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    This entire topic has blown out of proportion, even when it was just hinted at the Mojang staff. Hell, we could even be getting "free" money from Mojang directly, and we wouldn't know about it yet.

    I am a plugin developer, and even though I develop plugins privately for servers, I never do it for the money. I do it because I have fun with it. Sure, I could do with a income stream, but what could I legitimately do with it, being a 15 year old? Pictures of cats?

    On the other hand, we do have servers to run. We can't just summon random servers out of nowhere. Many of the big servers out there (Hypixel etc.) have had thousands of hours of work go into them. The backend infrastructure for them is astronomical, and expensive as well. They need funds from a external source to keep them afloat - any bonus money on that is well deserved, if anything.

    Before you start making comments about the issue, do your research, and put on our shoes. Yes, some of the "donation" (it should really be contribution) prices are really messed up ($1k, seriously?), and Mojang could take the time to cut down on them, but most of us aren't greedy.
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