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    posted a message on New server. Need staff. Need builders.
    I want to apply to staf my IGN is jojojo99 i have expiriance with being a staf member i dont know much about plugins i know world edit and i think i would be a great add to ur server
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    posted a message on [Staff Needed] GeekCraft
    How Many Hours on:15 when im bored
    Best Creations:Giant Vial,prison and Poseydons lance
    Will you be dedicated:Yes i will i luv to build and be staff
    Hope i join gimme kiss :3
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    posted a message on PLS i wna join ;3 PLS
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    posted a message on New Great Server In the Making OPS NEEDED!
    Quote from MrBlackPotato

    I am developing a minecraft server, and am in need of help. I am looking for dedicated, and experienced minecraft players, to help develop the server and become permanent ops. If you have always wanted to be an op on a server now is your chance! If you are interested, copy the form below and leave a comment with it filled in.

    In-Game Name:jojojo99
    Email:[email protected]
    Other Info (optional) :Im 13 i wuld like to be an op i wuld be on the server almost evry day.
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