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    Quote from Alpacka06

    ha ha, thanks Jumbo :) ^^^^(not even bribed, its legit)

    You can pay me though :D Jk.

    lol there are two voting sites,
    Double reward :D
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    Quote from Alpacka06

    Alpacka06’s Guard Application:
    I was taking a break for a while, so you can't say I've been bothering anyone :)
    Q. 1.) Username:
    Using this one --->> Alpacka06 (Main: Hamann10)

    Q. 2.) Your age:
    13 and always relaxed and under control

    Q. 3.) How long have you been playing the server?
    Over a year on my main and now more on this account

    Q. 4.) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules?
    Yes, and have them in the best spot, my memory (NOAKII)

    Q. 5.) Any experience with the prison genre?
    Yes, made my own unsuccessful server, and made a total remake of C block for practicing guarding
    Proof and Pics: http://imgur.com/eat...pj3L7XB,U37aHyi Look at all 13 pics in the album :)
    Wow I respect the work put into building the jail way more now XD

    Q. 6.) What is your Time Zone?:
    Eastern Standard

    Q. 7.) Why are you the best choice for guard?
    I am diffidently a phenomenal choice for a guard for many reasons. One being that I have all the needed Minecraft experience to a guard, having amazing control, amazing PvP-skills, and always ready to put up a good fight. I understand the rules so well, so that I won’t put someone in jail for no good reason or anything related to that. I know all the tricks and have had some practice at guarding previously, and the world I made to practice on (the on with the pictures in #5) I have spent atleast 80 hours building and Pvping in it all for guard practice. I never give up and so dedicated to whatever I do, I wake up early in the morning to check the forums, go on Minecraft and more in the morning because this is my favorite thing to do. You may think this is weird but I literally stay up later at night just dreaming of guarding. I plan on being very nice and helping other guards, in fights, with swords, potions, opples, food for trainees, and more!!

    I also have many perfect guarding items and bought potions from people, if there is a overflow of guards already on and they don’t need help, I can just go on as Hamann10. Also since I have a Free main I can easily replenish my items with new great items that I’m low on. I even have a potion house dedicated for guarding. I closed up my Alpacka06 house and took everything of mine away in Free because I wont be back there while guarding. I am 100% ready and will do so much to get this chance!!

    Q. 8.) Do you understand that nagging Wardens in-game to read your app will result in immediate decline?
    Yes, they don’t need a bunch of people bothering them. Also sorry for any talk of guarding I had in game and I promise I’m not saying a word about guarding until I am one.

    Q. 9.) What is your current prison rank? Do you understand that we will require a screenshot of this when/if you retire from guard?
    BTW never planning on it
    Reccommendations: Zombiefool (Your name can be here)

    Thanks for all your time and please consider me, this means a lot to me

    Promote this man now.
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    Quote from mooman279

    I have a question about being a Guard. Say I became one, would I be able to go off-duty and back to the Free world if there were enough guards online? (my current rank)? I am building a large house there, and I just want to know if that is possible.

    Unless you get promoted to an alpha, or you have a second account thats free (you can apply for guard on your nonfree one), No you can't.
    I would recommend buying a plot.
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    Quote from Brolyssl101

    IGN: brolyssl
    Current rank on the server: Free With Donor
    Reason you were banned:I was Banned for Xray
    Warden/Alpha that issued your ban: Cinnamon Sloth
    (N/A if you don't know)Approximate time of ban: Aproxamatey 3:50Pm (AUS)
    Why you deserve to be unbanned:I Derserve to be unbanned As I was Normally strip mining like i would in omega, Im sorry if It Looked like Xray but that is How i've been mining for the past year . This server has started to make me love it i just purchased a plot and that will make me play even More!, I Adore this server and I dont want to be banned this is my Favourite server , and as my skype profile i promote it ( Play Best jail server eva mc-convicted.org) i Think i have recruited mutiple people (8 i think) , I am a Donor which shows i have great love of this server and dont want to lose it <3. I have lots of friends and dont want to say goodbye.

    And Yes i Admit i was X-raying , I was stupid to do that and shall never never ever do it again.
    Yes im super dumb and didnt know any better, im Dumb i am sorry , Your amazing please forgive me I was dimb and stupid and shouldnt have done it i wish i didnt ever xray im sorry D: . Well im sorry But it is YOUR choice Cinamon so please make a choice that would make you happy , and you can perm ban me forever no ban appeal if you EVER EVER see me xray again D:
    I Have learnt my leason please , Please

    Any additional information: I'm truly sorry i was mining in bedrock but i am not the one to decide if i stay banned or continue to play as a loyal player . This is my first ban ... and the saddest if it stays that way

    But, but but.
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    Quote from Rchan333

    It's a new record :3 ---> http://i.imgur.com/yxxtSgB.png

    I thought we had one more person.

    On other notes I'm good at tunnel quest now.

    Edit: The moment when there is one of you and 5 people trying to kill you but they are all to afraid to leave the non pvp area, hitting you and running backing in before they can get hit...

    They are the worst types of pvpers.
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    All 3 of theses people did spammed this IP alot. I have more photos if you need more.
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    Since i'm rejoining i want to see the new free, so im retiring, :D I might get an alt and reapply at one point.
    I might get one pretty soon.
    Thanks for all my friends who supported me getting guard.
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    Im going to start being active again

    BTW: Alexisiop, I see Net has transferred Donor plot to you.
    Is it possible i could have perms for it again. Or at least get my stuff.
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    Quote from Jalorda


    Ahh, thanks for the info.
    I was wondering how all these pokemon that you could not find in X/Y were on GTS.

    Quote from creeperlink

    You're not alone. I haven't found any, either.

    I found a shiny once on pokemon emerald.
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    posted a message on Most played game genre
    If you include LOZ and Pokemon as an RPG its my favourite.
    Even if you don't its still my favourite.
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    posted a message on Favorite Video Game(s)?
    1. Legend of Zelda: OOT 3D (Love having my 3ds in my pocket and pulling out for some on the go Zelda).
    2. Any game in the main series of Pokemon. (My favourite pokemon is Soulsilver).
    3. Terraria
    4. Skyrim
    5. These Indies (Dungeon defenders, FTL, KSP, Magicka, Solar 2, Super Meatboy, Minecraft(If you can call it an Indie)Surgeon sim 2013.)
    6. Blinx 2: Master of time and space.
    7. Flatout 2.
    8. Civ 5
    9. Portal 2
    10. Mario kart and New Super mario bros. (Mario kart 64 and New Super mario bros Wii.)
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    posted a message on What Is Your Favorite Video Game Quote?
    So how are you holding up because i'm a Potato. -GLaDoS
    Pika, Pika. -Pikachu.
    FUS ROH DAH. -You.
    My body is ready. -Reggie.
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    posted a message on Are the Xbox-one advertisements out of control?
    Gotta love Australia.
    We hardly get any ads for gaming consoles out here.
    I've seen 1 Xbox one ad this year.
    No PS4 ads.
    No Wii u ads.
    One PSVITA Ad
    and I always missed out on the pokemon x and y ads.
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    Two words.

    Desert Bus.
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    posted a message on What are some old underrated games you know of?
    The Rachet and Clank, Mario and Luigi's mansion are not underrated. Here is my list

    Solar 2 on Steam
    Blinx 2 master of time and space on Xbox (Original)
    Kerbal space program on Steam
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