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    Hey guys,

    I used to run a fairly successful prison server back in the day of Minecraft 1.4

    Unfortunately, I went to College and shut it down for stupid reasons. I had lots of players, and lots of donations to go with it.

    So, if anyone would like to commit to an awesome experience, and probably gain an Administrator title to the server for the payoff, apply here! (Note: Currently hosting on my own computer at home, but am planning on moving to a hosting service provider when donations come along [still lag-free]).

    I most likely will only need 1-3 people ONLY.

    Application (MUST BE DETAILED, otherwise a guaranteed deny):
    Minecraft IGN:
    My experience with Prison Servers:
    My experience with Spigot/Bukkit and prison-related plugins:
    My experience with Server Administration:

    Thanks in advance!

    If you would like to check out the server now, it's already online -- no whitelist! (You cannot do anything but walk and talk though)


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    Starting up a nice server! Pretty much Vanilla with some fun silly side-plugins and anti-grief tools.

    No applications necessary at the moment.

    - Don't beg to be an admin/mod/staff

    - Don't grief

    - Don't hack like a script kiddie

    - Have FUN!


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    posted a message on -=Welcome to Xazier Prison Server=- [Mature Staff, and Players!] Need Guards!
    Currently Down

    (No whitelist, come in!)

    [Credits to BS411 for the Pic]

    What Xazier offers, is a powerful, but also fun community of players and staff where there's NO abuse, hacking, griefing. If so, those who do would be instantly banned. So our rules are strict to make the game-play enjoyable just for you.

    This is not 24/7 yet, but has better specs than an average paid host you'd get, as it's ran on my own computer 'till further notice. Though, it is almost 24/7, but not fully at the moment!

    Welcome to Xazier! You've been locked up in this extremely secure prison for... I don't know, what do you think YOU did (RP:Pig: ). In here, you must rank your way to the top from Prisoner C, to Elite. Every time you rank up, you'll be seen with more respect, new items unlocked, and a new room to be in that's restricted towards the lower ranks! After rank A, you can earn the rank of "Free" where you can enter the outside world and do WHAT EVER you want (and also enter the prison any time you want)! No one said it's easy to rank up. It takes time, and you'll probably be dead a few times due to other bad prisoners who want to wrestle..
    PvP is not everywhere, there's safe zones where you can relax and take ease. If you want protection while in a PvP zone, you can follow a guard to protect you. If you want a guard to follow and protect you (which is a different story), you can bribe him.. There's some rules you must follow, and if you don't the guards can kill you, or jail you depending on the case. You do NOT want to be jailed.. Because when you get unjailed, let's say there will be a fiesta? Here's your choice, do you want to be good and respectful, or cruel & evil (aka killer) and violent? If you are good with PvP'ing you can gain money selling off dead players' (and guards') items and equipment. If you are a nice and pleasant player, you can make money by doing the labor, taking your time. Your choice, you role play how you want it to be. In the future, there will be some random events the players will be able to enter and have fun. Some recommended ideas so far will be Spleef (finished), Hunger Games, Food Court, and more!

    **NEW: Spleef and Trivia events are finished!**

    These are the server rules:

    1. Hacking (along with using glitches & exploits) is NOT accepted. Any hacking including Xray, Nodus Clients, Kill Auras, etc. will result in a permanent ban. If I possibly do warn you, it will ruin your chance of being a guard FOREVER.

    2. No CAPS! Though, you can make only 3 capital letters per talk entry. Example: "Hey guys, WAT up!!?". You can also do: "You all SuCK". This is to prevent spamming and gaining attention through CAP's. In conclusion, please do not spam either. Resulting in this rule, you will be muted for a long time.

    3. You MUST respect others and especially the staff. If you swear at others, you will be muted for a long time. I don't care if you didn't even directly call someone a swear, don't even care if you called yourself that. You still will be muted.

    4. You MUST obey the Tree Farm rules, if you do not, it can result in a ban and possibly permanent. Some rules for the tree farm is: No leaving tree tops floating in the middle of the air, No leaving all the leafs around the tree broken off and not the tree itself, no breaking the grass that the trees are seeded on, no breaking the light sources either. We unprotected such things because then we got a chance to use the ban hammer.

    6. No transparent texture packs, which is just like a xray hack.

    8. No advertising, which is another form of spamming. I don't tolerate it.

    9. No griefing of any kind or form: (Though if you're a free rank and in the outside world you can do what ever you like, just don't get carried away with it!)

    10.) Don't ask me "can i b guard plz im a good guard and i cud help u make stuf".


    These are the Prison Rules:

    1. Contraband items are allowed to use in the server, but against "prison rules". If a guard sees that certain item, like a sword for example, a guard will ask for it. If you do not hand it over within time he will jail you for a certain amount of time.

    Contraband items include: Swords, bows, flint and steel, potions, ender pearls, and more.

    2. If you are fighting a prisoner & the other prisoner does not fight back and a guard sees it, you will be killed (the aggressor). If you run into a Non-PvP zone you will be asked to step out so he can kill you, or you can be jailed if you do not listen. Your choice. If you are fighting a prisoner and the other prisoner responds with self defense by hitting you back and the guard sees both of you, you will both be killed.

