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    posted a message on The Food Update
    really really vague, no detail at all. besides, we already have a butt-ton of food.
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    posted a message on Pots: a new, fun, decorative, and use full way to store your items!
    But ​don't we already have them?
    Yes, but these are different. these are larger, cooler pots that can be used to decorate and store items.
    So what's so cool about them?
    Well, a number of things set them aside.
    • They are affected by gravity, and may break when they fall too far. This can be used to make traps, such as setting a trip wire in a door way that blocks the exit and drops the pot using pistons, then... there fate rests in your hands.
    • If a spawn egg is placed in a pot and someone looks in, that mob will spawn. This can be use full in adventure map making, and is a lot simpler than a dispenser hooked up to a trap chest.
    • Can add more affect to builds. lets say you are making an ancient temple. A clay pot would fit more than a chest.
    • Won't from into double pots like chests, allowing more compact storage without having those ugly trap chests. They will still hold 27 items, like a chest.
    OK, so why should they be added?
    Well, i just listed four different unique uses above, and i think with carpets, hardened clay, hay and coal blocks coming out, these would make a cool addition.
    Cool! where can i get one?
    You can craft them!

    The crafting recipe designer i use is down, i'll add it when its up. ;)

    Anyway, you can make them with seven bricks, arranged just like a cauldron. You can also use nether bricks to make nether brick pots! ( There's nothing different besides there look.)

    You can also find these in generated structures.
    • In jungle temples, you can find a few pots in the upper level, usually not having much.
    • In desert temples, you can find a few around the main room in between the pillars, also having so-so loot.
    • There will also be two of these in the portal chamber in strongholds, and sometimes along the walls of fountain rooms, and every now and then inside jail cells. The two in the portal room would have decent loot, things like diamonds, potions, obsidian blocks, and maybe blaze rods. the others would have OK loot; apples, coal, iron, arrows.
    • In the snapshot, they added chest generation to nether fortress's. ( YES!!!!!) i think nether brick pots, mentioned above, would fit more into these ghastly castles of the nether. You should also be able to find two of them in the corners of the lava well room.
    • Hiss! silverfish will sometimes hide in naturally generated pots, save for nether fortress.
    well, that's all for now. i might add pictures later, if someone else would want to make some, or maybe someone could make a mod, that would be wonderful! Thank you, and have a great day!
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    posted a message on dungeons have some real potential...
    yes, a MILLION people have said it before, but come on, they need improvement. well, im gonna skip over this crap because im lazy and you dont want it!

    the deeper, the better-

    how about the dungeons loot depends on the layer it has spawned? maybe 64 and above will have a bit of wood, and coal, some food, and a couple basic tools, along with our good old loot we have now, some cocoa beans, wheat, string, gunpowder, and iron. if its 64-40, maybe it would have a few iron grade tools, some armor, an enchanted book, a potion or two, some food rations, and diamond, if your lucky. now, 40 and below is the best a dungeon gets. lots of food, some enchanted gear, potions, enchanted books, plenty of iron and gold, a few diamonds, records, and, wait for it, an enchanted golden apple. rare, of course.

    also, this would affect the number of rooms. yes, its been said a million times, but dungeons do need a size expansion. nnot that big, though. most people want to make a giant labyrinth. i think the rooms should work like this. we have the main room as of now, but probably bigger. then, depending on the grade, there will be a number of side rooms, basically just a doorway leading into a smaller room. these rooms will generally contain a crafting bench, a bit of furnishing (stair seats, log tables) a furnace, and maybe things like a skull, a pot with a dead bush, or an item frame with a tool in it. these rooms also have a small chance of having another spawner, the same kind as the one in the main room. also, chests can be found in the side rooms, too. in a grade 3 dungeon, it will have 1-2 side rooms. in a grade 2, there will be 2-4. in a grade 3, there will be 3-5.

    this makes it so that if we can get a lot better loot from a dungeon, yet still make it balanced. a lucky little stevie on his first cave trip finds a dungeon. he isnt instantly spoiled with diamonds and armor and weapons, he gets a bit of supplies to push him forth. then theres the big head honcho miner guy, who fought a horde of mobs, being rewarded with good tools, food, potions, and all sorts of other handy things.

    special loot-

    there used to be a lot of special items only found through dungeons. the saddle, now obtainable through trading, although expensive and not oftenly supplied. the notch's apple, whose name was dragged in the dirt in 1.7 the golden apple, now easily craftable (not the second tier), records, which are findable through mob hunting, but thats also hard, and cocoa beans, now easily findable and farmable in jungles.

