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    Quote from SoarLoser»

    Thanks for this. Question, and this may sound like a complete noob one, but to connect and play do you have to be on the Raspberry Pi version, or is there a free version you can run with a PC or Android tablet to connect? I have a pi and want to set it up so I can have a few local players all working on the same map, but not sure what versions we all need.

    No, this is for the PC, Java version. The RPI version can also be done in multiplayer (with a different process).
    For PE, you can most likely use Nukkit to host a server on the Pi.
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    Infinity Firework Boosts: No. Flying (actual, real, FLYING, not gliding) with the fireworks is a reaaaaal stretch, but infinite flight with a single firework? Overpowered, breaks the game, etc, etc. Minecraft was never meant to have flight. What we have right now I'd say is reasonable.

    Also, your comparison to infinity on a bow doesn't work at all, really. They're two completely different things:

    >Not having to spend a couple sticks, flint, and dead chickens on arrows every so often

    >Infinite flight

    theres no need to hate stuff what gives you more power.

    There is if it's overpowered.

    Its balanced, bcs you can only use it as infinity when you use firework with durability 1.

    That doesn't mean anything at all. Literally all you have to do to combat "durability 1" (I'm assuming you mean how long the blast lasts) is spam the mouse button.

    Then why do we have infinity arrow enchantment?

    See above.

    Ppl dont understand when they dont want to

    Ppl dont understand when you type like you're on a nokia flipphone

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    Since you've "converted" it? What do you mean by that?

    And unless the mods specifically, actively replace vanilla blocks, then the already generated chunks in the map should stay the same. New chunks will have whatever content the mods add in them.

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    Cross-Compatibility: Not going to happen, at least between the PC java version and the rest. Different language, different processing power at disposal, and what you mentioned, destroying in PVP, would also make it quite unbalanced (this is why we don't have many Xbone/PS4-PC cross platform games.)

    I've played the Win10 edition a bit, and in hunger games servers, it's almost pitiful how easy it is to kill a PE player from PC. (And I mean no offense to the players, it is just literally much harder to PVP on a touchscreen, or with a controller)

    Gamemode Hotkey: It's really, really not that hard to type /gamemode 1. You can set up an autohotkey script, or use one of the hotkey mods to do this anyway, if you really need it.

    Command Hotkeys in General: Yeah, this would be neat for commonly used commands (and longer ones), but again, it can be easily done using autohotkey or mods, and it's not super useful.

    Better /fill Command: Considering I'm stupid when it comes to the fill command (or vanilla commands in general), I think this would be neat, however, honestly I think a system like what WorldEdit has would be better. Maybe that, with a visual representation like the structure blocks have, would be good.

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    Yeah, the hidden lava pool is likely. That, lightning, and other players are really the only ways a fire can just "start".

    It's unlikely, but I do believe sand could spawn covering most if not all of a lava pool.

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    Eh, about as weird as the fact that zombies only drop one or two rotten flesh when in reality their whole body is rotten flesh.

    Having them drop a lot of arrows would make them OP to grind, and having them have limited arrows is kinda pointless, as it would either have to be low enough that it makes them useless enemies, or high enough to where it may as well be infinite before they die.

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    posted a message on Minecraft not utilizing GPUs, none of the online solutions working.

    I've got an FX-6300 4.3ghz, and an R9 270x, run very well, so your specs are absolutely not an issue.

    Check that your CPU isn't throttling (that cpu should not be run with the stock cooler, as I know FX chips and that one in particular run hot).

    Check in either task manager, or HWmonitor/CPU-Z that you're running at full speed (4.0 GHZ, stock)

    If you're not, check temps. And if your temps are bad, find a better cooling solution.

    If your temps are fine, check power settings. I had a friend who's i7 was running at 700mhz instead of 3.5ghz, because for some reason, power saver was on, and it limited the CPU to like 5%

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    Quote from AlexxRyzhkov»

    The i3-6100 would destroy the outdated FX6300 anyways. It's still overkill, especially since OP is asking for $100 PCs

    Yeah, can confirm there.
    While I wouldn't generally ever suggest an i3 for a gaming build (I'm not a huge fan of a dual core in 2016), that i3 would definitely top a 6300.
    I got a 6300 ~2 years ago, for about 90$, total noob to PC building at the time, and I've had it since. It's at 4.3ghz right now, and it does well enough, but I can definitely tell it's very aged at this point, and I'd definitely not recommend it unless it's on sale for like 60$ or less.
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    For 100$ and under, you'll definitely need to go used.

    The PC King_of_Ragni would probably be the best you'd get online (Albeit not great, MC is not going to run very well), but I'd also check your local Craigslist listings. People sell all kinds of hardware for cheap.

    Now, if somehow you can get some more money put in, this would be your best bet at around 300$ depending on merchant:


    Cheap, uses relatively modern hardware. and it'll run MC quite well.

    To save money on it, I'd check if you have an old PC lying around. You'd be surprised what you can find in them.

    If you could salvage the case (whether or not it works depends on size, mainly), power supply (needs to be at least 200+Watts), and harddisk, that'd save about 70$.

    If you use Linux or another free OS, that'll save about 85$.

    If you can also salvage the ram from the old PC (I suggest 4gb min for MC), that'd save another 20$

    But yeah, 100$ is not much at all for a smartphone, let alone a PC. You won't get much performance for that pricepoint.

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