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    posted a message on [DONOR GIVEAWAY][24/7][1.2.5][Creative/Survival][SPLEEF]MeGustaCraft[Anti-grief][Lockette][MultiWorld]
    ~~~Welcome to MegustaCraft~~~
    ATTENTION: We are having a donor giveaway through our website. Register on the webstie, and then click here:
    We are a new small community! I just finished setting up permissions, the creative world, and spawns of both worlds!


    Member - You get this when you first join. you can tpa, and build in both worlds
    Builder - essentially the same as Member
    Apprentice - Same as the first two, but you can /tp
    Apprentic_V2 - Same as regular apprentice, but you get worldedit in the creative world
    T-Mod - You get this when your mod application is accepted. You are typically this rank for 1-2 weeks
    Moderator - /i, /kick, and /tp
    Admin - /creative, all essentials, Kick, Ban
    Owner - Everything


    Windmill (Conzy's house)^

    Creative world spawn^

    Other shot of creative world spawn^

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    posted a message on Champion Rush
    This server is terrible. I went on expecting creative or item spawning but You don't get them. It's creative because "There are no mobs". This servver is terrible
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    posted a message on HamCraft [24/7] [Small Community] [Anti-Grief]
    Hello! We are a relatively new server and are looking for players. If you want a fun survival server then come here!


    Right now we need Moderators and Admins.
    Apply here:
    Experience as a moderator:
    What would you do if someone griefs:
    someone spams:
    Someone disrespects an Admin:
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    posted a message on [SURV] SkyTree 1.0.0 !
    How the hell do you give the trees moustaches?
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    posted a message on My Brothers Mob Trap
    No pics no clicks
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    posted a message on How to play minecraft with a controller!
    What you need:
    -Wired xbox360 controller
    -JoyToKey (Download Here (I was nice enough to include my config so it will work immediately))

    Lets get started!

    Make sure your controller is connected and open JoyToKey. The left hand side displays your configurations. You can multiple configurations to use for certain tasks (one for mouse movement, one for gaming, etc.). On the right hand side you'll see a long list that consists of "Button", "Keyboard", "Auto". This is where you define what the buttons (thumbsticks and directional pads count too) do. However, by default this list doesn't show every component of the Xbox 360 controller.

    Click the tab on the very right labeled "Others". Here you can change the number of joysticks for this configuration. Adding more joysticks to configure allows the same customization of a separate configuration, but the you can only switch to different joystick configurations (Joystick 1, Joystick 2, etc.) temporarily (while a button is held down) where you can toggle between configurations (press once to switch, press again to switch back). To view the full range of buttons of the Xbox 360 controller click "Use Axes other than X and Y." and "Use POV switches".

    Now, push the "Joysticks" tab to switch back to the list. You'll notice a lot more buttons are available for us to configure. Here's a rundown of what each button on the controller is listed as in the list.

    Left Thumbstick Left = AxisX(<0)
    Left Thumbstick Right = AxisX(>0)
    Left Thumbstick Up = AxisY(<0)
    Left Thumbstick Down = AxisY(>0)

    Right Shoulder = Axis3(<0)
    Left Shoulder = Axis3(>0)

    Right Thumbstick Left = Axis4(<0)
    Right Thumbstick Right = Axis4(>0)
    Right Thumbstick Up = Axis5(<0)
    Right Thumbstick Down = Axis5(>0)

    Directional Pad Up = POV1:UP
    Directional Pad Right = POV1:RIGHT
    Directional Pad Down = POV1:DOWN
    Directional Pad Left = POV1:LEFT

    A = Button 1
    B = Button 2
    X = Button 3
    Y = Button 4

    Left Bumper = Button 5
    Right Bumper = Button 6

    Back = Button 7
    Start = Button 8

    Left Thumbstick = Button 9
    Right Thumbstick = Button 10

    Alternately, if you have a Ps3 controller you can use the mappings
    UP (D-PAD U)
    DOWN (D-PAD D)
    BUTTON 3 - CROSS (X)
    BUTTON 5 - L-2
    BUTTON 6 - R-2
    BUTTON 7 - L-1
    BUTTON 8 - R-1

    From here you can configure the buttons manually, download the configurations I use, or do a little of both. To assign a value to a button you simply double click it in that list. You'll be presented with a bunch of options. "Disable" does just what it says. "Keyboard" allows you to assign a certain keystroke (or a combination of up to three keystrokes) to that button. "Mouse" allows you to move the mouse pointer, scroll wheel, and use the mouse buttons. "Command" does nothing at the moment. "Special" lets you speed up or slow down the movement of the pointer, temporarily use another joystick configuration, or switch to a different configuration. With the config included in my file:
    The right trigger is mine/punch
    The left trigger is place blocks/action
    Left thumbstick is move
    Right thumbstick is look/move mouse
    A is jump
    X is open inventory
    Left bumper is crouch
    And start is open menu. You can change the file further to incorporate your favorite mods. I couldnt figure out how to open on screen keyboard with a touch of a button.
    Please let me know if I missed anything and i will add it. Any constructive criticism is appreciated! Please leave a reply if this worked for you!

    Thanks to Beta_Failure for the Ps3 controller mapping!

    I made a banner!


    If you can make a better one please do!
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] "Invalid server key" fix
    I love you <3
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    posted a message on Brick Craft
    Da **** is this?
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    posted a message on [Adv] Lost in the forest
    This is my first adventure map. Constructive critisism is appreciated.

    Download it here: Download!
    Sorry about the Adfly link hoping it will generate a little bit of revenue.

    1.Memory1 - 56
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    posted a message on [Adv/Puz] CUBE Inc: Overhaul (Now with Command Blocks) (Updated to 1.4) (140,000+ Downloads)
    Finally! someone who doesnt take advantage of adf.ly to make money. Thank you good sir
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