Block.

    - Ablakac B)

    Recommended (thought it means nothing ) by the nublet trainee jumbo76.
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    Quote from ender_slayer1

    IGN: ender_slayer1
    Current rank on the server: Guard
    Reason you were banned: advertisment
    Warden/Alpha that issued your ban: (N/A if you don't know) Frootboy
    Approximate time of ban: (Include time zone) 10:13PM pacific
    Why you deserve to be unbanned: I was in a guard fight and ran out of potions, and went to Ctrl+V (paste) /kit potion, but instead posted a server IP that I had copied earlier today to play with some friends. It is a 24hr ban but it was also an accident that anyone could make really, I accept the ban but still, it was only an accident :(
    Any additional information: I didnt mean to advertise and I apologize for it, It was a mistake that I'll try not to make again.

    I'm back.

    And why are you no longer alpha?
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    posted a message on Convicted [Classic Prison Server] [Non-OP]
    I'm going on a week long holiday.
    Bye. I'm not inactive.
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    posted a message on Convicted [Classic Prison Server] [Non-OP]
    Just reposting.
    I'm trying too find guides for the convicted wiki. If any are found please PM me with it and the author plus the page its on.
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    Quote from ItsByondGuise

    Hi everyone. I am coming back for a short time for reasons i cannot disclose. There's just one last thing i have to complete. So here's my guard app. I hope all you guys like it. ;)

    ) Username:ByondAwesome0
    2) Your age:15
    3) How long have you been playing the server? (Minimum of 3 days) 11 months. Or 12.
    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? Yes. Noakii
    5) Any experience with the prison genre? I've had lots of experience with the prison genre. I've played 3 months on Killion Detention Center, and i've played about 11 months on Convicted. A year of prison servers. Hope that's good enough. 6) What is your time zone? GMT EDT United States 7) Why are you the best choice for guard? (1-2 paragraphs) I believe i am the best choice for guard because:
    I am a good pvper. I can easily defeat anyone in equal armor and equipment. But i know that pvp always won't be fair. And i have saved gear up. I have many enchanted swords in stock, and an alternate account to TQ and enchant items, if i require. I have a surplus of opples to fight with and other gear.
    I am smart, trustworthy, and loyal. I would never abuse my powers as guard, and i never have. I am a trustworthy person too, ask many people around the server. I have always kept my promises. I am also "smart" in situations. I know what to do, and i don't get hot headed. I would handle situations calmly and carefully and use my common sense.
    I am a past guard. I have alot of experience as guard because, i have been one for about 3 months. I had 2 alpha guard recommendations, which means alot :) Alot of people told me i was a good guard, especially a couple Alphas. I know how to utilize my potions in fights and i know all the commands such as /kit guard, /kit potion. I know the jail times (/jail temp StealthSloth 15m)
    I am friendly to most, and i have other good traits. I am really friendly once you get to know me. I have been extremely aggressive toward some certain people, and i would like to say sorry. Those include (ultraj999 and Cinnamon_Sloth) But once you get to know me i am really friendly and i like to help out. If prisoners request something i will immediately assist them. I will answer queries immediately and not be sarcastic or be immature. I've learned how to be mature and alot of people have pointed out my mistakes. Shoutout to Jumbo67 and NoseTouch. They helped me alot :) <3 You guys. Also i am not hot headed, i won't rage (I don't think i ever have) I have a keen eye, i can spot contraband normally when others can't. I know every rule very well (Due to my past experience) and i know when to use my head. I hope you guys like this app <3

    8) Do you understand that nagging Wardens in-game to read your app will result in immediate decline? Yes i do. I've nagged them in the past. And i know how far back that sets you. 9) What is
    your current prison rank? Do you understand that we will require a screenshot of this when/if you retire from guard? I am of the free rank. I have multiple screenshots ready.
    Thanks for reading everyone. I hope i get trainee soon. :) - Nicholas/Byond (<--- You can guess what this is)

    Its Jumbo76
    And recommended

    P.s I'm a trainee.
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    Quote from builder1028

    Quite a few Guards were interviewed. Only 3 are qualified. (jumbo and baz both are Trainees and not very active btw. :P)

    The 3 qualifying Guards: RedDuke42, GoHumpAMoose, and ArcticRival.

    I'm becoming more active.
    Also to all those veterans. I'm having my second convicted birthday soon. I'm going to do a drop party.
    So be ready. It's around at the end if August. I will decide on the time and if I can't make it at the time I decide. I do another one.

    P.S steam summer sale came.
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    Quote from Carrotts55

    I wonder who will get it? I think maybe jumbo or baz might get it personally. Anyways I'm almost back from my trip to New York and will be able to get on tomorrow (sunday). I'm writing this from an apple store at airport so I have to go. See you guys tomorrow!

    I'm a trainee........
    Thanks anyway.

    Also I'm a veteran and I'm not leaving.
    Also I'm going on a week long trip soon so if I'm gone for a week don't consider me inactive. I'm just on a trip. I can't take my ipad with me :(.