    3. When guards give you a certain time to get you out of non-pvp zone or to hand over your sword, you have 5 seconds to do so. If not, you will be jailed.

    4.) There's more rules that you can find when you first join the server. Please read them, because if you do not and you break a prison rule you might think you were killed or jailed unfairly, when you clearly weren't.

    Guard Application:

    Go on http://bit.ly/xprison to apply for guard.

    If you're banned and would like a appeal, feel free to submit this form:

    Go on http://bit.ly/xprison to appeal a ban.

    Rank Info is Coming SOOOOON:

    Pictures are coming soooon:

    Thanks for reading this, I appreciate it and don't forget to log on and take a peak to see what all the awesomeness is all about!

    [Old Server: http://bit.ly/mcnugget ] (Discontinued)

    Post Below for Feedback, etc.

    [For Donation advantages, contact the server owner]
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    posted a message on -=Welcome to Xazier Prison Server=- [Mature Staff, and Players!] Need Guards!
    Quote from Dezcartez

    Guard Application

    IGN: Dezcartez

    Age: 16

    How long have you been on the server [I don't accept new players who want to apply]?: for about a month.

    Reason for wanting this position (requires paragraph): Its not about me, Its about the society. yes we can! yes we can!........JK!
    Well ever since I was a little boy iv'e always wanted to be guard on your server. Even though im still a C-rank prisoner I have watched the work of other guards and I was always quiet, BUT NO MORE! Today the truth will be spoken! Every single time I am playing on your server, till this day! I always see people capsing and i tell them and I quote "caps". Then I get told "hush dez ur not guard" by another prisoner or a guard, but for what reason? Yes i know they will take care of it but can't fellow prisoners help out the prison community too? Today!, the unspoken will be spoken! Thats why I want to be guard to tell everyone out there that its NOT over! There is still a chance for justice. Everyone should be able to help everyone without being bossed around. The world we live in is a cruel world but even the smallest things can change it like my!...finger. There are already guards on your server but the attendance of guards lacks. I have seen hackers and ragers, and YES! I have been a victim of this voodoo sorcery. All i can do is watch... They tell im not guard so shut up! But I say then let me be guard!

    Experience (details): I know how to be a guardian and iv'e played on a bunch of prison servers. I know the guard rules and what to do as a guard.

    Skype username: Dezcartez

    What stands out about you?: I scratch my balls a lot, cuz they itch. (not in public)


    @miningmaster: denied (too little effort)
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    posted a message on -=Welcome to Xazier Prison Server=- [Mature Staff, and Players!] Need Guards!
    About 15 more minutes. The config for essentials is long as my penis. I'm working on the new permissions to replace the commandbook ones now.
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    posted a message on Welcome to -=Xazier Prison=-! Looking for Admins/Guards & PLAYERS!
    Quote from cmpunk

    Minecraft.net Username: Cmpunk4444
    Position applying (Builder/Plugin Developer & Configuration/Moderator)?: Builder
    Age: 16
    How many hours a day/week can you spend: Summer so all day
    Contact Information (Skype, Email etc): PM me..(privacy reasons :P )
    Personal statement (min 200 words): I am an experienced builder. I am a private builder for a dungeon map, just finished my work there. Now i am here for a new job.
    Servers you have worked on: private servers, and citywars.ca

    Denied. Didn't succeed the requirements of my application.

    Quote from elementbase

    Minecraft.net Username: elementbase
    Position applying (Builder/Plugin Developer & Configuration/Moderator)?:Moderator or builder or admin
    How many hours a day/week can you spend: during summer, 5-6 hours
    Contact Information (Skype, Email etc):if you accept me, i will pm u my email
    Personal statement (min 200 words):So, I'm Elementbase, i would like to be on your server. I am a level headed, funny person tht loves minecraft. I take orders easily, and I know a lot of plugins. I was directed here by purplecobra, as he said that this was a cool server and he said it would be cool if i could be on here too. I feel that a prison server would be really cool, seeing as i have not played on many of them. I have been admin/mod on many a server, but never a really big one. I have helped dev servers and i know worldedit. I really would like to be an admin/mod for this server. If you dont need any more, I could be a builder, seeing as I know worldedit. I will be on your server to chat with you after I finish this post, so I can talk to you more
    Servers you have worked on:None really worth mentioning, but I did build some stuff for daedalussmp.

