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    Quote from _____VIII_____

    I'm part of the staff, I don't need to say who.
    I remember you from back when those pics were taken. Unban this man NOW! ;)

    Lying is not cool. You may remember him, BUT you are not a member of the staff, give a screenshot. I remember your username its _____VIII_____.
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    Quote from frootboy

    :Diamond: LOLOLOLOLOLOL :Diamond:

    :Diamond: My Ban Appeal?!?!? :Diamond:

    :Diamond: IGN:frootboy147 :Diamond:

    :Diamond: Current rank on the server:I was guard :D :Diamond:

    :Diamond: Reason you were banned: Sleazy thought I was x-raying xD :Diamond:

    :Diamond: Warden/Alpha that issued your ban: (N/A if you don't know)Sleazy :Diamond:

    :Diamond: Approximate time of ban: (Include time zone)Umm 1:00 p.m Eastern :Diamond:

    :Diamond: Why you deserve to be unbanned:WOW I was not even x-raying, plus, why would I x-ray when i just donated AND im guard :Diamond:

    :Diamond: Any additional information:Dusty caught me x-raying before, and out of the kindness of his heart, he gave me a warning and let me take it off, SO WHY WOULD I CONTINUE?
    Plus i think the only reason he thought i was x-raying is because I found two diamonds in a row, and then an iron. IS THAT SUCH A FELONY? And the mines were reset, because i found the donor mine completly untouched, So diamonds where everywhere :Diamond:

    :Diamond: Ty :D :Diamond:

    :Diamond: And The only mod I had was optifine because my computer gets SUPER DUPER low FPS :Diamond:

    :Diamond: :Diamond: Thanks to anyone that has supported me <3 :Diamond: :Diamond:

    :Diamond: Is it beautiful now Noakii? :Diamond:

    :Diamond: Really missing the server, and everyone on it :( I hope someone could unbann me for doing absolutly nothing :/ :Diamond:

    :Diamond: Just reposting.. Hoping someone would notice I have been banned when I should'nt have been :Diamond:
    froot was banned :o. On other notes. Servers going great. I think guard horses should come armoured. Just iron armour and a saddle.
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    Sorry for being inactive.
    I have a ton of tests coming up. My teacher is bad.
    I will start being more active around in a week or too.

    @builder, I can never play event wars due too timezones. Maybe 3 different event wars. One big for the US. One medium for Europe, and a small one for Aus.
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    Quote from ByondAwesome0

    Guys, I need to say for the final time, I'm leaving for good now. I may come back or not. The reason you see me on is because I hacked my parental controls. Goodbye everyone. I will miss you. But I will try to come back. Goodbye for now! ByondAwesome0

    You will stay *jedi hand wave*
    Don't go.
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    Quote from builder1028

    Lolwut. Explain how you haven't been on the server yet but you spent so long getting to A Block, please.

    (Nice catch Waffle. xD)

    Builder, this Guy has played for a while. i remember him as a C. I remember when he got banned. he was a nice person. i think he deserves an unban.
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    Quote from PenguiiRocks

    Seriously You're a Trainee? Again? Wow.

    Yes i am.

    Here is your pic.
    Also change your Rec in your guard app. [Former Guard, Now Trainee] jumbo76
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    Good bye too all who are leaving.