    we need to make more items like these. here is my ideas.

    cheese- cheesy as it may sound (no pun intended), cheese wouldnt really be that bad. i was thinking instead of just another stupid food item, it could be a handy healing item. it could restore 4 hearts of health, and cure 1 1/2 hunger. just a neat little item that might come in handy. plus, you can eat it faster than health potions, the process is quicker. and, they stack, but only up to 16, hence their usefullness.

    new weapons- dont flame JUST yet!!!! this isn't just more "dragons swords!" and "throwing stars!" or any of that newbie bull crap. there are two new weapons, and they aren't some stupid RPG garbage.

    spear- after much debate, i settled on a spear as opposed to an axe weapn. an axe seemd cooler, but i couldnt put a name on it that wasnt cheesy. a spear i can put a name on though. any way, thay could rarely be found in a grade 2 dungeon, and more oftenly in a grade 1. they would do 3-4 hearts of damage, (25% 3, 50% 3 1/2, 25% 4) the iron sword doing 3, the diamond 3 1/2. making it slightly better than both of them damage wise. it lasts for 600 uses, 349 more than the iron sword, a lot less than the diamond. so its a pretty sweet weapon, although it cant be enchanted directly from an enchanting table. it only takes enchanted books with anvils. it can only host 3 enchantments, too. the spear can rarely be found with a spear specific enchantment on it. there are 2. poison, which poisons for 5 seconds on tier 1, and 12 on tier 2. the other one being health sap, which heals the player 1/2 of what it did to the mob. every sword enchantment can be put on a spear. spear enchantments cant be put on swords, though. here, i'll recap.

    SPEAR- can't be directly enchantable, can take any sword enchantment, only hosts three enchantments, spear enchanted books can sometimes be found in dungeons, cant be obtainable through enchanting books.
    SWORD- can be enchanted both ways, takes only sword enchantments, sword enchantment books can be found AND made, hosts four enchantments.

    whew. thats a mouthfull... no... a handfull... ... thats was a lot of typing. hope that sinks into your head.
    now, the next weapon wont be nearly as painfull to read since the first one is over with.

    longbow- im gonna come out and say it right now that the the longbow is pretty much a ranged version of the spear. its found in dungeons chests, cant be directly enchanted, takes bow AND longbow enchantments, bows only take bow enchants. longbow enchants can only be found in dungeons, non-makeable. however, its only better in the fact that it travels about 1.3 times as farther as an arrow from a regular bow. plus, the longbow lasts 450 instead of 385. and one last thing, poison works on longbows, too. but not health sap. instead, longbows have splitfire, which have a 50% of splitting into two arrows. on tier three, it now has a 25% chance of splitting into 3. if an arrow splits, it only takes 1 arrow, not 2.

    there. done. now, these aren't really "necessary" nor "un-necessary". and no, they aren't cheesy because it just adds a little spice to the weapon family, right now its very basic. it isnt some huge weapon thing that totally crashes pvp or the combat system. i hope you guys dont think its "over powered" or "un-needed" theres definitely gonna be someone who thinks so.

    new potions- pretty simple, just add in the missing potions, rarely found in dungeon chests. water breathing, jump boost, resistance, haste, fatigue, nausea, blindness, and hunger. just as common as regular potions

    new loot- im not gonna go through every last item to the spawn rate and number, just a list of new items you could find in the dungeon.
    • arrows
    • swords
    • armor
    • coal
    • glowstone dust
    • bones
    • pumpkin seeds
    • potatoes
    • carrots
    • tools
    • obsidian
    • cookies
    • gold
    • diamonds
    • emeralds
    • nether warts
    • blaze powder
    • slime balls
    • wood
    • ghast tears
    • magma cream
    • weapons and books with special enchantments
    • written books with basic journal entries
    • bowls
    • flint
    • feathers
    • leather
    • sugar
    • clay
    • map
    • compass
    • clock
    • cooked fish
    • bacon
    • steak
    • chicken
    • ender pearls
    • bottle'o enchanting
    just some ideas.

