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    Quote from Footissimo

    You appear not to have seen the many huge threads pointing out that armour had been buffed to a ridiculous degree. You also seemed to miss the videos - like where , or having a ..or running around at night in iron .

    It turned out that it was a bug - as confirmed by a bloke on reddit and fixed by jeb.

    Most seemed to be saying that 1.0 armour made PvP absolutely horrible - as players who had been around for a bit were pretty much invincible in normal combat..but then, I suppose, if you were one of the invinci-players, you would be bothered. 1.0 armour pretty much made hard survival an absolute joke...so the bug fix makes things a little better, if still rather easy (though hopefully AI changes will make things a little harder too).

    Oh and +1 to Varuna...and I can finally get rid of those links..woohoo

    Buddy. I play a faction/pvp/raid server. I have full protection IV armor, and my MCMMO skills are almost all 1000 finally. Before the armor "fix" pvp was amazing. Fights actually LASTED a good 3 minutes if both players were well equipped. You had time to change strategies and attempt to back off to pop a potion in quick or throw one, etc. It was intense but no offense - A guy with an iron sword should not be able to do actual heart damage to me with Prot IV on that took weeks to save up to enchant. I don't fight noobs specifically because we enjoyed having a challenge before. You let the noobs build up and get equipped and then it's an exhilarating fight. Filming fights during pvp tournies was amazing.

    Your theory that "invincible" players are the only ones upset by this is hypocritical because weak players who don't invest as much time building/leveling/working efficiently and intelligently were the complainers before. Our faction literally prioritized. When we joined we each knew what we had to do. First order of business = massive Obby generator. There was a 30 person faction who was on the server before us and simply because we play efficiently and smart we were able to not only ward them off when they tried to raid us but we were able to build a 3x3 chunk obsidian box up to skylimit minus one block to eliminate TP glitching.

    If you can't compete, don't play the damn game but for people who've put the time in, having advantages is earned. I don't give two shits about singleplayer anymore. SSP and SMP should not affect each other balance-wise. They can add more options. For example SSP should be balanced around PVE. SMP should have 2 options, PVE balance, PVE+PVP balance which would not NERF armor but actually BUFF monsters.

    If you guys aren't being challenged enough on ssp I couldn't care less. Different experiences require different BALANCING.
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    posted a message on Enguardia [Factions] [mcMMO] [Survival] [PvP] [Griefing] [24/7] [No Lag] [No Whitelist]
    Another awesome day on the server, running strong! Get on and have some fun you will not find a better put together server. Hope to see ya's!
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    Quote from Locklear308

    How Minecraft has became to Easy, and the reasons for it. (Compared to Alpha 1.26)

    1.) Caves were less common, meaning you dug your own mines MORE often. It's not minecraft now, it's Cave Explorer Craft. If caves were super rare, you'd dig your own mines, which makes sense, because it is "mine" craft. When is the last time you dug your own mine? Chances are you didn't, or if you are like me, very few.

    I dig my own mine because I branch mine. I do everything efficiently, and I try and try to be more efficient. My mining method is still more efficient than cave spelunking. I have no mobs to worry about because of the fact I make my mines. I light them every step of the way.

    2.) Iron was NOT plentiful. You had to search and mine around for it, not just walk through a cave and come out with 64 iron. This made you treat it with respect, you didn't just make tons of iron tools all willy nilly like. This also made leather armor actually useful, since iron was hard to come by.

    Iron was always pretty plentiful, tbh if you can't get 64 iron within an hour tops by making your own mine you probably actually benefit from the increased amounts in caves and that doesn't bother me. It is just more plentiful now. Mobs ARE getting better AI, you will indeed need that iron soon enough.

    3.) Armor damage reduction was based on remaining durability, meaning as your armor took damage and lost durability, it protected you less, requiring more materials to make fresh armor more often, Now a set of iron will last you for several days to weeks. And it doesn't get weaker as it loses durability.