    Also guys I'm looking for guides for the convicted wiki. If you know any please PM me with the name of the author.
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    Quote from Yoshi

    Fellow members of Convicted

    I will sadly be leaving Convicted, after more than a year of playing here with this friendly community. Its been a pleasure to meet you guys on this fabulous server, and I will hope to see you guys again if I do happen to come on again. Please keep in mind that I am not leaving the server because I didn't get alpha. I just feel that I don't actually have the time to go on daily and I somehow just lost interest in playing prison servers in general.

    Since joining the server in 2012, I have seen and experienced a lot of things, from seeing promotions, to shocking stories and truths. As a farewell to you guys, I will be telling my story of Convicted to you.

    January 2012: Joining the server
    I still remember the first time I joined Convicted, I was browsing the web for some good servers to join, because I just had my account and I was looking for something to interest me, and I came across a top 10 minecraft servers webpage. Interestingly, I looked through the site, and I found Convicted (which was listed in the top 5) I then connected, and joined :) Amazingly, that was the first prison server I've ever joined, I found it very entertaining, and enjoyable.

    After spending 4 days or so on the server, I met a person by the name of PinkGraco. He/She was kind enough to give me 15k to rankup to B, then 35k to A block. Also at that time, Just_Jarryd (Also known as Jarry) joined as a C Prisoner. We often competed to be the first one to free, and I would spend a few hours a day playing.

    April 2012: Getting to free
    It took quite a while to get to free, considering I had a quick and fast shortcut to A-Prisoner. It was long, but it was really worth the time. As soon as I got to free, I started building a base with Dyce3, Beorne1 and a couple of frees. The base was located underground 100 blocks away from spawn and had everything, from wheat farms, to rooms, and even a huge tree farm! Sadly it was griefed a few months later.

    May 2012: Applying for guard
    After a few months of being free, I decided to apply for guard, I filled in an application, and posted it on the forums (That was around the time I made my Minecraft Forums Account) Sadly, it was denied, it finally took 3 tries, and my application was approved. Jaakeyx promoted me online and I was finally able to guard!

    June 2012: Promoted to full guard
    It was a month before I was promoted to a full guard, I think I was promoted offline, but I am very grateful that I managed to become a full guard in under a month. Also at that time, if I remember clearly, Oscar969 (who was also a good friend of mine) was also promoted to Guard, so we had a fun time guarding in and out.

    October 2012: The DangersClose grief
    For a couple of weeks, Convicted was badly griefed by one of the guards. DangersClose and his Hunger-Games friend Admiral_Mason, both took total control of the server. Although the server was restored in a couple of weeks, it would be a unforgetable horror that happened. A lot of people left the server because of this, and I, too nearly left as well.

    September 2012: Dusty's Warden Promotion!
    I was very glad when I heard that news, dusty was a great alphaguard at that time, it was great to see someone who was constantly helping out on Convicted to get the highest status on the server! To this day, I still congratulate dusty for achieving this great feat!

    Well, these are the main significant moments that I've been on here. I really can't remember the other events that happened, I have also witnessed lots of people being promoted and demoted too during my time here on convicted. And I would also like to say a few things to these following people:

    ViperKnows: You hosted a great server, and I hope that you can continue to do so for the next few years!
    Noakii: Even though you thought I was a girl, you're still awesome \m/
    Dusty: I've known you since I was an A-Prisoner, and keep it up with your special super dooper events!
    PinkGraco: Thank you for the 50k you gave me, I really appreciate it!
    Dyce3: Its kinda sad you left, but you were a great friend to play with
    Just_Jarryd: Keep being the parkour king :D
    MichaelM8: Miiiiiiiiiiiiichhhhh :)
    Minepro97: "Been guarding the prison since 2011"
    Builder1028: You were very inspirational, making a wiki for convicted! Hope the wiki gets fixed soon!
    Chocants: Y u go on ban spree?
    fusionnoodle: Keep playing my maps :D
    0tterLover: Dun let Viper catch you off guard :P
    Benjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee: You were a great alphaguard / warden from the start, and wish you all the beeeest!

    And to the many others on the server that I haven't mentioned (or that I just happened to forget), keep playing, have fun, and strive for the best!

    ~Peace out!

    But but....


    Good bye. Miss you, I will.

    On another note top page get of page 2525.
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    Quote from Nick14233

    Today I was scammed a whopping 110 paypal irl for a player who told me they would pay me 5million bp/ i was hoping i could get my 5mil. bp and his player should be banned, i have a picture as proof and i hope you get my 5mil. for me

    This is pay pals problems
    I think you can report him or ask for a refund. Idk how as I don't use it.

    Also their is a rule for this so it should not of happened.
    Edit: I thought you got scammed by jkid when your are jkid. I'm sorry for anything I said too you and I don't want you banned. I thought you scammed $110
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    Quote from Redstery11

    Jkid, you do realize, scamming is only punishable if it is done through chest shops. So its your own fault you lost 128 stacks of diamonds. Although now the community knows he is a scammer

    The rules have changed. No form of scamming is allowed.
    Do /rules in game and you shall see.
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