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    This is pretty great, however i don't believe i can disable the droplets on lens effect that starts when it rains

    I would like to be able to remove that because it doesn't make sense in deserts

    Is there a way to edit it to give me that option?

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    You died!
    >Yes< No

    Turns out living in the void sucks.
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    Banned for having really good facial hair.

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    In 1.9 glass was changed so that water didn't leave a streaky flowing image across it. The same change should be added to ice. Ice occurs naturally in the water, so it is very easy to run into an example of this.

    If you have ever tried to build underwater with ice (because they are both water- its a theme) you end up with a hideous streaky mess.

    Changes should be made, it limits building potential.

    I reposted this thread on reddit, be sure to vote there!

    Support on Reddit Here

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    This sounds good. It not the generic "UNDERgrounD BIoMES GUYesSS!!!", this is a focus on improving the underground structures and diversity! This is a focus on generated structures, not specifically biomes.

    I hope a mod comes out that does this, to really prove the concept.

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    Quote from Endergirl00»

    The first two you've stated was something I learned through watching Mythbusters, but that defibrillator part was something educational and never knew.

    Teach me more, oh mighty bongo moth.


    People acting in movies like it's impossible to know how bees fly. It's kinda awesome, bees generate little air vortices with their wings and use that to fly with extreme precision.

    Guns have safety devises in them. Dropping a gun down a staircase won't kill all you (probably ethnic) evil doers in a funny display. Most modern guns have to go through drop tests, to ensure that they won't go off if dropped.

    Also, you won't explode in the vacuum of space. The human body has so much connective tissue, you won't just explode. You also wouldn't instantly burn or freeze either. A vacuum is a great insulator, so heat gain/loss doesn't happen quickly.
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    Quote from AGmantheAG»

    Why is an ant walking through resin bad for gameplay?

    Because why would they get trapped in their own resin? They can't spring their own trap, and that sort of thing.

    Anyways what I noticed is that, the ants have genders, mainly the queen ant because, queen. That doesn't really negate any support from me but I feel like it must be said "mobs in minecraft have no gender,".

    HHMMMmmmmmm, not necessarily. It could just be a completely hermaphroditic species, with only a few fertile "Queens".
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    “In 2009, it was demonstrated that the largest Japanese, Californian and European Argentine ant supercolonies were in fact part of a single, global "megacolony".”

    - Ant Colony, Wikipedia

    Ok, this suggestion includes a new type of mob, with new items as drops, found in a new dungeon, and also some new blocks.

    First off, the mobs.

    Basicly, they will be giant ants. There are three varieties. All ants would randomly spawn inside the area the tunnels occupy. This would be similar to the mechanic guardians have. Ants spawn when there is a solid block beneath them, and at any light level. Furthermore, no other mobs would spawn in this area because the ants “already got ‘em”.

    Along with the ants spawned naturally, ants will also spawn with monster spawners in special rooms within the dungeon. This would make specific types of ants be more common in specific places, and make ants appear from seemingly nowhere.

    More in Depth spawning- Thanks to Ouatcheur!

    So it would require Pack Spawning to check if the chunk contains an "Ant Tunnel" tag, and if it does, no hostile or passive mobs will spawn in that chunk, and ants will spawn instead. This is like the pack spawning with Ocean Monuments where only guardians can spawn (a dark, hollowed out monument won't have mobs spawn in it). So there is a bounding box over the ant dungeons that allows ants to spawn there.

    Pack spawning would also further divide the ant dungeon into separate, ant dungeon chunks. Each chunk could choose to have a different ant type weight (like one has 50% each ant type, one has 25% worker, 75% soldier, ect), so different ants spawn more commonly in different chunks. Rooms inside the dungeon can spawn based on chunk as well, so that there is always the correct proportion of ants in the correct room.

    Anyway, these are the mobs....


