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    1. In-Game Username: Estalitho[/b]

    2. Device you play on: iPad Air 2[/b]

    3. Homebuilding is always nice! What other building ideas might you have (list 3):[/b]

    1. log based[/b]

    2. Modern[/b]

    3. Random (idk lol)[/b]

    4. What do you enjoy most about playing in realms (2 sentence response): I enjoy playing with others. I enjoy feeling needed and to protect.[/b]

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    Quote from Yzfsteven»

    Hello All,

    I am CaptainTriplets, a few of us are looking to expand on our bedrock realm. A little about ourselves is we like to host contests, minigames, goof off, build, collaborate with each other and most importantly have fun. We are an adult realm looking to recruit more adult players who have similar interests. The realm is not set to one style of building or red stone creations. When you join you are free to build however you like and pretty much anywhere you like as long as an area isn't already established. Feel free to host mini games or events if you have idea's. We would love for the realm to thrive. We also recruit players from all over the world so we aren't just aiming for one region. We are also incorporating mods into the game. As of currently we are using better grass mod and music + mod. Currently there are no good shader's for bedrock but once is developed we will be looking to add it. A couple of mods in the future will be backpack mod and weapons mod (great for pvp events). We are also currently using the Chroma hills texture pack. If this sounds like a realm that you would like to be a part of please read the rules then copy and paste the application into a reply and fill it out to the best of your ability. We also run a discord channel. Upon approval of application process you will be provided the realm code and the channel information.

    Realm Rules:

    1. No Stealing: if its not yours and you didn't put in a chest don't take it.

    2. No Picking on or Bullying: Not everyone is at the same skill level, we encourage to help each other out.

    3. No Duping will result in destroying players items and immediate perm ban

    4. No Griefing players or players builds will not be tolerated (Friendly pranking encouraged as long as players builds are not affected)

    5. If you build something from a youtube video give the credit if the video asks you to

    6. Don't build in players territories without permission.

    7. If you build intensive farms that cause lag a kill switch must be available.

    8. When Afking farms that can create a high amount of lag limit AFK time to 5 minutes.

    Realm Application:

    Gamer Tag:

    Platform you play on:


    Location/Time zone:

    Minecraft experience:

    Why do you want to join:

    What can you contribute to the realm:

    Do you understand the rules:

    What is your build style:

    What do you enjoy doing the most in Minecraft:

    1. Estalitho

    2. iPad Air 2

    3. CST

    4. Expert

    5. To play and have fun with others

    6. I can help out

    7. Yes

    8. Somewhat nooby, for sure not a pro lol

    9. Finding diamonds, creating farms, protecting each other lol

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    posted a message on Looking for longterm active bedrock players! [Vanilla Survival] [Freedom!] [Achievements] [Hard]

    GT: Estalitho

    Can I join?? :)

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    Add me,

    GT: Estalitho

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    posted a message on Minecraft Bedrock Edition Realm [FRIENDLY] [NO GRIEIFING ALLOWED] [MATURE]

    Add me,

    GT: Estalitho

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