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    Minecraft username: joe51498

    Age: 14

    Timezone: EST

    What experience do you have in Roleplaying: I've played on a couple minecraft server, among other things.

    Have you read and accepted the rules: Yes, Deccatus.

    Did you read the lore: Yes.

    Name at least 5 races on the server: Humans, Skaven, Elf, Ogre, Lizardmen

    Use a descriptive word to describe the 5 races you chose: Ordinary, Ratlike, Ancient, Brutish, Scaly.

    Where did you find the server: Forums.

    Why should you be whitelisted: I'm a fairly literate and well-versed Roleplayer who's been looking for a solid server for quite some time.

    What qualities can you bring to the server: Dedication an Interesting character and the ability to fit into smaller parts of a larger story.

    Show us a screenshot of your skin: I can't seem to get a screenshot, Here's a link to it. http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/26769/surgeon/

    Character Name: Doctor Grata

    Character Age: 876. (( Though he's prone to deflect, lie or otherwise warp answers to what his age is.))

    Gender: Male

    Race (Please don’t choose a locked or closed race): High Elf

    Character Appearance (please be detailed, What are their facial features? What do they wear? Any reasons why they wear this?): Despite his wardrobe, Grata was keen always to wear a heavy white linen overcoat, the man wearing a satchel slung around his shoulder for his supplies and so forth. Grata was fairly average in height for an elf, though he'd stand a fair bit over any human or dwarf he'd encounter. The man's characteristically elfin features were framed by a head of greying black hair.

    Character personality (Again, please be detailed, How does your character react to others? How do others react to them?): He's often withdrawn and introverted, the man spending a good bit of his life among shorter lived races, this has contributed to his general desire not to become overly attatched. He usually treats others with a sense of cordial profesionalism, as he views anything else as rather unruly. He's also rather prone to bouts of self-hatred regarding his misdeeds as a,among other things.

    Character Fears (You MUST have atleast three fears. Choose from the list below the whitelist application. You are NOT fearless, why are they afraid of this?): Chaos, for the standard reason, as he finds unordered and malicious action to be at the heart of evil. He's affraid of crowds in the sense that he's uneased by large groups of people, finding social obligations to be out of his balliwick. He's -VERY- affraid of people who're excessively greedy, as Grata hs conducted his life thus far in a manner of asceticism.

    Character occupation (Past/ present/ future): He was originally a teacher of magics, particullary curative magics. Now he's become a travelling healer, melding healing magics along with physical healing remedies.

    Character Back story (Please make this at least one paragraph and BE DETAILED. Talk about your characters past, their family/ friends whether they are alive or dead, any memorable events in their life?): Doctor Grata was originally a battlemage, serving under his king in several campaigns, this expierence would haunt Grata for years to come. Doctor Grata soon retired and became ateacher of magics the man trying to instill his students with a sense of the place of magic and how stoicism is one of the highest spiritual goals. However, he was soon informed that he'd have to return to military service, due a shortage of veteran soldiers available. It was then that Doctor Grata fled into human lands, serving as a travelling healer to try to escape his past misdeeds as much as possible.

    Doctor Grata soon found himself outside of elvish culture, the man spending the majority of his time travelling within human lands. Despite the rampant greed and debauchery of both human and elvish culture, he'd ocassionally keep a human companion with him for sometime, but while they could spend the rest of their life with him, he couldn't spend the rest of his life with them. This has lead grata to become withdrawn, jaded and disdainful of the gods, while his intentions are still righteous his zeal has been dampered by hundreds of years of travel.

    Character Roleplay example (An example of a conversation between you character and another): Doctor Grata sat legs crossed in a small human house. "She's beautifiul, Isn't he?" *Said the man who sat across from Grata, the man holding a relatively newborn infant. "I'd say so." *Doctor Grata said gruffly. the man standing up to place his various medical implements back in his bag. "Myself and my wife have decided we'd like to name the baby after you, for delivering him." *The man said, his eyes set firmly on the elven man.* No. "Name him after a grandparent, or uncle. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go." *Said Doctor grata, the man shuffling out of the door and back into the world.