    BTW just cause I have a bunch of posts today dosent mean I'm an admin hopper, i have been denied for all of them except for one, and I always wait to see if i was accepted b4 posting a new one


    Quote from randomguy113

    Position applying (Builder/Plugin Developer & Configuration/Moderator)?:Moderator or Builder (i dont mind either
    How many hours a day/week can you spend: Everyday all day except saturday because of swimming
    Contact Information (Skype, Email etc):itzb0r3d (the 0 is a zero)
    Personal statement (min 200 words):I love to build on many server and i have played since the early alpha of the game and i think i have somewhat of good experience and even if i dont get excepted i would still love to play in the server because i love prison servers. I once played on this one huge server but they stopped it for some reason and now ive been looking for a good prison server and all i could find was one huge prison server with over 200 people and lagged like crazy so (Sorry for getting off topic) i wanted to find a good server since then and now im just browsing through the forums like crazy looking for an amazing server. I love to help people and i am willing to ban anyone and everyone if it means to save the server and sometimes i can be nice but im not one to be messed with. Im not dramatic like some moderators, Some moderators just go crazy with power and it disgusts me because i hate those kinds of server, Here are some things im good at building im great at building statues and houses that look original i know im not a pro builder but i am open to suggestions Thank you for reading. :D (P.S) the reason why the text is weird is because i had to check a word counter :P
    Servers you have worked on: I've worked on many servers (really average servers) and i have run one before with my brother and it lasted for about a year until we ran out of money and had to stop we had about 30 people come on a day.


    Quote from AOMAYO

    Username: AOMAYO

    Appling for mod or op

    age 15

    i know how to make really good castles

    e-mail [email protected]

    Quote from cafcik

    Minecraft.net Username:mirosa25
    Position applying (Builder/Plugin Developer & Configuration/Moderator)?: Moderator or builder
    Age: 14
    How many hours a day/week can you spend: Monday to Friday six to nine Saturday and Sunday anytime this will change school ends for me in 16 days
    Contact Information (Skype, Email etc):Skype = Adas Miros
    Email:[email protected]
    Personal statement (min 200 words): I have worked on many minecraft servers and have experienced many difficult tasks . I am up for a new challenge to prove my that i am worthy of any server and staff app. I will not say I am perfect because if u say you are don't because then you cant do ****. I believe in order to have a fun peaceful server you must have the right staff and a great motto as well as confidence. Like killion and many other you need A safe and happy environment to have fun and mine away with your friends. From what I noticed its not the staff that matter its the connection between the staff the owner and the players . For this is what makes an amazing server . In conclusion I believe that to have a successful material you need to have good staff as well as a sense of feeling to all. Not people that just get on to cheat and **** people off !

    Servers you have worked on: kingdoms of aliter, and this new WW1 prison server still in the making

    Hired as a builder to help the server. (You'll be rewarded some stuff when the server is officially up.)

    Quote from slider11

    Minecraft.net Username Slider11
    Position applying (Builder/Plugin Developer & Configuration/Moderator)?:I'm a decent builder, and expeienced moderator with a bit of plugin knowledge. I can basically fit in anywhere i'm needed.
    Age: 15
    How many hours a day/week can you spend: Around 8 hours a day, Depending on what i'm doing that day.
    Contact Information (Skype, Email etc): Skype: Michaelli11 Email: [email protected]
    Personal statement (min 200 words): My names Michael, Im 15 and I live in USA. I love to play computer games in my free time, and have baseball almost everyday... The last server I played on was actually a project just like this, with a friend of mine. I mostly did the permissions aswell as some of the building. The server eventually didn't work out though, As the owner was extremely lazy.. Anyways, Thats the last server I played on, So I have some experience with prison servers. I also played some of the biggest prison servers, and still do every now and then, so I know the basic stuff. I have a microphone, and actively use it on Teamspeak with my friends. I am a dedicated person, and even though I'm only 15 I do consider myself mature for my age, compared to other 15 year olds ive played with. Im easy to get along with, and i'm good at helping people out. Anyways, I think this is about 200 words... idk how to check. I hope it is D: I already talked to you a little bit in-game, But I hope you can accept this application, as Im in desperate need of something to do these days.
    Servers you have worked on: Vanillacraft, Kreatious, Arcation, (Played)Convicted(As well as most other prison servers), Worked on 2-3 prison servers that never actually started up(Owner was lazy).

    Edit: By the way, That server in my signature was the name of the prison server that never really started up..

    Accepted. Moderator (Guard).
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    posted a message on Welcome to -=Chicken=- (1.1 Survival - Bukkit - Vanilla!) [Anti Griefing!] Need Admins, Mature+
    What? :tongue.gif:

    I banned you, Mattyv543 for speed hacking. Problem?
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    posted a message on Welcome to -=Chicken=- (1.1 Survival - Bukkit - Vanilla!) [Anti Griefing!] Need Admins, Mature+
    Quote from Hypertion

    well it sounds interesting.

    Looking for a mostly Vanilla Survival server tho. however its hard to find that without finding lots of thiefs and similar annoyances even if its whitelisted.

    might pop in say hi and ask some questions about current plugins and such.

    my Minecraft name is the same as my Forum name.

    Server is up BTW, also this is a small settled mature server and we welcome anyone willing to play along our side =).

    We are working on making it 24/7, and if there are thieves, they shall be punished. But their's a low chance of getting "robbed" anyways as we have a PvP system, and a private chest/door system to prevent people from going into your private places. If people kill you in PvP, you lose your items and they take it. To avoid that, just don't type /pvp and you cannot be killed :smile.gif:.
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    posted a message on Welcome to -=Chicken=- (1.1 Survival - Bukkit - Vanilla!) [Anti Griefing!] Need Admins, Mature+
    lol at your "skeleton application" :biggrin.gif:
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