      1. Worker ant- "Baby" model for the ants I guess you can say. About 1x1x0.5, or as big as a cave spider.
        • Same melee attack damage as spider (Easy: 2 (Heart.svg), Normal: 2 (Heart.svg), Hard: 3 (Heart.svgFile:Half Heart.svg)), but has Knockback I as well
        • No armor.
        • Same amount of health and speed as a cave spider (12 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg))
        • Immune to the slowing effects of resin(more on that later).
        • Can climb walls like a spider
        • Looks like this.
      2. Soldier ant- "adult" model for the ants. 2x2x1, or the size of a normal spider
        • Melee attack strength of 5 on Easy (Heart.svgHeart.svgFile:Half Heart.svg), of 7 on Normal (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgFile:Half Heart.svg), and 9 on Hard(Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgFile:Half Heart.svg), along with Knockback I.
        • Same amount of armor as a fully leather armored player.
        • Same amount of health as a normal spider (16 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg))
        • Speed is slightly faster than a normal spider. (105% spider speed)
        • Immune to the slowing effects of resin(more on that later).
        • Can climb walls like a spider
        • Also gives the player a “Irritation” effect for 30 seconds, which halves all types of healing and hunger gain (Thank you Ceroz for suggesting that!), and Nausea for 3 seconds.
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      3. Ant Queen- Like the "Elder" class of guardian, or a Mini boss. About 2x3x1.5 blocks in size, or as big as a short horse.
        • Gives Regen I to nearby ants (like a 2 block radius),
        • Has the same amount of health as an Elder Guardian (80 ( Heart.svg× 40))
        • Has the same armor as a fully chain mail armored player.
        • Immune to the slowing effects of resin(more on that later).
        • Moves slightly slower than a normal spider.(90% of a spider's speed) Also does not wander much.
        • Attack-
          1. places a resin block at a players feet randomly if the player is in a 3 block radius (randomly, like every tick, there is 1/30 chance of it doing this) More on resin blocks later.
          2. Melee damage is comparable to a normal zombie. (Easy: 2 (Heart.svg), Normal: 3 (Heart.svgFile:Half Heart.svg), Hard: 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg)) Melee range is one block in front of it's head. Slow attack speed, because if you're in melee range, you're probably stuck in resin.

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    • Worker ants are actually neutral. Soldier ants and Ant Queens are not though (they are aggressive). The worker ants will not bother you until you attack any kinda of ant. Example: You gain entrance to the ant dungeon, and all the worker ants are wandering around doing their thing. A soldier ant then immediately comes up ant tries to attack you. After you hit the soldier ant, all the workers will become aggressive to you too.
    • Ants will also attack all mobs, both hostile and passive. The only thing is, all hostile mobs are also hostile to ants, and mobs killed by the ants don't drop anything (to prevent them from becoming a substitute to iron golems).
    • Ant queens will actually retreat to the nearest ant after being hit (along the x,z axis, I don't want them wandering to the closest ant above them).
    • As many people have suggested, ants now spawn around the ant queen, but they do so in a different manner than you may expect. Ants (75% of them will be soldier ants, 25% worker ants) will spawn within a 12 block radius from the ant queen, but will not spawn within an 8 block radius of the queen. More so, ants will only spawn if the player is in an 8 block radius with the queen. This would make the ants occasionally spawn behind the player, or in different rooms adjacent to the Queen’s room. This is meant to simulate all ants in the hive travelling over to save the queen (because many of the times, the ants would spawn out of view, or at the entrance to the room). The ants the queen spawns will also automatically target the player, even if the ant does not have a direct line of sight with the player. About 2-4 ants spawn each time, and spawn with the same frequency of a monster spawner.
    • Diagram explaining ants spawning around the queen:


    All ants drop random amounts of resin droplettes () and red sand, similar to guardians dropping prismarine shards and fish (so 1-3 resin nuggets, 0-2 red sand)

    • Worker ants also rarely drop random plants like; leave blocks (all varieties), mushrooms, vines, seeds, and crops, but only if killed by a player
    • Soldier ants also rarely drop mob related items, like rotten flesh, string, bones, and gunpowder, but only if killed by the player. They also have a unique drop, an “ant stinger” () which is a potion ingredient, and is dropped normally.
    • Can be brewed with an awkward potion to make an “Irritation I” potion that has a duration of 3 minutes.
    • Extended potions last 5 minutes
    • Adding glowstone dust makes an “Irritation II” potion, which lasts 1 minute, 30 seconds and reduces healing and hunger gains by 2/3rds
    • Adding a fermented spider eye makes a “Wellness” potion, which increases health and hunger gains by 50% for “Wellness I” and 66% for “Wellness II”. Has the same effect time and their un-spider eyed counterparts
    • Ant Stinger’s are “bad food” like spider eyes, or rotten flesh. Has an 90% chance to give you the “Irritation I” effect for 7 seconds when eaten, has the same amount of saturation and hunger points as a spider eye.
    • Ant queens have a 50% chance to drop an Ant Queen head, and commonly drop whole resin blocks themselves.

    The dungeon-

    Note- Some ant colonies would be Polygyny, or have multiple queens.

    The dungeons the ants spawn in appear in any type of Mesa Biome. They have a 1/150 chance to spawn around any specific chunk within Mesa Biome.

    It looks similar to caves, but always connects to the surface, and with hardened resin blocks and red sandstone mixed with the naturally occurring hardened clay.