    1.0 armor was amazing for pvp enabled servers. No joke two people with diamond armor, even with/without enchants made the fight last for a good 3 minutes if both were good players. It actually made potions useful, you didn't have a lot of time to make wrong choices BUT you had the time to at least try to get some buffs in or throw a debuff, etc. I have Prot IV armor, Sharpness V, knockback II, fire aspect II, looting III sword. Even people in protection II armor literally melt when I start hitting them. Add in my MCMMO stats and the balance is gone. I literally serrated strike the guy with my 904 sword skill, then get my axe out and skull split. The guy doesn't exist within a maximum of 10 hits. He has no time to pop in a potion or try to strafe or attempt to do anything other than get as many hits as he can on me before he doesn't exist anymore. PVE should not be the balancing point for armor. They should've just buffed mobs 20 fold.

    4.) Mobs were in greater numbers, and density, if you think a zombie is weak, your right. But 3 zombies, 2 skeletons and a creeper, in a small cave, that's no so easy anymore.

    Caves were easy as **** always. Skeletons couldn't shoot you if you made a quick 1x2 tunnel back a few blocks. The zombies and creepers would fumble around trying to enter it at the same time while you just pick away at them...

    5.) Food wasn't stack-able, now it is and you can auto heal, actually I like the food bar feature because it makes lots of food a necessity. But I will not say it makes it harder, it does make it easier. Food should NOT be stack-able.

    You can't autoheal. The health regen with full hunger is a joke when it comes to pvp situations. You are completely forgetting that this game has a multiplayer aspect as well. So it needs to be balanced in both respects without ruining it for either mode. Either that or they should make it more option-based. You want non-pvp but PVE then armor is 1.7. You want pvp + pve you get 1.0 armor with buffed mobs. You want pvp no pve 1.0 armor weak mobs. Something along that line. Bottom line is that you singleplayer guys who are trolling the forums more than you play your actual game are ruining the balance for us on multiplayer. Multiplayer is actually a hefty majority if not THE majority of MC players anymore, excluding pocket edition and so forth. So if you want to role play yourself on singleplayer than guess what, you HAVE the ability to do so.

    Differences from Beta

    1.) Beds had to be inside a secure house, you couldn't just stick one outside. Now you can just kill the mobs around, and sleep outside, ridiculous. It was once about building a shelter and surviving, but now you can sleep out side? Ruins the flow and feel of the game. Makes the "threat" from the outside world feel like a joke.

    Don't CARE I play multiplayer we don't EVER SKIP NIGHT. You have the option to, which IMO should be completely removed. There you go, problem solved. NO night skipping. Bye bye 1 item from the game, bye bye multiple uses of other items affected by lack of this use. Happy?

    2.) It used to be the mine-craft thing, that you'd walk outside and get blown up by a creeper. So we made defenses against it. Now it's pointless, because that never happens but very rarely now.

    I didn't make defenses. I would just light up a 128x128 radius on the surface, and make mob traps because the PVE in this game is dumb. You can manipulate creepers, you always could. If they were outside your house, you went down through your back door/underground exit. Oooooh soo dangerous.

    3.) Certain blocks took longer to mine, Obsidian, Redstone ore, Bricks, Stone Bricks, this made them "feel" more durable. Now everything mines a bit faster, which makes the game go along too quickly.

    Redstone took too long, to the point where if you weren't good with redstone you didn't really find an urge to mine it and put time into learning it. New players will mine a bunch up and have to work with it or dump it in lava. Means more time learning more facets of the game. Obsidian time was nerfed by 3 seconds? Oooooh. Stonebricks and bricks take more time to make, and just like with obsidian by the time you are working with this stuff it is pretty much end game level. You have diamond, end game.

    My alpha world, that I still have. If I travel back to my first home and walk around, there were like zero caves near by. I dug my first mine in the back of my small home, slowly but surely till I found a cave, explored it, and began to mine more on my own.

    There were many large cave systems in 1.7 and ****. Who cares? The problem was that I personally would've rather there been 0 caves because to me all they = is less resources. The space they take up could be filled in with more ores that my branch mining will get me.


