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    ⚡️Server Update⚡️
    Creative is back online and open to the public. We revamped our servers and optimized most tasks so they happen quicker! We also took down survival for a short time for the same revamping process. We wont do this to skyblock for now as its running smoothly! We need you to load the server first ^_^ We are currently offering vouchers if you redeem a friend we will give you 100% off the store, so you can get an entire basket of stuff up to any amount!
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    Join me over at play.64stacks.com
    I have a survival creative and skyblock server and am open to suggestions for new servers or ideas. I also have a discord server set up over at Discord. I'm looking for staff but i don't mind if you don't want to be staff you can simply play. Finally if you join the server ill give you vip rank for free!
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    64 Stacks network partner

    Hello i am looking for anyone willing to start up a Minecraft server you will get your own set of servers on my network. There is a lobby where you will have a portal to take the players to your part of the network. I will have my own, if you have a domain name that will also work as i can route all players to your lobby not the general server. You will have all permissions you need on your server and you will be responsible for all actions on the server. I will have no say on what you can and cannot do. With this you will get a free website hosting service, minecraft host, and database host if your plugins need it!

    If interested please contact me via discord:
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    posted a message on Looking for a relatively small and friendly community to stream on and bring players.

    discord Https://discord.gg/RdQYp7T

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    Server is back online after some unplanned downtime sorry for the inconvenience.

    Notice to all new players we are currently looking for builders to help in creating a spawn. This will need to be done fairly quick. Builders must be able to use worldedit/FAWE and be able to show off some builds in a creative world or some screenshots they have made. We would love for you to join our discord and let us know if your interested. We also are looking for some amazing players and would love if you would come check us out at: play.64stacks.com we give away free ranks. Just reply to this post and we will give you the highest rank on the server for free.

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    Discord: https://discord.gg/RdQYp7T

    Server IP: play.64stacks.com

    Looking for a player base for our Minecraft server network currently we have skyblock, survival, creative and our very own custom modded Minecraft pack called stack pack 2. This is a new twist on an old skyfactory that runs amazing on average computers and even better on good computers. It even runs 1.12. We have worked countless hours bringing these servers to you now we are asking for you to come play on them. Our rules are minimal so why not join the server and get started with an island surrounded by the void. Or better yet join survival and create a thriving town. Did we mention there isn’t a town daily upkeep? Wanna relax and play on creative, build to your hearts content with our massive 128x128 plots. Love modded servers join stackpack and start with just you a tree and a single grass block. Work you way up the latter and create automatic farms.

    Still not interested try joining our discord and enter our giveaways to earn free ranks and custom crate keys to help you advance in the game! We also are willing to create any server the community wants. That’s right got a lot of people that want to play a different type of server then we have let us know on discord. If we implement your server type we will give you the highest rank free. That’s right just to show how much you mean to us we will give you the highest rank free.

    We also are running a program now refer a friend and you both get 100% off your entire order on our store just for having your friend play on the server! That means you can get the highest rank and an amazing amount of keys for crates just for having your friend join you on the greatest Minecraft server of all time!

    Discord: https://discord.gg/RdQYp7T

    Server IP: play.64stacks.com

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    Come join us

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    🌟Staff application🌟

    64 Stacks Minecraft Network is a vanilla and modded server. We include skyblock, survival, and creative. We also have one modded server called stackpack 2 this is modded skyblock server based on the skyfactory modpack but is easier to run.

    Our goals:
    64 stacks has three main goals

    1. The main goal is to have fun and get to know other users on the network, we encourage you guys to talk and become friends.
    2. Our second goal is to create a fun server for our users to relax and play.
    3. Our final goal is to create a community.

    1. This server is not family friendly we allow swearing and things of that nature.
    2. No racism or sexist remarks
    3. Respect others!
    4. No hacking! Hacking ruins the entire point of a vanilla/modded server and ruins others experience.
    5. No griefing! Griefing ruins the experience for the end user.
    *Breaking any of the rules will result in a punishment or removal from 64 stacks*

    Application format:
    • What is your name(First and last name)?
    • How old are you?
    • Have you ever played on the network if so what server?
    • Are you afraid of meeting new people (shy)?
    • What is your IGN (in game name)?
    • What is your discord? (you must have discord)
    • Where are you from and what is your time zone?
    • Tell us about yourself (what you like to do)?
    • Do you have a working microphone?
    • Have you ever been staff on any server, if yes which one(s) / what ip's?
    • Do you have a working cell phone that can have discord on it? (we may need to talk to you when you are away from the keyboard)

    *Don’t lie on any questions and be sure to use detail where necessary* *Being staff on another server will not affect our decision and we will not ask the competing server about you*

    - 64 stacks has a discord server for the players to talk in. In this discord there is more information. Discord

    - Message me (johncsuti) on discord johncsuti#9092 if you have any questions. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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