    Also im a trainee yay.
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    1)Username: My Username is "jumbo76". It Requires no Caps and no Underscores or spaces. I got my name from my little brother, who was playing a online game with the name jumbo, then I put numbers into a random number generator. it was 1-100, it came up with 76. i combined the 2 together and got jumbo76. I Use this name for most of my online games i played or use too play. My Brother has used it once as well for an online game.
    2)Your age: My Age is 13, This may be young, but in my view what i lack in age i make it in maturity, i am more mature than some of the older players on the server, I do make some immature jokes sometimes but everyone does. It Would be Extremely Boring if no one made some funny jokes.
    3) How Long long have you been playing the server?(Minimum of 3 days) You may not believe this but i joined around 2-3 weeks after the server started. if you want proof it's on page 106, if that does not work 105 or 104. I have enjoyed playing on the server. i took a one month break in between because i wanted some time to myself. I have Watched many players come and go including, Raptor, Beexichan, Aok, P0T (who returned :D ), Crisk, sukii and many more. I do Consider myself a veteran. i remember when Indraco grinder was griefed, the World was reset, the Plot revamp, aok's griefing, dangers griefing (even thought i was banned at the time), Choc's banning spree and whiteboii's banning spree. This also means i know a lot of players, Including Guards, Alphas and Wardens. With All of the Staff i know it means i know the rules more. I also have seen A Lot of guards apps and helped people turn their bad app into a exciting app that gets them accepted. For example Wafflezlover (Sorry if its Spelt wrong). I gave him advice and he made a new guard app and got promoted.
    4)Have you read the Server,Prison,and Guard Rules? I have infact. Too Prove it i'm giving a name of a warden who helped build and maintain the server, a warden who has made the server an exciting place with events and stars. Noakii. As stated in the quest above, i know a lot of the staff meaning i know a lot of the rules off by heart, and i have been a member of the staff Multiply times. I know all rules off by heart, and other rules that are not listed.
    5)Any experience with the prison genre? I have had a lot of experience. I have been admin/warden on loyalty raiding server, 3_Bit survival and MegaPrison, All of these shut down. I have also been Guard 3 times. Now i know I have retired a lot and bene guard a lot, but that does not restrict me from applying again, I believe that its actually a better thing. I have Experience of guarding, i know what is right or wrong, prison and server rules, and many more. With me Guarding so long i have PvP practice and skills, Knowing how to help people and More. I retired for the first time because of the Disrespect for guards, i retired for the second time because of me just being instantly killed. the Third time because i wanted too know the Free's point of view of guards and their upgrades and i was constantly being killed. With my Experience i can also help guards fight other players as i know many Tactics of the other players. I also know the Tactics of Guards and i can help improve them. With the Experience i had i am Also a Good PvP, i do have access too enchantments and i can use donor mine when needed to buy more, i can also buy OP apples. If i am using Donor mine and a large amount of players are being killed or a player asks for help, i will stop and go help them. The same goes for when i'm in a Quest. even if i'm only one more jump away from the finish, i will go help them.
    6)What is your time zone? My Timezone is Aest or Gmt + 10. This timezone I live in East Australia, meaning when most people in the US go to sleep or are sleeping i can continue to guard. I can also help the players in this area out, as they may not know any of the stuff going on, or they may require help and no other guards are on. I am Always helping players in need of help. I believe i am an Active Aussie player. the 2 Other aussie guards i never see, either they left or have gone inactive. With my Activeness i can usually be online on the weekends and when the US people are online, helping the guards Protect the Prisoners.
    7)Why are you the best choice for guard?(1-2 paragraphs) Most people think this is the question that needs the most effort. I believe it needs effort, but not a whole 22 paragraphs. I have Explained most of my Reasons in other questions but i will Sum it up in here. I am a Active player who is always helping. I always enjoy helping other players out a lot. no matter who it is or the Situation. I am Good at pvp, with access to a bunch of enchanted gear. I know the rules as well. I know Staff and other players and i know what they are like, and how they react too Different things. I am apart of a donor plot, meaning i can brew potions and make weapons or helpful items for fighting.

    Guarding is not all about PvP, its also about stopping rule breakers and helping players. I know when someone is hacking, aimbot and sprint hacking is easy too tell. Forcefield is also easy. Xray is simple, but i don't have or use xray so i can leave that too the alphas. I have had experience of being guard as well. I have been admin/Mod on around 4 servers. and guard on around 3 prison servers. I'm always looking out too help people as well and correct their mistakes. When i have the money, i Pay C's their way too B. Yet i have retired before. I probably won't retire again, but if i do it will be a serious reason, E.G my account was hacked.
    8)Do you understand that nagging Wardens in-game to read your app will result in immediate decline?
    I Completely understand. Wardens are already Trying their hardest to keep the server at its best. With someone bugging them to accept/view/recommend their guard app, it is extremely hard. Sometimes all the slots on the server have been full. i can image if a lot of those people had guards app just asking for it too be accepted. Without wardens the server would be Bad. No events. No one to stop major hackers/griefing sprees. no one to unban players. By bugging/nagging wardens they Could leave or it could result in a tempban/ban/mute.
    9) What Is your current prison rank?Do you understand that we will require a screenshot of this when/if you retire from guard? its easy to understand you need proof. you can't have players Getting Guard as D and then retiring lying they were Free. this is a great way to make sure the server won't be unfair. I completely understand that i need proof and i will provide proof in this spoiler below
    (Everyone loves that pic in the spoiler)