    What was the first thing you liked about the game? When I first played, it was "whoa you can build stuff? Sweet!"
    When night time came along... it was "Holy **** what is that!"

    Everything pretty much. Learning, having to read to learn some stuff that you very likely wouldn't have figured out without, it was more time spent immersing myself in learning efficiency. Making the world, and my playstyle, or at least my personal habitat all about efficiency.

    I feared mobs and the darkness up until 1.8. That's when it all started going down hill and becoming easy.

    Never feared mobs. Was able to take quarter inv of mushroom soup or cakes and full heal myself instantly even if low.

    Come on people, the creeper, we used to fear the green dude! Walk outside, BOOM. Now? Mobs are considered a joke, "oh look some mobs, kill em"

    No. It's AI always sucked. The only time I or you or anyone got owned by it was when we were noobs and made dumb mistakes.

    The game used to be dangerous as hell, armor was weaker and grew weaker as it took damage, it was unforgiving. But that key fact is what made the game feel good. It felt good to have a gold fireplace, since it was extremely difficult to find gold and to make it out alive.

    Gold = golden apples which were nerfed heavily and are now obtainable but not godly items. The game has more content, and more to do. It is a sandbox man, you personally either make it hard or you make it easy. go play survival island or skyblock or adventure maps, etc. After 2 months tops of playing the singleplayer I just didn't care anymore, if it wasn't for multiplayer Minecraft would've been uninstalled and out the door dude. It gets boring and repetitive as ****, and I like pvp/factions/mcmmo because it gives reason to stick around. You MIGHT lose your whole base and get murdered over and over by other players. Not mobs but other players with real intelligence, capable of being a step ahead of you if you are less experienced.

    I'm currently playing alpha 1.26 to discover any more differences I may Not remember.

    So yeah, minecraft isn't as good as it used to be, all those threads most of you hate.

    They are opinions*. <-- Fixed that. Look at your + reputation. Out of the how many millions of users your rant/reasoning has solicited 1 thumbs up. Enjoy reality, which is simply that your opinion is not = to fact, nor is mine.

    There is no reason for the game not to be very difficult. Notch originally wanted the game to be difficult.
    Which is very important for a game like minecraft, where you work and survive to get materials.
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    posted a message on Enguardia [Factions] [mcMMO] [Survival] [PvP] [Griefing] [24/7] [No Lag] [No Whitelist]
    Going great everyone!!! Get in on the action there are tons of factions! See what I did there? Rhyme pro. See ya's in game!
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    posted a message on Enguardia [Factions] [mcMMO] [Survival] [PvP] [Griefing] [24/7] [No Lag] [No Whitelist]
    It's running great on 1.1, lots of new players/factions, still very balanced and the administration is on top of things. I experience zero lag, please come join up!!!!!
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    posted a message on I give you, the Tundrgle biome...

    they told us not to get too attached to our worlds.

    That was during development. Game is released. The people who bought Minecraft after release, for full price are supposed to not get attached to their worlds? Are they supposed to say, "oh whoops I just bought a released game maybe I should hold off on touching it for another half year to a year because it might work right then."
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    Quote from Greenis Creepis

    I want to be a normal well adjusted casual person, and get lots of experience so I can enchant my:

    and cows

    to high levels.

    How do I do that?

    Find a dungeon and youtube search Minecraft 1.0 xp grinders. Kasper's is pretty good.
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    posted a message on Enguardia [Factions] [mcMMO] [Survival] [PvP] [Griefing] [24/7] [No Lag] [No Whitelist]
    Awesome server, well balanced, ADULTS STAFF, dedicated player-base. Cannot ask for a better experience so get on!!!
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    Hmmm. Is the aesthetic value of gravel and/or whatever blocks you desire the roads to be of equal importance as a real anti-cheat system?

    Would you say your dilemma with gravel is a real problem, or a problem you personally have with it?

    Or even better yet. Should the rest of the paying Minecraft community be denied less bugs, mod support, better pathfinding for other entities, more balance, built in anti-spam, etc.? I'm just trying to understand what the real issue here is. It seems to me like you have a lot of passion for something that is not game-breaking to be treated as if it is?

