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    posted a message on What's this thingy in my UI?
    Open up your inventory, and if needed enable NEI. Click settings in the bottem left corner, then browse around the settings. You should find a way to turn it off.
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    posted a message on Weather Idea- Rainbows? More info in thread.
    The thing about rainbows is that they move with you. It is impossible to view a rainbow from the side or to walk up to one. The light source must be behind you with water droplets in front of you to see a rainbow.

    But this is a game where trees and solid stone can be punched apart with a bare fist, so it isn't such a bad idea.

    I have no opinion on this, I won't support it but I don't hate the idea.
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    posted a message on Weird moving shape underground
    It sounds a lot like a cloud, but clouds shouldn't be underground. When you customized the flat world you might have placed the world way up in the sky. Could you return to the place you saw the object and tell me your coordinates? That can be done by pressing F3 and looking for "XYZ: 123 123 123". (123 can be any number) You can press F3 again to remove the text.
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    posted a message on Get Rid of fall damage!!
    It works well, nice command. I can see some uses for this.
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    posted a message on Visible Fish
    I never liked the idea of fish mobs. It would only look nice if there were lots of fish, which would lag the game incredibly. I also don't like how the fish just vanishes into xp if you kill it, it makes no sense.

    However, I do want visible fish. I think they should be implemented as particles that move randomly through water. The amount of fish could be lowered with the particle setting so there wouldn't be any lag. It would also remove the possibility of interacting with the fish, keeping it semi-realistic and not making fishing rods obsolete.
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    posted a message on How do I turn off fog
    Installing Optifine will allow you to disable fog.
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    posted a message on Technos' Old School Runescape (Early download)
    Amazing build! Runescape was my favourite game at that time, and it's awesome to see all these places recreated.

    Are you building the interiors of the building and caves?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Survey
    1. What is your favourite mob?
    Sheep. I love to build with all the wool colours.

    2. What is your least favourite mob?
    Rabbits. I personally think they don't fit in with the Minecraft ambience, and they aren't very useful.

    3. What, personally, do you believe the best enchant to put on a diamond sword is?
    Looting. I always find myself running out of mob drops. It also helps a huge amount for getting wither skulls.

    4. What is your favourite mod?
    Mekanism (best with the rest of Voltz modpack). Machine mods are my favourite, and Mekanism is one of the best. Unfortunately it was not included in the newest Voltz versions.

    5. Texture pack?
    Mostly default, but I will use Sphax PureBDCraft occasionally.

    6. Server?
    When I'm bored I will play on minigame servers such as The Hive, Mineplex, and Hypixel.

    7. What is your favourite tool/weapon?
    Stone pickaxe. Worthless yet effective tool in the early game. I usually burn through hundreds of these before moving on to iron.

    8. Which do you prefer- Multiplayer of Singleplayer mode?
    Singleplayer on vanilla. Multiplayer (with friends) using modpacks.

    9. If you could add, change, or delete one thing from Minecraft, what would it be?
    Shrink the oceans even more. I usually spend half an hour just riding on a boat to find new biomes. Not very fun or convenient.

    10. Finally, what is your favourite biome?
    Mesa. Great source of stained clay, which I like for the same reason as the wool.
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    posted a message on Random Explosion
    That is very strange. The only way I can think of is that TNT somehow got there, which isn't likely when on singleplayer. Were you messing with any commands? You could've spawned something that explodes.
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    posted a message on Chain
    Redundant: Please search your suggestion before posting.
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    posted a message on Check out my Survival build!

    I love the floating islands, but as a suggestion I would put holes in the ground below the islands. These holes would have the same shape of the dirt on the islands, and would make it look as if the islands rose out of the ground.
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    posted a message on Removing the stripes from glass block in a legal way
    Everyone always says to remove the stripes from the glass, but I think it looks better if you remove the border. That way, you don't have windows that look like grids, and the stripes are so that you know there's a glass block there.
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    posted a message on Burgundy Dye

    This is a much needed dye. I would also like to see a tan dye.
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    posted a message on Glowing Crystals
    Perhaps instead the spikes would drop shards, similar to glowstone dropping dust. 4 shards could then be made into a block.
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    posted a message on Can someone explain to me the changes to the /give command in 1.8?
    I think with some kind of nbt editor you could give yourself a stack of unstackable items.
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