    My Rank proof of me being Free. my name is currently Colored. its pink, im a $30 donor so don't ban me if you find me in donor. Also my Texture pack is Gerudoku faithful 32x32.

    I hope i get accepted, if you don't i understand, but if at least provide ways i can improve my app.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this app.
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    Quote from Nigz4Less

    All true, i'm not going to lie about "duping", but no one else should be banned, just me. And it wasn't using any form of hack to dupe. How I found this gm 1 sign is a warp I found under the prison, You're able (or were able) to get under the prison from free. Under the prison was a sign with a warp [armada]. Me being me, I clicked it and it took me to aevil's little playground where he got gm1 to build whatever he wants. There i saw a gm1 sign and clicked it. Even better was the fact that there was a chest keeper..... So anyways, I was able to give myself what I needed, and no I didnt use item frames? So, anyway I was able to make copies of things and store them in the virtual. No one else, not even my alts. Look, I'm not asking for an unban, just an unban for my friends who were falsely accused of duping. Not too sure why my alts were banned, but even as that may be, I'm sorry for abusing said sign. Could've been my jealousy of aevil or just my greed got to me? Don't really know, but what I do know is no one else should go down with me. I only hope no one found the gm1 sign before me. I'm sorry to viper mostly, for betraying him, and only hope things will get better from here. Everyone on here deserves an apology, and sorry it had to be this way. Seeing as all my accounts are banned, I can't really go on to talk, but if anyone wants to ask me anything, ill be more than happy to talk on here,


    Cya Zak. Thanks for always killing me in riots when i was Guard, and Inviting me too Winter. Hope you can get an Alt too Rejoin.

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    Quote from Corgi

    Some other good news.
    The world is going in the good direction today ;)

    I REMEMBER THIS PLUGINS, BUT SQ/TQ/EQ/WQ should not count as death. I get low kdr because of the quests :(
    I love bounty as well.
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    Quote from Carrotts55

    guys. I have heard nodus is dead. NO MORE HAXOR C'S! WOOO

    Nodus is relasing one more update (1.5.2) then then its gone. So until 1.5.3 or 1.6 nodus will be around, besides someone will update it unofficial. So we will just get nubs using different hacks or an unofficial verision. But on the good news, no more nodus. (Best start coding my own client too hack.....) just kidding i don't hack.... Yet.....


    Nubs, nubs everywhere
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    thank you for your time.



    i remember those hard working times in the tree farms to get out of c.
    the goood old days.
    then it was me calculating how many dirt shafts i had to dig till i went to A.
    then i did nothing in the mines for a while.
    then i decided to try xray just try it.

    xray is NO fun and it gets you banned people, dont do it!

    Wardens admins ect. I DARE you to quote me on that

    ok sorry about that. that was maby my fourth post.
    anyway i still love this server.
    its great inside and out! i understand the admins (awesome people!) and such are busy,
    and i really love the fact that they take the timee to at least read our posts :) .

    even though im banned i still think this is a great server.
    and the staff and the admins are amazing!



    ps:we should stop using quotes right about now there getting abit big

    hello people even though i am currantly banned (ill post another appeal tomorrow) i will still be in touch with this AWESOME SERVER.
    so anyway after im unbanned i might try and become a guard. but im not quite certian.
    also when i am unbanned i will pay 1000 dolllars for xraying.

    once again, dont use xray it WILL get you banned. even just trying it.

    iron man 3 looks epic, but i really hope they dont come out with iron man 4.
    that would be awful

    my minecraft virsion is changed if i get unbanned then i will be able to play.
    thank you!