    Cool. Maybe I like circles instead of blocks, so Jeb should make Minecraft circular. Nah, rectangles look better.

    My point here is you come off as if you are speaking for the playerbase when you are speaking for yourself.
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    Quote from Cromlathe

    I'm guessing that those are people who went right to 1.8, then 1.8.1, then 1.8.2, 1.9.0 and finally the official release. Their memory of terrain in 1.7.3 is obviously vague if they think that terrains now are even remotely similar.

    I've been mostly using 1.7.3 - BECAUSE the terrain generator in 1.1 is so messed up.

    Let me just point out a few of the more obvious differences.

    1) Beaches in 1.7.3 are much more realistic. They don't go UP above the waterline more than two or three blocks, except in desert biomes. BEACHES of sand end before they go any higher than that in 1.7.3. But in 1.1 beaches climb as high as 7, 8 or even 9 blocks. I've seen whole mountain slopes turned into "beach" because it is apparently the SLOPE that determines if it is a beach. Beaches are also very broad - like fifteen blocks wide. Making them look like mini deserts more than beaches.

    2) NO water is shallow except swamps. All water bodies dive off to as deep as they can go based on the width of the body. I've had rivers that are 12 to 14 or more blocks deep. These bodies cannot be filled in unless you are running in creative mode. I play survival, so I can't come up with enough material to fill these giant bodies of water in. That makes them just simply "in the way" for my purposes. In 1.7.3 it was common - actually VERY common - for bodies of water to be pretty shallow. I've had lakes and large bays that never went more than two blocks deep. These are pretty, but they can also be worked with if you want to eliminate the bay or lake. Working with water in 1.7.3 was a LOT easier. In 1.1 you can't really work with water because it is too deep to fill in.

    3) The biggest complaint about terrain in 1.7.3 was the tinier biomes that were out of place, and the total illogic of having a desert next to an arctic region. Most everything else was fine. In 1.1 there are too many ravines, ravines on top of ravines, mineshafts interwoven with ravines and caverns, caverns on top of caverns on top of caverns on top of ravines on top of ravines!! The world is HOLLOW!! The biomes are still a mess. Beaches are ridiculous. Oceans are so big they are just a major pain in the ass. And all of the water is deep. Nothing is ever shallow so that it can be filled in when I need more land. There's also way too much water. Rivers, lakes, oceans, water pools every few feet, and all that is left are narrow ribons of land I can't do anything with.

    4) Swamps. Apparently the Minecraft world is a swamp world. I find that there are two or three swamps to every other biome in the game. Every time I try a new seed, it is still mostly swamp. And water. Water water everywhere.

    5) Caves are too big. And there is no test in the code to see if there is already a cave in that area. So you tend to get a lot of caves on top of caves, and you end up with massive wormhole systems that go from the surface of the world all the way to the bedrock. Caves and ravines are both too common in the world. And they need some built in checks to make sure a Ravine doesn't crash into another ravine, or a cave on top of another existing cave system. Or a mineshaft on top of another mineshaft.

    6) In general, biomes are too large, making the world rather bland and boring. The complaint in 1.7.3 about small biomes referred to those biomes that were too small to logically exist. But Notch got carried away and made them 50 times bigger when they really only needed to be two or three times bigger. With a few of them six or eight times bigger. But biomes that stretch for thousands of blocks are too common, and boring. Especially oceans. Large oceans should be an option made available to those few players who would like to make use of their ocean environments. Or if that isn't acceptable, then there should be an added option for SMALLER oceans. Smaller oceans and shallower water. For me personally, neither of these issues were complaints in 1.7.3.

    7) In 1.7.3 mountains SLOPED upward. There were a few oddities that rose almost straight up to their peaks, but those were unusual mountains, and not all that common. Mountains mostly had nice slopes. In 1.1 I constantly find that mountains are just sheer, with cliffs most of the way around them. They are even looking like a chunk error in 1.1. I keep generating fresh new worlds that have totally square mountains rising sheer above the surrounding areas so that they appear to be a chunk issue that occurs when reusing a 1.7.3 world with 1.1. LOL.