    more enchanted books- jeb did state that he would add enchanted books with special enchantments on them, but as far as i know its just things like sharpness 6 and blast protection 5. i think these are cool, but maybe some other enchantments should come. yes, im suggesting new enchantments. you dogged me.
    • first off, the new enchantments i mentioned for the longbows and spears.
    • freeze- for swords and spears, slows mobs down for a little bit.
    • seeking shot- for bows and long bows, making arrows home in on mobs, depending on the level.
    • archer- for bows, makes arrows fly farther and straighter.
    • swiftness- for boots, increases speed
    • health- for armor, regenerates faster.
    im lazy, so ill let you figure out the levels and potency. :)

    ell, i need to post this now, its taking a while. i'll edit it later.
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    posted a message on Noteblock Song: Ballad of the Goddess (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)
    laggy, but awesome!!!!! good job bro! :)
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    posted a message on Butter in minecraft
    Quote from Chimchar07

    Reasons to add butter
    1: sky likes butter just because a youtuber likes it doesnt mean it needs to be added.
    2: butter is majestic what?
    3: BUTTER wait... what????
    Crafting recipie: 1 bucket of milk= butter
    this really wasnt that detailed at all. you just gave a crafting recipe and 3 (very bad) reasons. this just seems like someone who REALLY likes sky made a suggestion harshly influenced by some stupid guy who likes to call gold butter.

    really dude, make serious suggestions. :(
    Quote from doofus98_12

    Fanboys that always talk about butter annoy me...
    i second that motion.
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    posted a message on Cool things to do in Minecraft?
    • library
    • sauna
    • dog house
    • watch tower
    • tnt quarry
    • pier
    • grave yard
    • wind mill
    • bell tower
    • church
    • ship
    • pixel art
    • brewery
    • roller coaster
    • fountain
    • flag poles
    • hot air balloon
    • giant squid
    • mansion
    • roads
    • pond
    • beach
    • sports field
    • giant green house
    • stables
    • barn
    • ruins
    • shrine
    • dungeon
    • secret passages
    • warehouse
    • market
    • haunted house
    • park
    • town hall
    • mob traps
    • wall
    • mine
    • benches
    • bumper boats
    • spleef
    • parkour
    • harbor
    • lighthouse
    • school
    • mall
    • homes
    • forge
    • railroad
    • armory
    • castle
    • museum
    • zoo
    • aquarium
    • bridge
    • workshop
    • prison
    • hospital
    • rocket launch
    • post office
    • air port
    • farms
    • bank
    • grocery
    • jeweler
    • clothes store
    • restraunt
    • barbor
    • bar
    • skyscraper
    • sphinx pyramid
    • apartments
    • igloo
    • ice fortress
    • camp site
    • labyrinth
    • carrier
    • sewer
    • subway
    • tree fort
    • pharmacy
    build some of that, or just join a server, get a mod, or make/play a map.
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    posted a message on ropes!
    so whats the big idea?

    ive been toying around with the idea for a while now, so here it is. ropes! ropes would be a craftable item in minecraft. it would require 3 peices of string, set across the crafting grid like this.

    =4 rope

    of course you could use the other two rows alternatively. this would make four rope.
    rope would be used to climb up and down places with ease, particularly caves. it would be suspended from a trip wire hook, much like string. to make using rope easier, tripwire hooks can now be placed vertically. this allows the rope to be suspended from a flat ceiling.

    so how do i use this?

    if placed without a block underneath, rope will immediately bust, the rope item falling to the ground. it must be placed next to a tripwire hook, under another rope, or sitting on the ground. when a rope chain is set, the player can right click it to grab on to it. while on the rope, the player can move up using the space bar, and down holding shift. to get off, the player can right click the rope again. the player can move from rope to rope by right clicking another rope.

    how else can i use it?

    ropes can also be placed sideways. this can be done by making a bridge, putting hooks at both ends, then laying the rope over the bridge. ounce the hooks are connected, the bridge can be broken. the player can right click the rope and hold on. the player can change direction by simply looking the way he/she wants to go. so if you feel the need to turn back, just turn the other way, just like walking.

    why should i use ropes?

    ropes can be used to traverse caves, make transport easier, and also for aesthetics. you could use the rope for a chandelier, or a clothes line, or even pipes. yes, fences already do this, but they have that nasty tendency to stretch out to other blocks. plus, they cant go sideways.

    anything else?

    another idea i have is pulleys. a player could craft a pulley like this.

    = a pulley

    these could be attached to the end of vertical ropes, or be pushed along horizantal ones. these would be like minecarts, and the ropes being the track.

    what about horizantal ropes?

    for horizantal lines, the pulleys could be pushed by a player. however, the better way is with powered ropes.
    yes, it sounds dumb, but hear me out. it would be crafted just like a regular rope, but with redstone dust in any of the other spaces (heres a picture for those who are too lazy to read.)

