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    posted a message on (Hunger Games Forum Game Reboot) Welcome to the 1st Annual Hunger Games!
    Nathan (Next person to post chooses last name) is the male District 5 tribute of the 1st Annual Hunger Games! He is extremely speedy and strong, but trips and misses are a common sight. Along with his clumsiness, he is very foolish, often missing the obvious. Overall, his survival skills are strong and close combat is better than most.

    Extremely fast, High Stamina, Extremely strong

    Foolish, Clumsy

    Hiding: Okay
    Fire starting: Okay
    Plant recognition: Okay
    Snare Hunting: Great
    Armed Hunting/Fighting: Amazing
    Unarmed Fighting: Great

    Weapon Skills:
    Sword: Great
    Axe: Great
    Bow: Poor
    Knife: Okay
    Throwing Weapons: Poor

    Next person to post decides character's last name and what to train in the public training sessions.
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    posted a message on How to keep threads active.
    There's a big issue I have with forums. If you don't get any posts in the first minute after posting, you never get posts. Is there a way to keep threads active that still follows the rules?
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    posted a message on (Hunger Games Forum Game Reboot) Welcome to the 1st Annual Hunger Games!
    This is a reboot of an old dead topic which can be seen here.

    Please read the whole topic!

    Welcome to the 1st Annual Hunger Games! In this topic each person must control a tribute in the hunger games. All posters control the same tribute, whereas I control the game makers and all that happens in the games. For example, at the start of the game, I describe the arena and any nearby loot. You would post what action to take (grab loot, run, fight, etc). Then I would describe the outcome, and the new situation/continuation of present situation.

    In-depth Rules:
    You must read all of this! Some rules will make more sense if you have read the books/watched the movies.

    Beginning of games:
    The first person to post chooses the name, gender and district of the tribute to be played in the next game. After that, I will post a description of the character. The description contains the characters strengths and weaknesses, it will also say the general info (name, gender, etc). Now, the next person to post will choose what training to do in the pregame. That person must choose 3 training sessions to take. These three will be the public ones, which you do with all the other tributes. Those training sessions may improve your current skills, or they may teach you new ones. The same training can be done for two of the sessions or all of them if you wish to highly improve some skills. After that, I will post. In that post I describe all the skills you learned or improved. Now it is time for the private training session, to show off to the game makers. The next person to post decides what skills the character will show the game makers. I will then post and describe how it went, and what score you were given. I also describe what effects this score will have in the games. Finally, I will post. That post will contain the description of the visible arena, and the nearby loot. Then you are free to post! The games have begun!

    During the games:
    At the end of most of my posts, I will show two different lists, condition and inventory. I will show the condition list whenever a condition changes. The condition list contains the status of the character. If the character is hungry it will say different things depending on the level of hunger (Peckish, Hungry, Starving, etc). The list will also describe the injuries of the character. Be warned, mental state is not shown! The inventory list shows any items/objects the character is carrying. This list will not include the starting clothing, but will include any clothing you find as loot.

    Extra Notes: READ ALL!

    Most odds are decided by dice, the skills and traits of your character can help these odds, or make them worse. If there are odds of something happening, I will roll, no matter how small the chance.

    If you win two games in a row, your character traits start off worse, if you lose two games in a row, they get better.

    Every anthem (Unless you miss it) will show a chart of who you know is dead/alive. Whoever you aren't sure on is default alive.

    If you do something that is counter-productive like saying to kill yourself, someone else must agree with you in order for me to do the action. Some people don't want the game to end.

    You cannot choose the same district or a Career District two games in a row.

    If the character dies before the bloodbath ends, a backup character created by me will be used. This backup character is another tribute in the game, and you take control of them.

    Similar to Quarter Quells, there are the Pentagames. These occur every five games. (Game 5, 10, 15, etc.)

    Every 25 games, the Pentagame is replaced by a Quarter Quell. However, these are not like the Pentagames or the Quarter Quells in the Hunger Games. Instead, every tribute from the last 24 games is revived or brought back for the Quell. Then, a poll is hosted to choose the character to play. In the event of a backup character being used, the original character is the one to play.

    The current game started from the first post on page 1, please read all posts from that post until the current post. There will be much less confusion and explaining if you read those posts. This extra note will update itself each game.

    Thanks To:
    duck55223 - Suggesting various ideas to improve the game. (Training Sessions)
    Mine_for_diamonds - Suggesting various ideas for the game. (Arena Designs)

    If you are still confused, then read the past games. Maybe your questions will be answered by them. You can also view even older games here. If you really don't want to read past games, then just ask the questions.

    May the odds be ever in your favour!
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    posted a message on [1.8.9] Planetary Confinement - The Dunes (A.K.A. Vanilla Crash Landing) V 1.4 [OVER 120,000 DOWNLOADS!]
    Also, I have another question. Warning! Spoilers!

    I used the distress beacon and it spawned a penguin UFO (obvious Starbound is obvious). How do I damage it? The redstone gun doesn't work and neither does deflecting the shots back at it.
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    posted a message on [1.8.9] Planetary Confinement - The Dunes (A.K.A. Vanilla Crash Landing) V 1.4 [OVER 120,000 DOWNLOADS!]
    Amazing map, but how do you get lemon grass?
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    posted a message on MineCraft Lag Help
    A recent update made it so that looking up or down increases the fps, so it might be that. Anyways, why are you complaining about 130 fps. You can't even see the difference between 300 and 100.
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    posted a message on Help! I'm breaking blocks but I'm not able to put them in my inventory!
    What blocks are you breaking and what tool are you using?
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    posted a message on cant turn on keepinventory in my multiplayer server
    There are no commands in MCPE. If you have a mod, we can't really help unless you say what mod and how you are doing the command.
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    posted a message on Worst Noob Mistakes?
    Mine was similar to yours, except it was in alpha. I came back to the entire forest reduced to flaming tree trunks.

    Sort of looked like this, except with no trees remaining:

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    posted a message on please HELP! computer swithcing
    Open the start menu and search "%appdata%" (without quotes). If you're using xp, search using run. If you're using mac, get windows.
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    posted a message on Having Graphics trouble with modded minecraft
    I don't know much about computers, but I would try allocating more ram. If you're using a modpack launcher, it can usually be found in the settings of the launcher. If you're using minecraft launcher, you can allocate more ram by doing this:

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    posted a message on Help keep your world safe from corruption
    Sound useful, but I wouldn't use it. I'm very picky about the amount of icons on my desktop, and I can't tolerate any more. It would be great if you could change the backup destination.
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    posted a message on Lapis Lazuli Tools and Armor...
    Please search before posting. Lapis Lazuli tools and armour has been suggested hundreds of times already. Every single one has received very little support.
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    posted a message on Half of my world dissapeared
    I'm not sure about this, but I think this might work:

    1. Inside the world folder, move "level.dat" to someone such as your desktop. DO NOT DELETE IT or you might lose your whole world.
    2. Rename "level.dat_old" to "level.dat".

    If I'm not mistaken, "level.dat_old" is a back up of "level.dat". However, I might be way off.
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    posted a message on How about some new passive animals?
    Very vague suggestion. What would it drop? How does it act? How much health does it have? A one sentence suggestion arises many questions, and you are supposed to answer them.
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