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    Discord user:JosephIson2004#0214


    What position are you applying for? Im either applying for moderator if its already filled then admin
    Do you have any previous experiences staffing, if so tell us!:I somewhat have some experiences of being staff on a other minecraft server but im a trainee there but on here I might learn

    Why would you suit the position? Why this suits the position that im applying for is that I can help other players who are confused on the rules or even confused on how to do the right things on the minecraft server plus too I do take the rules seriously and I would help anyother people who are stressed and give advice out to those who are in of it.

    What are your strengths? My Strengths are Taking the rules seriously, being smart of what I say or do, and help others who are in need of help.

    What are your weaknesses and how would you work on them? My only weakness right now is too learn on being paitient with others and try not to have my anger get the best of me.

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    Is there any magic mod where it can transport you to a void realm where you cant die but.Create your own universe like planets stars etc with tools if not please tell me if there is please tell me also it needs to be 1.12.2

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