    = 2 powered rope

    when the pulley hits the rope, it gets pushed along, just like a powered rail. these would be basically useless for horizantal lines. the pulleys could be climbed in like a minecart, or, also like a minecart, have a chest inside. i dont think we need tnt or furnace pulleys.

    pulleys can work with horizantal ropes, too. it will be complicated, involving a new block called the gear box. it would be crafted like so

    = a gear box

    whats the gear box?

    the gear box would work like this. when activated by a redstone source, the gear box would pull in on the rope, taking in a block of rope every second. this would shorten the rope line and pull the pulley in. when de-activated, the gear box would stop. when activated again, it would go DOWN until theres no more rope left. when de-activated again, it would stop. the next time it would go up. it alternates. so it this system could bring up things from deeper elevations to higher ones. hopefully this whole gear box thing wont be too hard to code or laggy, i have a feeling it will. it could be used in mines, or elevators. i also sense some traps coming...

    some other things about the rope:
    • can be broken by arrows. watch out for those skeletons!
    • can be cut by swords or shears.
    • players can shoot arrows and swing weapons while on a rope.
    • rope is flammable.
    • mobs can utilize ropes
    • ropes, powered ropes, pulleys, chest pulleys, and gear boxes will all be located under "transportation" in the creative mode inventory.
    • while an entity is on a rope, the hook emits redstone signal, much like a tripwire hook.
    • deactivated powered ropes act as brakes for pulleys, like the powered rails.
    • ropes should be added!
    the rope is used to get around easier. it can be placed vertically or horizantally. the rope must have proper connection to a tripwire hook. it can be climbed up and, left and right.

    = 4 rope

    = 2 powered rope

    = a pulley

    = a chest pulley (the minecart is a regular pulley.)

    = a gear box

    where else can i find ropes?

    ropes can also be found in two places.

    first, in abandoned mineshafts. in the center rooms with the wood pillars. if they have a second story, they will have a vertical rope hanging down to allow players to go up and down.

    the second is witch huts. a rope will be hanging from the side of the deck, allowing the witch to climb back in the hut if it/she falls out.

    is this un-balanced?

    no, because rope takes three peices of string, a somewhat rare item, to make just four. this means that for a long distance system, you will need a butt-load of string. this also allows veteran players to put a use to all their un-used string to use. also, when spelunking, you have two inventory slots taken up, meaning a litlle less room for loot. plus, mobs can chase you up through ropes, and if you happen to meet a skeleton while on a rope, you take the risk of taking some serious fall damage.

    well, thats my idea. i wish i could show pictures, but when i try to add them, it trashes my work on the topic. if you like, please support. if you dont like it, dont be mean about it. if your in the middle, thats fine. share your thoughts and ideas, and have a wonderfull day!
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    posted a message on Ghasts need a buff
    how about natural regeneration? there tears make regeneration potions, i think they may have some healing properties.

    also, make them smarter. if a player hides behind a rock, move to where you can shoot him. and if a player runs, chase him. the ghasts dont have much common sense...
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    posted a message on How to Conquer Fear of Caves?
    dont worry, my freind. i used to fear caves. for a very long time, actually. here is how i got over it.
    • bring some company. a freind, in game or not, works very well. dogs and cats help too.
    • play some music, especially songs you like enough to sing along too, or ones that are loud. and dont go playing the x-files theme song or something creepy like that.
    • talk to yourself a little. yes, its weird, but it helps.
    • always keep in mind that there just a bunch of video game creatures. they cant hurt you. (yes, thats probably been said a million times)

    and also, use safety precautions.
    • come well equiped. sword, bow,, arrows, pickaxe, shovel, wood, torches, a bucket, gravel/sand, and anyhting else you need.
    • dont go jumping in the middle of dark chambers. if you go leroy jenkins and get careless, you could get creeped.
    • always keep an open ear, listening for footsteps. it saved from creepers a million times.
    • stay at your level. if you decide to find a small cave for some coal, and it truns into a labyrinth, turn back, and come back later while your more prepared.
    • now when to run. if theres a million mobs around you, dont be stupid. run or hide if you need to.
    hope this all helped.
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    posted a message on New mobs in 1.6? Jeb Tweet
    if there where to be new mobs, i would most definitley want more hostile mobs. particularly avian, aquatic, and nether mobs.
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