    The caverns would look like this.

    Please forgive me for my terrible cave making skills…...

    At the end of each dead end in the tunnels generated like this, there would be one of several specific rooms that can form. All rooms have a weight value, which will help the game determine which room has what probability to spawn.

    Notice! Room weight values are prone to change.

    • "Resting" Room- a default room I guess you could say. Nothing too special. Has hardened resin and "soft" non-drying resin equally distributed in here. 50/50 spawning for each type of ant. Has a weight value of 150
    • Nursery room- Would contain a single Ant Queen would spawn (like a Elder Guardian in a Monument), and there would be many, many "soft" non-drying resin blocks everywhere, accumulating in piles. 75% of the ants that spawn here are soldier ants, 25% are worker. The change weight that this room will spawn is 20 (but there will always be at least one!)
    • Food room- Would have leaf blocks and both types of mushrooms naturally growing inside of this room. A couple "soft" non-drying resin blocks, but mostly there is hardened resin. 50/50 spawning for each type of ant. Chance weight is 70
    • Garbage room- Contains mostly coarse dirt and mycelium. Contains only hardened resin, no "soft' resin. Only worker ants spawn here. Chance weight is 50
    • Hatchery room- This is the only room that contains spawners. There is one worker ant spawner in here, hidden under a pile of "soft" non-drying resin blocks. Actually, there would be many, many piles of "soft" non-drying Resin Blocks. everywhere. 75% of ants spawned here through natural means are worker ants, 25% are soldier ants.


    Resin blocks are like the combination of a slime block, sand, and cobweb. It looks like a amber colored slime block and has the slowing effect of one, is affected by gravity like sand, and you fall into it and are slowed like a cobweb.

    There are also two types of resin blocks, those found naturally in the dungeon, and those you can craft. Naturally generated resin does not dry out (more on that later), but crafted resin does.

    "Soft" Resin can only be picked up with a shovel, and can be crafted with a 2x2 crafting grid filled with resin nuggets.

    Breaking a soft resin block will drop 3-4 resin nuggets as well, similar to snow or glowstone.

    Similar to how crops grow, resin blocks have a timer. After a random period (similar to crops), the crafted Soft Resin will harden into Hardened resin, which is mined with a pickaxe. These have a dull amber color, and are useful for decoration.

    Similar to farmland, a water block close-by to a crafted resin block will prevent it from becoming a hardened resin block. Hardened resin blocks however will not revert back into “squishy” resin blocks if close by to water.

    Hardened resin can also be put into a furnace to create an Amber Block.

    Amber blocks can be put into a crafting table in a 2x2 configuration to create Amber bricks. They can also be made into slabs and stairs, and have a “chiseled” variant similar to stone bricks. Crafted with two slabs over each other in a crafting table.

    Amber is just another decoration block, until you surround it with four glowstone dust, which will create an Amber Lamp. This would be a new light source.

    The blocks look like this….

    Wanna banner? Try this!

    [p][url=../forums/minecraft-discussion/suggestions/2505707-ant-dungeon-found-in-mesa-biomes-now-with-banners][img width='728' height='100' alt='http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-discussion/suggestions/2505707-ant-dungeon-found-in-mesa-biomes-now-with-banners']http://i.imgur.com/TXu7cIk.png[/img][/url][/p]

    *Special Thanks to Cerroz for suggesting useful things and Endergirl00 for telling me my Ant texture looked okay*

    Thanks For Reading!


    Thanks for reading!

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    Quote from ScorpionXR64»

    OT: cgi

    hhmmhmmmmmm, not quite.

    CGI used badly is something most people hate. Using only CGI in a movie is also bad.
    This looks ugly->

    Likewise, practical effects used badly is something most people hate. Using only bad practical effects are bad as well.
    This looks ugly->

    Good movies provide a good balance between the two.
    A close up shot/medium shot need really good practical effects, due to the lighting and detail being far better than CGI when you are up close. Practical effects are also good when they are the main focus of the camera.

    For Wide or Long Shots and background , however, CGI has the advantage. You don't need as many details, or accurate lighting, or resources to make a good wide shot in CGI. Likewise, cgi in the background of images can make a scene.

    This is the good work of combining both CGI and practical effects->

    CGI isn't the problem, directors using CGI improperly is the problem.
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    Granted, the entire state suddenly hovers a mile above the ground and flies toward you at Mach 1. Immense amounts of people are killed and billions of dollars worth of goods and property are destroyed. A state of emergency is falls over the entire country and the resulting earthquakes and dust storms kill even more. You have doomed the country.

    I wish that things exist.

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