    Compared to 1.7.3, biome generation in 1.1 is a freak show. I find very little natural about biomes in 1.1. Especially the way water ALWAYS dives immediately to great depths. Only very large rivers are more than three or four feet deep. These rivers in Minecraft are small enough that they should never be more than two or three blocks deep.

    It is just an opinion, but I feel that ravines should NEVER open up in water. Before a ravine gets put in, it should run a check on the area it is being placed. If there is water, no ravine. If there is a ravine already in the area, no ravine. A single ravine crossing a single cavern system is fine. A ravine crossing a mineshaft is fine. But ravines crossing ravines is a bit redundant and ridiculous. And ravines opening up underwater is illogical. Ravines are splits in the crust or erosion channels. They have a river at the bottom (sometimes) or they are dry. If there was water - like a lake or swamp - a ravine doesn't open up in those places. And there is little to no erosion in such places. Instead, material is DEPOSITED in such wet areas, so that a ravine would have been filled in with deposit material. Ravines underwater are just totally illogical.

    So, no, terrain generation in 1.1 isn't even similar to terrain generation in 1.7.3. I have both versions and I play both versions. Mostly 1.7.3 because the water in 1.1 just plain totally SUCKS!!

    A. I play an SMP hardcore PVP/factions/raiding server. Oceans are AMAZING. People like YOU are the reason that making bases far out under the ground in the middle of an ocean gives a sense of safety. I have indeed spent a good 20 minutes sometimes straight sailing. I do not mind, because in my mind the further I go, the less I gotta worry about people like you who want the game to be a train ride.

    Listen, honestly go outside, craft together a boat out of sticks and planks and start working your way across an ocean. So yeah, stop complaining.

    1.7 Sucks ass now. I've used Mcnostalgia to see where all you complainers are coming from but I still don't get it. The game has gotten better. If you WANT old terrain gen you HAVE Mcnostalgia. Us people who actually like to move on and not do the same exact damn thing year after year don't need to be sent back in time to play boring ass 1.7.

    Here's 1.7. Spawn, Kill animals, animals respawn, kill animals, look at that food heals hearts instantly i have the best cooked stuff time to get diamonds - hey look diamonds, game over.

    If you play creative then good for you, I don't, and I won't deal with the game trying so hard to make every gametype satisfy every whiner. You kids are just seriously annoying anymore.
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    posted a message on 1.1 still crashes like 1.8.1 and 1.0.0 (I CAN PLAY ONLY 1.7.3)
    O.o I didn't think 512 mb existed anymore.
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    Quote from SuperSoldier98

    There is a plugin on a server I play on that lets you repair items on a iron block.

    That's mcmmo. I honestly didn't like mcmmo at first, but I love it now. Yes the repairing is amazing really. Makes combat a little more exciting as well. The vanilla combat and leveling forces me to make mobspawner and mobtrap xp grinders. 1870 mobs via hunting at night in vanilla just doesn't appeal to me. This is a great lesson though. There are usually mods that correct most issues we have with the game and a lot that add features many want. We just gotta put in the time to fing them, and/or a server that runs them, etc.
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    posted a message on What is your opinion on oceans?
    A. They are VERY good on pvp enabled servers. 9 times out of 10, half of the people that are in this thread sail for a minute or two, and then get bored and angry and "Oh no one pry crossed this, this is stupid". Meanwhile my base is one of two on a server that have never been found... Within a 5000 world border limit...... Explain please.

    Can someone honestly explain how hard it is to sail these oceans? I would rather build my base under the ocean than anywhere else. So many noobs can sail right over your entrance even if you literally use 400 glowstone to make arrows pointing to the door. You could literally place signs at the start of the ocean and randomly leading them straight to your base and most of these kids would honestly rather X out of the game, come on here and QQ.

    Seriously people. It's not even about realism. It's not about anything. Most importantly it is not only about YOU. So stop whining. Learn how to prosper with the tools we are given and let them work on REAL problems. Bug/hacks/modAPI. That is ALL they need to work on for the next however long it takes to fix 99 percent of them all.