    Character skills (What is your character good at? Make it realistic): Magic, He's specialized in the curative arts though he's got a fairly solid handle on destructive magic from his days as a battlemage. Other than that he's decent with a dagger or shortsword if push comes to shove, though he's not as good as a properly trained warrior or swordsman.

    Character Nickname:

    Any other information: His title dosen't come from the term doctor as in physicians. ( Though he's a healer by trade.) It's a self-styled title mean to indicate his desire to be a teacher to those he comes across. ( The original meaning of the title.))
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    Good, See my character was PERSONALLY trained by ulfric stormcloak to use a sword, My character was so amazing at it ulfric jumped on his own sword and declared him jarl of windhelm, But jair was too much of a baller to stay in windhelm and set out to whiterun to defile aela the huntress and temba wide arms 17 times in a row, After being called to the throat of the world by the greybeards for being such a grandmaster pimp, He then learned every word in draconic there is and the greybeards renamed their faction the "Jair-Beards" in his honor. He then ascended to the top of the throat of the world to talk to paarthurnax, Big Daddy P so impressed with jair's pimpingliest that he was declared the new dragonborn and the previous one was to be thrown off the mountain, Jair jumping down the mountain with the corpse of the former dragonborn and surviving the seven-thousand step fall, Jair playing a rock-guitar solo on the way down. Jair landing in a sea of eager elven groupies! Jair was declared Grand-Master Pimp king of tamriel the next day and all was good. I added these parts to my character to add excitement and entertainment. If you don't like it,


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    Quote from GHouse7

    i said "i think so" which means "yes"

    I believe "I think so" Means "I think so" Yes means yes and no means no. Thats how words work if you'd like me to lecture you on it send me a PM.
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    Quote from Alterazgohg

    I'm not sure.

    You and giga are both mods and even YOU don't know?

    Wow. We're screwed.
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    Quote from Gigaknight1

    Imperials do not help this at all they take over everything and there chars cannot die cause of every reasons ever....

    Im not sure what your saying exactly..... I made jair an imperial because i wanted to RP someone with a neutral stance on the stormcloak V Empire thing, He's formerly an imperial troop but not by choice and despises the empire for giving into the aldmeri dominion. He agrees with the stormcloaks distaste for the thalmor.. But views them as a brutish and untrained military force. This way i can RP's Jairs alleigance to factions less because of idealistic principles and more grounded self-intrest.
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    You made your character an epic thief.... Sorry but Thieves guild is gone and idk if i should whitelist thieves....Hmm.... Jk just change the story a bit of you being a mast thief.

    There's a couple things wrong with that statement and i'll list them properly.

    1. He isn't a master thief, He's not the grey fox or anything REMOTELY, close to that he was a low-level second story man in a very small gang in the imperial city.

    2. He isn't even a thief anymore. Since he enlisted in the military he hasn't really comitted any crimes or anything of the sort so its not his current occupation.

    3. I don't see how the existence/non existence of a thieves guild in skyrim, Invalidates his backstory that involved running with a small criminal gang in the imperial city. Elder scrolls lore has TONS of instances of non-guild thieves, Its silly to assume that ALL Crime in the entireity of tamriel is comitted by one guild comprised of about 10 people. (( Atleast thats how many known guild members were in skyrim.))

    4. I don't see any rules in particular banning characters who at one point in their lives comitted a crime, And if there IS, it should be posted on the forum.... It'd be silly to ask people to follow rules that aren't even made public.
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    Quote from xNightmare »
    I do see the disclaimer now yes.

    Its fine :biggrin.gif: Feel free to comment on the thread itself BTW i put alot of work into it and if i get a good community response i would be happy to upload more!
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    Quote from Tyken132 »
    pretty obviously hacked to build..not impressive at all and just a pain to look at >.> I guess it is sorta neat...but nothing more.

    I think it wins points on concept alone
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