    We know you want too be unbanned but you don't need too span the forums. Everytime you spam you have less chance of unban.
    Also don't stay after your unbanned. The only way you can be unbanned is if a warden or p0t decides. With p0t has either left, or very inactive.
    Its IF you get unbanned. And i doubt you have 1000 dollars too donation, and if its ingame bp. Wardens can give it too them selves and admins can easily get that. Please also keep on topic. So in total. Don't spam, keep on topic, and its not when your unbanned its if.
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    Quote from Penguinaz

    I don't remember when my 1 year anniversary will be :c I think around May 25-ish but I'm not sure

    My 2 year is coming up soon 4months

    OT: sorry i've been inactive.
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    Quote from PenguiiRocks

    Hello everybody. I know recently people have been debating and arguing about how Trainees, Guards, and AlphaGuards should be more powerful and have better gear. Even though I'm not a Guard and haven't really felt how weak you guys really are, I would like to make a few suggestions.

    Armor - I think that armor should stay the same. You'll be able to easily identify Guards and it suits the role-play well. The only thing I think should change is the enchantments. The enchantments should all be the same. The whole set should be protection IV, fire protection IV, and projectile protection IV. Now if Guards have enchanted books, they are more then welcome to approve the armor if they wish.

    Buffs - The new buff Guards received doesn't really help Guards in large riots. Guards should always have access to resistance III and regeneration I buffs. The new buffs should help a lot more than they normally did. Even though it might not make a huge difference in riots, it will slightly. Every little bit counts.

    Weaponry - All Guards should have access to the same type of weapons. They should have sharpness IV and fire aspect II diamond swords. They should also have power IV and flame I bows. Same with the armor, if Guards have enchanted books and want to make weapons more powerful they are more than welcome to do so.

    Other - Guards should also have access to unlimited opples and heath pots. This should definitely help in riots. They'll never run out and can use them whenever they wish.

    I hope these suggestions helped. Probably will never happen but it was just a thought I had. I thought is was a cool idea. Thanks for reading. - PenguiiRocks

    Res 3 reduces 60% of damage.
    Res 1 will regen as well.
    Unlimited op apples, really.
    Sharp IV fire II aswell, just no
    Guards are given their stuff, frees work for it.
    I hope this was a troll.
    a single guard could take down a seven person riot, unlimited op apples and heal pots. If trainees get this they could take down a 7 aswell.
    Alphas they would need 50 people too kill them.
    This is the most dumbest idea.
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    Quote from Redstery11

    Tis The Time For Insta-Eat
    Dear Convicted Wardens and Users:

    For those of you veterans, I think you would remember the old plugin we had called Insta-Eat. For those of you who don't know what Insta-Eat is, it's a plugin that lets you use food and when you click your mouse, it heals you.

    I think Insta-Eat would be a good idea to have back in the prison server is because it makes a guard's inventory more organized. For example,

    This is what most guard's inventory would look like if we had insta-eat. Before it was removed, guard's could only carry 5 pieces of pork per fight, so we could continue using that amount, or even lower it.

    However, the guard kit we use normally looks like this

    Do you see the difference? It's very hard to use, fills inventory without being able to add bows without removing a health potion.

    I know the frees will complain if it is added, but if you look here http://dev.bukkit.or...-mods/instaeat/ you will noticed that it can be nerfed in many ways. You can chose how much health it gives you and a cool down time between eating.

    The main reason I'm making this post is because Guards and Trainees are way too weak. Froot and I tested this method and my hypothesis was correct. I predicted that using a sharp iv + strength II potion would 5-6 hit a guard, and I was correct. Not to mention, Froot was hitting me slowly, while the pace of hits in a riot could eliminate guards sooner.

    I've worked hard on this idea and it would be helpful if we got more people to join the campaign and receive positive feedback.

    I just want what's better for the server :c

    Their is room for a bow their.
    This was abused alot and should not be readded, you have heal pots and res I and now you want insta eat
    This gives makes guards too OP, i did not even like this plugin when i guarded. Your inventory point is stupid. You have room for a bow and it is your choice how you make your inv. maybe you should brew some potions too fight riots.
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