    At said point when hacks no longer work, bugs don't create annoyances constantly, and modding has a supported API, THEN ask for changes/new stuff. Why is there honestly like zero threads complaining about hackers?? Why does no one seem to care about that more than the random whiny ideas spammed? Does ANYONE on this forum share the opinion that the bugs/anti-hack/mod API should be priority? Along with fixing/finishing unfinishes features?

    How do we KNOW oceans will remain boring once finished? Why is it such a big deal to so many people. Stop crying on here and actually come online and play the damn game.
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    posted a message on Virtual-pvp [hard-core pvp] [mcmmo] [factions] [grefing] [raiding]
    Guys another epic day! Come Get in on the action, there have been epic battles, and everyone is awesome. Hardcore PVP ftw!!!!!!!!
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.0 is completely Unbalanced.
    Quote from Locklear308

    I know you all are tired of "TEH GAME R RUIN3D." This is not one of those threads.

    This is a call out to the players of the game. This isn't funny I am serious.

    Minecraft is broken, and has become BORING because of it.

    How is it broken? Well first off, I just fought a skeleton, who did...HALF a heart of damage, IF he hit me. I left him shoot 5 times. He hit me twice. I didn't Move, I just stood, as he ran around me like a mad man.

    This is horrible. The mobs are a negitive threat level to me. Even with leather armor. Honestly I just can walk around at night, and creeprs, zombies, and skeletons? Please, Armor makes you a god. And YES I am on hard difficulty.

    This is a serious problem. The game has ZERO challenge. I used to have fear of meeting a mob, back in Alpha and Beta.

    Walking through a tunnel, suddenly I hear that old loud arrow sound. "****!" I've quickly find cover and try to carefully locate the source of the arrows, once I'd found him, I'd carefully try to get him out of the darkness to take him down. Because since skeletons used to do 2 hearts of damage, WITH ARMOR, I could walk away missing 4 hearts. If I just ran up, another mob could easily turn this into a game of "I'm ****ed".

    Current Release (1.00)
    Walking through a tunnel, I hear the weak phuf sound of an arrow, I see the skeleton, I kill him. I walk away with perhaps half a heart missing if he even hit me.

    Horrible. The game, as it is now, is completely ruined. UNTIL we balance the mobs and armor.

    Armor should NOT make you a god. It should, as it used to be, help you IF you make the right choices.

    I need to know how to contact Jeb/Notch/Mojang

    Because this is a serious issue that needs to be top priority. It depresses me how much no one seems to notice or care how broken and challenge-less the game is as of now. I mean, how much easier is normal compared to Hard Difficulty? Because playing on Hard feels like I am playing on Very Easy.

    What server do you play on? I'd be glad to stop by and unbalance it a bi more for ya. This game is/was never, ever, hard. They buffed creepers and enderman in 1.8 and everyone cried party fouls so they nerfed them again. More little kids will make noise about it being too hard than any of us can about it being too easy. Once you get diamond stocked up, game win. Xp grinders are needed to hit level 50 in a normal amount of time, which shouldn't be the case, and tnt should insta-kill. Nothing like lobbing tnt into bases it landing right next to the people and all they do is get tickled by it. However, it is much more balanced than beta, it is much more fun than beta, and has more replayability now. More blocks, more mobs, new dimension with boss, etc, and the same old Minecrafty goodness.

    We should honestly all focus on getting them to install real anti-cheat software. I urge you to youtube some of the hacked clients, or mess around with a good one a bit. Yeah. People can destroy someone in diam armor with just iron armor. Heck, people with fists can get a good amount of hits in on a diam arm person. Aimbot's, constant criticals without sprint jumping, autosprint and autoattack spammers, etc. Minecraft needs anti-cheat not now, not tomorrow, Yesterday, a year ago. Nocheat and bukkit devs do a good job of patching and blocking but anyone who feels like running vanilla with no whitelist will find the map destroyed in a couple days and people flying everywhere killing everyone.
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